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    I came across Palstar's overworld map of the original zelda (see it here My link ) and desided to make it complete and finish it.

    The whole over world is pretty much done by Palstar I tweeked the shops, replaced the ground with sand and changed the blocks of many different placed to match better.

    This is a complete replica down to the last detail all. all dungeon secret roomed shops and every thing is in this.

    screen shots


    1. No breaking or placing blocks unless it is an unlockable item. (boat, plank lion key, ect)
    Exceptions. Red wool is a pushable block. (breakable)

    2. Once you buy a item or get it in a dungeon (not including any monster drop ofc) you can spawn as many as you want.
    Exceptions. arrows must be traded for 1 rupee each and you may do so any time any where. After you buy them ounce from the store ofc.
    Exception 2. You may not spawn in heart containers hearts or triforce pieces.
    Exception 3. You may only spawn more armor out of dungeon and in the day time. If your armor breaks in a dungeon tuff it out or run for you life.
    Exception 4. you may not spawn bombs.


    DONT USE THEM!!! you will surely break the map just place them next to a breakable wall and then break down the wall with your fists.

    3.Breakable walls are any wall with the spike blocks in the wall.

    4.Hunger is a pain in this whole map. I suggest just spawning in a ton of pork chops and staying half full so you don't start healing.

    5.You may not heal unless your eating apples. (hearts, heart containers)

    6.If you die you may spawn in any item you had excluding apples and golden apples.

    7.No crafting.
    Exception. Crafting all 9 pieces of the triforce to make the whole ofc.(yes 9. I know there are only 8 in the real game but you start with one in this for sake of awesomeness)

    8.Money. any monster drop is one rupee.(rotten flesh, string, enderpearl ect.)
    Exceptions. Arrows.
    Exception 2. any friendly mob drop.

    9. any iron ingot is 5 rupees, and any gold ingot is one rupee.

    10. No taming wolfs.

    11. You may use sheer, fishing rod, and flint and steel for weapons. (be VAAAAARY careful with the fire!!!)

    12. Don't walk threw the open iron doors. You cant close them in the new patch with out a redstone device next to them. So before you move on place a key (lever) next to the door.

    13.Any rule may be nullified if a sign gives instruction to do something prohibited by them.


    Please use the texture pack or the map will look HORRIBLE!!!


    Texture Pack

    Don't use this texture pack any where or for anything but this map or it would be a bit strange in places.

    Credit to Psychoweed for the texturepack.


    There are no shields in minecraft. So the shield in the shops were replaced with leather armor colored like the shield.


    Was there some thing I missed? Some thing I could do better? wanna make a banner for this?

    Your feedback would be much appreciated.

    Wanna click the green + down there for me? If you don't I will burn the shrine I made of you from chicken bones.
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    Quote from Bldsquirrel

    He probably meant "kitties".

    Correction pwned.
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    I like how you made a huge block of bad grammar, and some how made enough bad and over suggested idea to fill it.
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    Quote from jordanlm98

    Hope you guys like it.

    Well we don't.
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    Peaceful is as close as we ever need to kids mode.
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    Nah I like having to stumble upon and search for recipes. It makes the game funner.
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    To prevent my self from flaming I'm going to give my conception in one word. No.
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    Maybe, yet this idea has been suggest TONS of times.
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    Sound nice, but instead of any complicated farming method I rather just more respawn if you take them.
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    Suppose I somewhat enjoy the idea.
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