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    Well, if they removed endermen, why not remove creepers, too? You know, those things that blow up and make a mess of your houses?

    And while we're at it, why not just take out the skeletons and zombies, too? They can be a real distraction when you're building.

    Really, people, Enders are hardly a problem to deal with. Lights where you don't want them to spawn, and a moat around where you don't want them to walk. If you're going to build on survival without using peaceful, you have to accept the risk of mob damage.
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    Quote from A Blind Moron

    OP is righteously upset about the feature. And as the thread dragged on, I noticed a (troubling?) trend: people are assholes.

    They started off trying to tell OP what the problem was, despite not actually having seen it themselves.

    Once it became obvious that they didn't know ****, they shifted to telling OP (and everyone who agreed with him) that it was a Beta and that they should:

    1. Shut up.
    2. Bend over.
    3. Get ****ed by every stupid new feature between now and release, because this is what you're supposed to expect when you beta-test.

    In that order.

    So, to all dissenters towards optionalizing, complete removal, or alteration of the 'void fog' feature:

    We know this is a beta. Your job as a beta tester is to give feedback about what's fun and what isn't; and what's complete or needs a bit more.

    The void fog potentially nullifies any building effort at or near bedrock level. Just because you never thought to make something impressive, let alone ANYTHING, below your precious diamond layer doesn't mean nobody else has. Also, the fact that areas lit by sunlight at bedrock level are still dark gives the situation an extra layer of stupid unrealism. Selectively functioning gravity and unlimited liquid is at a tolerable level of unrealism, but the void fog pushes it frustratingly over the top.

    Why should third-party modders have to create a patch to remove any feature if enough people think the feature is stupid? What about users like myself who want to keep the game vanilla and not have to rely on potentially unreliable modders to keep the game to my liking every time it updates? It's not difficult to give the void fog an off switch. That way, everyone is happy.

    Your "man the **** up", "things change, kiddo" or "somebody call the WAAAAAAHmbulance" posts aren't constructive. The void fog doesn't make the game harder, the way that shears, electro-creepers, and new ladder physics did. It does the one thing Minecraft should never do: limit a player's creativity.

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    Quote from EagleDelta2

    So, complain or make your concern known to Jens and Notch, then move on.

    Ahem, if you would look up to the top of the page, you might notice that the forum this is posted in it titled "1.8 Update Discussion." Key word: Discussion.

    Really, it doesn't exactly sound that bright when you're telling people to stop talking about something on a forum intended solely for talking about it.
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    I for one agree with the OP.

    The hunger/health system is a good idea in concept, but with the way it works, making it a mandatory feature is just an incredibly poor gameplay choice. Yes, it adds a challenge, true, but challenge isn't necessarily a good thing. It may work just fine for those of you who enjoy the intense, "realistic" feel it brings to facing down tons of mobs, and if you enjoy that, great, have fun. (Note: I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, so don't take it as such.)

    But, there are those of us who don't want to play with it; for me, it's a serious interruption to the flow of my gameplay. I'm a builder by nature, but I abhor creative mode because it just feels too easy; I don't like being handed everything on a silver platter. At the same time, though, I don't like having to add extra hours to an already hours-long building process because I have to go hunt a few dozen pigs to keep my hunger bar from dropping and getting me killed the second a zombie so much as blinks at me.

    Personally, I think it should be optional; make it kind of like Hardcore mode in New Vegas, you can turn it on or off when you start up a world. That way, people who like it can have it, but people who don't like it aren't forced to be saddled with an unwanted and rather restrictive gameplay change.
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    I think the void fog should definitely be toggleable, or at the very least situational. It really boils down to two situations.

    Having it present while exploring underground caves and abandoned ruins? Love it, adds a very creepy atmosphere.

    Having it present while trying to relax in the Olympic-sized swimming pool I put in my basement? Sucks. A lot.


    My Minecraft server has 45 people in it almost 24/7, and everyone I've ran across loves this feature because it adds another element of intensity when doing deep exploring. You don't know where you're going, and you have to be extra careful about every step you make so you don't run into any mob, or fall into a pit. That is what Minecraft is about, you know, mining and exploration. Why should, we, who play Minecraft the way it's designed to be played, have to suffer because some of you guys decided to build a base on bedrock? That isn't Mojangs problem, nor mine, or anyone else's who likes this feature for exploring. It's part of Minecraft now, and adds just one more aspect to the world of mining, and exploration. Don't like it, don't play it. That's all I've got to say.

    The guy who claims he was in an underground facility is completely full of it. I've been hundreds of feet underground in a coal mine before, and I can guarantee you that you can't see 10 feet in front of you because of all of dust in the air. Even being ventilated doesn't go very far because there is barely enough air down there to keep you breathing, let alone have enough to move dust up to the surface.

    Yeah, if you want people to take your opinion seriously, you should try wording it in a way that doesn't make you come across as a complete scrub.
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