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    Quote from Bars96ยป
    I've just updated it! But for me self :D

    It requires rewrite just of two lines of code)

    Not everyone here's a programming expert :P It'd be generous to release it lol
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    My user account has 2 characters, so it's like C:\Users\My Name\Desktop\brokenworld

    When I run it, I get the following:

    How can I make this work? Please reply.
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    Amazing, I have been waiting very long for the 1.7.2 version, thanks for all the hard work you do :)
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    Quote from Nepenthesis

    I usually just give people access to those things for free...

    so you give /smite for free? smart.
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    Quote from pixelbuilt

    Op kits. 12 diamond blocks?

    If you would look closely, it says (one time).

    Quote from StalePhish

    Absolutely everything looks overpowered. You can just spend a few dollars and have enough diamonds to never need to mine again? Ah, now I understand why I've never even considered playing on a server that took your money in trade for an unfair advantage.

    Look at my last post, diamonds are easy to get, you can just vote for them or buy them at the shop.
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    Quote from Smashmello

    Apart from the fact that it is not a good deal at all to pay 100$ to get op on a minecraft server, it is not fair in game (I assumed it was about the game). Is it fair to be op in game with the justification that you just got more money? I reall can't imagine that anyone would stay on that server for a long time other than the big fishes.

    Actually, pretty much everyone has some sort of diamond gear, it is rather easy to obtain with voting, you get 3 diamonds per vote and there's 5 lists. Diamonds are bought for $300 at the /warp shop, and each vote is also $1050, so diamonds are not too hard to get. There isn't many "big fishes" either, the only OP kit would be /kit diamond, otherwise nearly everyone is equipped in enchanted diamond armor with diamond tools :P
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    posted a message on Are these balanced donation perks or too overpowered?
    I own a PVP, Factions server.

    I want to see if you guys think the donator perks are bad, fair, good, amazing, or just too much.

    Iron rank - $10

    $10,000 ingame money
    3 /sethomes
    /kit Iron (24 hour cooldown)
    12 diamond blocks (one time)
    128 obsidian (one time)
    32 TNT (one time)
    8 creeper eggs (one time)
    500 mcMMO levels added to one skill of their choice
    /kit Food (24 hour cooldown, includes 8 of each cooked food and 2 golden apples).
    a one color nickname of their choice (ask an admin+ to change it, no /nick).
    /craft (personal workbench)
    /furnace (personal furnace)
    /kittycannon (30 second cooldown)
    /anvil (personal anvil)
    Use color codes in the chat
    Catch animals in chicken eggs by punching them with an egg (costs 1 diamond per farm animal)

    Veteran rank - $25

    $25,000 ingame money
    5 /sethomes
    /kit veteran (24 hour cooldown)
    18 diamond blocks (one time)
    160 obsidian (one time)
    64 TNT (one time)
    12 creeper eggs (one time)
    1000 mcMMO levels added to one skill of their choice
    1 mob spawner (one time)
    /feed (no cooldown)
    Arcane forging bypass (keep enchantments when repairing)
    Catch Villagers, wolves, and ocelots in chicken eggs in addition to farm animals (costs 2 diamonds to catch the new mobs)
    Multi-colored nickname (ask an admin+ to change it, no /nick).
    /brew (personal brewing stand)
    /ptime (change their personal time)
    /etable (personal enchantment table)
    Lock chests/doors with signs (signs can be blown up, or an OP+ can break them once you claim over them with a faction)

    all iron perks exluding kits

    Elite rank - $50

    $50,000 ingame money
    6 /sethomes
    /kit elite (24 hour cooldown)
    24 diamond blocks (one time)
    196 obsidian (one time)
    96 TNT (one time)
    16 creeper eggs (one time)
    1500 mcMMO levels added to one skill of their choice
    2 mob spawners (one time)
    /heal (10 minute cooldown, disabled in combat)
    /brew (personal brewing stand)
    Create colored signs
    Choose the colors of your prefix (only the colors, not the text)
    Catch zombies, skeletons, spiders, cave spiders, and all animals in spider eggs (new hostile mobs cost 3 diamonds each)

    all veteran perks exluding kits

    Diamond rank - $100

    $100,000 ingame money
    8 /sethomes
    /kit diamond (24 hour cooldown)
    30 diamond blocks (one time)
    256 obsidian (one time)
    128 TNT (one time)
    32 creeper eggs (one time)
    2000 mcMMO levels added to one skill of their choice
    4 mob spawners (one time)
    /smite (5 minute cooldown, disabled in PVP)
    /pweather (change your personal weather)
    mcMMO double XP
    Keep XP levels upon death
    Feed other players with /feed {playername}
    Catch any mob in chicken eggs except for ghasts, zombie pigmen, wither skellys, and bosses. (new mobs cost 4 diamonds to catch each)

    all elite perks exluding kits

    The kits:

    /kit Iron:

    Prot 1 diamond armour
    regular diamond sword
    diamond tools
    3 golden apples
    8 enderpearls
    5 steak
    5 cooked pork

    /kit Veteran:

    Prot 2 diamond armour
    Sharp 1 diamond sword
    Efficiency 1 diamond tools
    6 golden apples
    8 enderpearls
    5 steak
    5 cooked pork

    /kit Elite:

    Prot 3 diamond armour
    Sharp 3 diamond sword
    Efficiency 3 diamond tools
    9 golden apples
    8 enderpearls
    5 steak
    5 cooked pork

    /kit Diamond:

    Prot 4 diamond armour
    Sharp 4 diamond sword
    Efficiency 4 diamond tools
    12 golden apples
    8 enderpearls
    5 steak
    5 cooked pork

    If you think something should be nerfed, added, or changed, please post your opinion below, I really want feedback. I get a good amount of donations but don't want it to be unbalances, or too OP. Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on Tips to grow a minecraft server
    Quote from doctordiamonds

    Make something that no other servers have. It's supply and demand. If demand is great, but there is no supply, make it.

    I have no knowledge of java coding. I am guessing you're going at a new minigame, a new gamemode, or a whole new type of gameplay. Unfortunately, I don't have the type of money to be able to afford that, so I cannot have any custom or all new stuff made.

    Quote from Nepenthesis

    Make it fun. If it is fun, people will love it.

    I have a super small server that is just friends right now and I'm taking applications, but everyone that plays the server (usually 4-5 per day) loves it. I have multiverse so I have a creative world and a survival world. People who like creative play in the creative one and people who want to play survival play in that one.

    I think currency is ridiculous for portal usage and stuff... That always turns me off from a server. I LOVE Towny and having the ability to claim land and set basic permissions on it. Also, I would DIE without my dynamic map.

    My strategy is to make the server as fun as possible for me and how I like it. People who like that style will play, and people who don't like it won't play... But most of them play. XD

    Also, developing 1 on 1 relationships with everyone one of your players is key. Make your server a big family! :D

    I don't generally use multiverse due to it causing many lag issues and various world border issues, and items can sometimes be glitched out even if one is using multiverse-inventories. I see your point on 1 on 1 relationships, I try my best to socialize with players, and I always reply to players messages and always take care of their problems, I don't ignore players unless their question is pure stupid such as "hey can I have items", "hey can you make me a base", or "hey can I be admin".

    My server is actually a PVP, Factions theme. Those are the main theme of servers i've played since I started playing Minecraft multiplayer in mid 2012. Obviously, people get into fights and are always cruel, but I do have a staff team to hand out mutes/punishments accordingly, but the community is not as "nice" to each other as on a towny, SMP, or freebuild server. There is trashtalk, raiding, and lots of player killing, and I am not looking to change my server theme anytime soon, mainly I would just like to attract people on.
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    posted a message on Tips to grow a minecraft server
    Hey guys.

    I have been running a Minecraft server since August 2013.

    I average 21 players max on weekdays, and 27 max on weekends if its a good day.

    I am basically looking for some tips on how to modify the server, make it better, and how to possibly get more people on. I already have it listed on PlanetMinecraft and bump 7 times a week, once a day.

    Basically, I want to learn on how to become more attractive to the general public. The max I ever had on at once was 28, never more. I really would like to grow the server, it's doing ok you know, but I really would love some more population.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

    If you would like to see the actual server to see what it has, how it looks, and what needs modification/nerfing, the IP is play.villagerealms.com

    Thanks for any tips that you guys give.
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    Quote from charburg

    alright, im sorry, I didn't see that part
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    posted a message on World Downloader Mod
    Hey, where could I find this mod for 1.7.2? :) thanks.
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    posted a message on VillageRealms 2.0 [PVP] [Factions] [Lottery] [ObbyBreaker] [KitPvP] [MobArena]
    Welcome to VillageRealms! The one and only. VR is a user friendly minecraft server with many cool features such as Faction PVP, mcMMO, MobArena, KitPvP, Economy, and much more.

    mcMMO: Provides an exciting RPG experience with power boosts, level ups, and the overall skill currency.
    Factions: The factions plugin provides a fun PVP experience with land claims, raiding, allys, and much more.
    MobArena: MobArena is a fun side-activity to do if you are bored. You can play alone, or with friends, and earn rewards.
    KitPvP: You can 1V1 players in KitPvP using a provided kit. It is a fun side-activity, and provides a fun PVP experience.

    Lottery: Lottery draws are every 6 hours. 1 ticket costs $100 ingame money.
    Market: The ingame marked located at /shop allows players to buy, sell, or trade ingame items with each other.

    5 minute saves and daily backups, and more! Join today!

    World border is 12000 x 12000

    Obsidian breaks with 5 hits from TNT!



    1. Do not mention other servers or advertise on here.
    2. Do not advertise VR on other servers, this gives us a bad name.
    3. Do not scam other users or TP scam them.
    4. Do not use full caps excessively or spam messages.
    5. Do not whine about any lag, it will not help or remove any lag you are getting.
    6. Do not threaten to DDoS other players.
    7. Do not put explicit links or screamers in chat.
    8. Please do not exploit bugs.

    Remember! Every time you vote for us on the following lists:
    You will receive:
    3 diamonds
    $1050 ingame money
    200 XP orbs
    2 TNT
    and lucky items.
    Remember to vote daily for awesome rewards!

    So, what are you waiting for, come join the fight today!
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    posted a message on The Best Minecraft Servers get Hosting from DemonVPS.com [DDoS Mitigation] [20% Off!] [from $1.99] [Instant Setup] [SSDs]
    Last week, I migrated from my older, more costly host which was $13 a GB here. I upgraded to 4 gigs, and I have no regrets, players seem to get on and notice how much faster the server is, and it is awesome how you can get a free dedicated IP address, and just $5 a GB. Definetley gonna upgrade to 6GB soon, and the promo code MCF is helpful.
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    Quote from jakeob22

    I don't think buying that slot is a very good idea. I've seen people do it before and it's very expensive. The players don't necessarily stay for an extended period of time, either. If anything, I would put the money towards something that could make your server stand out like custom plugins or something like that. If you're really set on buying one of the ad slots, I'd go with Minestatus due to the traffic it gets.

    Yes, you're right, I have seen servers pay for custom minigames and without ads get popular, but that is sort of a risky thing, I have seen servers that also bought custom minigames and failed horribly. Lets be honest here, I don't have a huge imagination. Even if I were to think of a custom minigame, I don't know reliable plugin devs, or the price-range.
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    hi froggy :3
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