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    posted a message on [1.10.2] Modded | CloudCraft | Survival | Whitelist | Custom Modpack | Community |

    Ingame Username: Argo_Devilian
    Where are you from?: Japan, but I am currently in the US
    What is your favorite aspect of playing on a server with a modded gameplay?: The Community, and how events and other mechanics can bring them together for tons of shenanigan
    Tell us something about yourself: I love modded minecraft, I can personally say that I understand how most of the commonly used mods work(like Thermal and Blood Magic) and while I most likely will work solo, I do enjoy teaming up with others as well. I suck at building, but I do my best to make my area not...sucky. I have been having trouble finding a good modpack for a while, and decided to go into Private Servers like this one to find one. I hope to join this community and have some fun.

    Discord (####)?: ArgoDevilian 1634 [NA]#5931

    Sorry about my Confusing Discord ID, its cuz I play another game(Destiny 2) and they want me to know whether or not I main in EU or NA.The Username is also my Battletag for Blizzard, if you remove the #5931 and add a # between my name and the numbers.

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    posted a message on NationCraft | A Small Community Modded Server | 1.12 Custom Modpack

    Username: Argo_Devilian

    Minecraft Playtime: I think around 5 years?

    Online Frequency: I try to get on at least once a week, depends on work and other stuff

    My Interest in this server: You guys have a custom modpack, which that alone makes it very interesting. I like small-scale communities like this one, mainly because there is a less likely chance of getting stolen and easier to communicate with the Admins. I do hope to also make new friends and allies in Minecraftia

    Discord: yes, I think I sent a friend request to you for now.

    I do have one question, and its that can you please(if you accept me) send me a list of the mods? It will help me plan my progression.
    also is it an issue if I'm mediocre with building? Trust me if I say that you will know when you are at my base because there will be no walls and a ton of cabling and machines everywhere(ill try to make it look nice at the very least)

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    posted a message on [1.10.2/1.9.4] Blood Magic V2.1.0-65 - Updated Sept. 29

    Hey WayofTime, I am playing a modpack called Quantus with blood magic in it.

    it has an era system so we do not have access to the mod yet. I was getting ready for blood magic, one of my favorite mod that got a crap ton of changes, and i do understand that there is an in-game wiki sort of thing, but whenever i check on the web, some of the information does not show up.

    I cannot remember off the top of my head which ones do not show up, but if there are images in there, then i cant see those.

    getting stuff like the other types of wills and learning the item transport system will be fun and a giant pain, but having a web that can easily explain the rituals and stuff really helps.

    either that or Ill just hope the in game guide is complete.

    also any hints on when a tier 6 altar will be implemented? and if its already in i did not notice

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    posted a message on Chisels & Bits + Flat Colored Blocks

    Hello Mr. Algorithm. A group of us are playing on a modpack called Quantus, and we have your mods in it. They do seem pretty cool, but we are having issues with your FCB mod and was wondering if you could help. So far we only narrowed it down to the Configs, and of your FCB mod. We aren't sure why this is happening, but it is stopping us from playing the modpack. This modpack is 1.10 minecraft, so it probably isn't as fixed as previous versions.

    if you need to look at the config settings, I can ask the Server owner for those. We are currently looking for a solution, and would like your help.

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