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    For those that are not aware, the server has transitioned to a Creative style server. For those that have listened to me over the months, took some time to think and consider, and discussed with me, this is not a surprise. For those that are new or that have no paid any attention to me whatsoever, this is a shocker.

    First off, why did we change to Creative?

    1. Players are dicks. Especially when you create a server that attracts dicks. Titan was based on griefing, which meant no holds barred PVP. But there is a slippery slope when it comes to enforcing a baseline of etiquette, which basically became impossible to balance without people thinking that we were being unfair to certain people. It’s hard to base a gamestyle that promotes destruction of other peoples’ things and still foster any form of community or inter player relationships. Everyone suspects everyone of stealing, griefing, revealing base and stash secrets, and general asshattery.

    2. The game makes it very easy to destroy and ruin what takes hours to build. When you get down to it, after a while no one builds anything remotely nice on the server, as everyone expects everything to be destroyed instantly. Which was true.Nothing looked nice, nothing looked well thought out, and everything was build to maximize uptime and survivability, prolong the time needed to raid, and basically doused and housed everything in lava and obsidian. It was not a nice server.

    3. Catering to people that like griefing and PVP to an extent, invited all manners of undesirables and ill mannered. Players that insulted, berated, taunted, and jeered at everyone else for playing that game as it really is – a construction game based on imagination and creativity.

    So in short, I am saying a big **** YOU to all the people that made Titan a hostile server filled with annoying people and disrespectful asshats.

    For those that stick around, yes, we will have PVP, but we want to focus on the nicer parts about Minecraft – building.

    For example, we never did finish the minecart system on the old map because people kept griefing it, to the point where we gave up.
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