About Me [p]HIEEEEE!!!!!![/p] [p]My name is Ariyana (Arianna) and I LOVE horses, puppies, and......MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! [/p] [p]anyway I wanted to start this because I want to be well-known or at least get my little "gig" in minecraft started which all happened because of my cousin. He started me off with telling me minecraft had HORSES and DOGGIES and KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/p] [p]I hope you guys take an intrest in me, btw, I'm in middle school *hehe*[/p] Interests [p]HOrSES[/p] [p]PUppies[/p] [p]KItties[/p] [p]ANIMALS!!!!!!!![/p] Location USA Mississippi