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    Hi, I've been using 2 lesser known mods called Shincolle (mod based off a japanese game I've never heard of, but it adds these girls that can help you fight, might sound weird but I'm using it with Advent of Ascension and they are actually balanced with that mod, meaning that they can do some serious damage.) Other then Advent of Ascension, I'm using ArcanaRPG, which is very similar to Advent of Ascension in that it adds loads of bosses and dimensions. It also has "Void" weapons and "Magic" weapons. In a way these are variants of the sharpness enchantment. For example the Void enchantment ignores regular protection, and you will need void protection armor. The void weapons, however, when used against a shincolle mob makes them disappear (the magic weapons are fine). This also means when fighting mbos from ArcanaRPG that have void abilities, they make shincolle mobs disappear. I'm not sure why this is, and any help on this issue would be appreciated. I'm asking here since both mod authors are inactive.

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    Everyone with the lantern problem just make them a lot more rare, this seemes to have fixed it for me.

    It can be done in the config file.

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    I knew someone would say that, but the curse link doesn't have a 1.7 version

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    Anyone want to help me with a modpack idea I have? The idea is inspired from the modpack Divine Journey, where you have to complete the quest book in order to create infinity ingots, which is the end game item. With mine it would be more adventure based, and the end game item will be the Infinity Gauntlet from the Infinity Gauntlet mod (see here --> https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/infinity-gauntlet-mod).

    As you can probably guess the goal will be to get each infinity stone (theres 6), then craft the gauntlet in order to beat the modpack.

    You would have to beat these 6 mods in order to get each stone:

    Advent of Ascension (the stone would be from the Ancient Cavern dimension).

    Hardcore ender expansion (by defeating the ender dragon, would probably be the easiest one to get).

    Abyssalcraft (by defeating the final boss, j'zahar).

    Ars Magica 2 (by defeating each guardian, obtaining a special drop from each one, then crafting them together. Would have to use minetweaker to make them drop the crafting ingredient).

    ArcanaRPG (a lesser known mod, but basically another dimensional progression mod like Advent of Ascension, the stone would come from the boss in the final dimension).

    And the 6th stone would come from the Overlord (final boss) from the TragicMC 2 mod.

    If anyone would like to help please let me know, I want to use minetweaker and the quest book to kind of link everything together, however, I have not used those mods before and would be pretty nooby at it :P.

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    I just need a mod that adds in a couple gems, or shards. They can be re-skins of diamonds or can be custom.

    I need one for each Ars Magica 2 boss (I'm planning to make a pack where you have to fight each boss and gain a shard from killing each one, after which you will craft all the shards together to get an item).

    So these are the items I need:

    Air shard

    Ender shard

    Dark shard

    Lightning shard

    Life shard

    Fire shard

    Water shard

    Ice shard

    Nature shard

    Earth shard

    They don't have to have an ore form or anything, I just need the items.

    If anyone can do this for me real quick, I'd appreciate it, thanks!

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    posted a message on Minecraft keeps crashing upon load up.

    I would try removing extra utilities 2 then loading the world, causing the extra utilities blocks to get deleted. After that close the world and put extra util back in, and then just cheat in the blocks/items that you had before. If I find a better fix I'll let you know.

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    Seems to be the Geolosys mod causing the crash, however, I'm not sure why that is since Sevtech Ages is a premade modpack.

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    posted a message on I am having trouble downloading MrCrayFish's model creator

    I tried the download and it didn't work for me either, maybe you can get it from the github?


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    posted a message on Unsupported Modified Version of the game

    This is happening to almost everyone with the mod Gendustry, read here:


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    posted a message on Optifine help

    Your probably did it already but if you didn't try installing or reinstalling java, your laptop is new afterall.

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    posted a message on My game keeps crashing on modern skyblock 3 departed

    Try taking out gendustry.

    EDIT: Take a look here, might find a solution


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    Quote from TheBigCheesish»

    It is laggy upon loading and continues after worldgen. we are playing on a server i am hosting on my computer(which is also running my client instance of the modpack), no we are not in lan, and the lag is less than 20 tps, the average tick rate is somewhere between 100-200 ms

    Try adding more ram to the server, if you don't know how try this:

    When you added more ram delete the world folder and make a new one (can make it the same name, but if you make it a different name change it in the server options notepad).

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    Quote from Cool_PK»

    Recently I have been trying to start a modded Minecraft Forge server (using the most up to date version of forge, 2750) that I can play on with friends of mine. I plan to use quite a few mods (which will be listed below), and have been able to start Minecraft with the mods alone, but when I try to start up the Forge server itself with the mods in the server folder (excluding any client side mods), I always get to the point where the spawn area begins to load, but then the server crashes and does not finish loading. I'm not super handy with this stuff, and I've tried to look around for similar errors (I will post the crash log below as well). I've tried every solution I've found so far to no avail. At this point, I would appreciate it if someone could look through my mods list to see if there are any conflicts among mods that would interfere with the server working properly while Minecraft by itself being fine and take a look at my crash report to see if there are any glaring problems that I cannot discern (I can see that the problem/error seems to be that there is an "Exception in server tick loop" but I do not know what to do about this). Below are the list of mods I am using and the most recent crash report:

    Mod List:

    Every mod in the DireWolf20 1.12.2 Modpack (Excluding JourneyMap and the client side mods

    Extra Cells 2


    Actually Baubles

    Career Bees

    Immersive Petroleum

    Environmental Tech

    ET Lunar


    Farming for Blockheads

    Everlasting Abilities


    Extra Bit Manipulation


    Thut’s Elevators



    Chest Transporter


    AE2 Stuff











    Flux Networks

    Inventory Tweaks



    Soul Shards Respawn


    Simple Void World


    Powered Thingies

    Bush Master Core


    Electroblob’s Wizardry

    Exotic Birds

    Tech Reborn



    Immersive Tech


    Equivalent Energistics

    Better With Mods

    Better With Engineering

    Random Things

    Advanced Solar Panels


    Simple Quarry

    Mystical Agriculture

    Mystical Agradditions

    Netherending Ores

    Tinkers' Complement

    EmberRoot Zoo



    More Chickens

    Modular Routers

    More Bees

    Energy Converters


    Sonar Core

    Practical Logistics 2

    Most Recent Crash Report:


    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    P.S. If I am posting this in the wrong place, I would greatly appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.

    The mod causing it is Tech Reborn, I'm not too sure how to fix it as I have little experience with server crashes (I had one before, but I just took out the mod after reading it wasn't server compatible).

    Also, if this is your first time making a forge server, this video was the only one that really helped me make one -

    Only thing that video doesn't mention that I had to do was adding more ram to the server, also make sure you delete the world that it made when creating the files and make a new one once the mods are in.

    One more thing, I don't think you have to take out the client side mods, I kept them in the server and it was fine.

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    After this pack want to help me with one? I put together a 1.7.10 pack with 40 mods that runs, but I wanted to make it so everything is connected in a way, like with a tier system or questbook. I fixed all the id problems (It's 1.7.10) so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm making based on mods like divinerpg and advent of ascension.


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    posted a message on Custom Mod Pack Request

    Pretty sure aether 2 is still heavy wip, should use aether legacy instead

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