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    posted a message on Looking for a Surv/Vanilla server.
    Still looking.. And Hamachi? No thanks. If I wanted to play via Hamachi I wouldn't have bought MC.
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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Lacertus
    Minecraft Username: Archonx
    Where did you hear about KoL: Clans forum.
    Why do you want to join KoL: Because I just came back to Minecraft after quitting for some time and felt like joining a clan.
    By filling out this application, I hearby pledge compliance of KoL's laws.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Surv/Vanilla server.

    I just came back to Minecraft after around 8 months without playing and I'm searching for a server to play at, since I'd like to have something to do while I play RuneScape.

    A Survival server, with anti-grief and those sort of plugins would be nice. Just bear in mind:

    I don't like crowded servers. If your server has a load of players, please refrain from posting. A server that just started would be nice aswell.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on Massive Island Survival RP.
    What is your real name: Ignacio

    Where are you from: Chile

    How old are you: 18

    What is your Minecraft IGN: Archonx.

    Do you have any Minecraft RP Experience: Yes, I do.

    Have you ever been banned from any Minecraft Server? If yes why so?: N/A.

    Character Biography: (Be sure to include how old they are in game. What they did before there death, and how they died.)

    My character is currently 22 years old ingame. He used to be an average person from his village, until he realized that village life wasn't for him.

    After thinking for some days, he decided to leave his village, as he craved adventure. He roamed the lands, far away from his hometown.
    Only armed with a pocket knife, he tried to fend off any dangers that wouldn't come at him.

    After some time, he got rid of his knife. The last use for it was carving a bow with it. A weapon that would be his companion until that day..

    During his adventures, Archon came across a forest with forgotten ruins on it. Not knowing what would be in them, he entered out of curiosity.

    Vast treasures were in there, enough to help the people back in his town. Wanting to collect part of the treasure, he took a step forward, not realizing that there was a pressure plate in front of him. He felt a sharp pain in the back, similar to the pain arrow wounds feel. Everything was dark for him now..

    He opened his eyes, in what seemed to be an island..

    You fight for survival, with no food and your starving. You come across a hut in the Jungle, You enter and see a lit fire, however no one is around. Do you steal the supplies? or leave them be?

    As I must survive somehow, I'm afraid I would steal them. It's either that or face death again, ironically speaking.

    You see someone heavily armored coming to attack you and your friends. Do you fight them? Or run at an attempt to save your life?

    If there's a way to stop the foe using teamwork, we will strive for it. Now, if it's practically impossible to do so, we will go on retreat to our safety.

    You meet a strange hooded man offering you supplies, you see he has a bag with something in it. What do you do?

    Chances are I wouldn't. Being in a unknown island, I can't expect anything good yet from strangers.

    You come across a tomb, dark and quiet and huge in size, you see the edges lined with diamond plates. A sign reads "Enter if you dare". What is your first thought?

    Being curious as I am, I'd enter it, though not too deep in it, as I'm unsure about what dangers it can hold.
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    posted a message on ****Silver Age Roleplaying Server 1.2.5 [Whitelist] [Classes] [Player Crafted World] [Races]***
    Minecraft Username: Archonx

    Age: 18

    County/Time Zone: GMT-4

    Define Roleplay in your own words: Roleplay, in game terms, is the kind of game mode in which you take the role of a certain character and you act according to a pre-set lore or storyline.

    Define Metagaming in your own words: Metagaming is known as the act of getting IC (Inside Character) information via OOC means (Out of character).

    Define Powergaming in your own words: Powergaming is doing actions your character isn't able to do normally or actions that are impossible to do by your character.

    Who are the only people who can use flymod?: No one.

    IC Information

    Character Name: Ignacius.

    Character Path: Path of the Woodsman.

    Character Race: Cherzian.

    Character Biography (Should be at least 250 words): Ignacius was just an average Cherzian from any of those towns in the coast that were built by the people who fled Cherzia after the attacks.

    He would usually sit on the hills that surrounded his hometown, watching the ocean and all the ships that passed by.
    "I wonder what kind of people are aboard those ships..", he thought. "Adventurers, perhaps, looking for wealth and quests all over the land..".

    Life in his town wasn't entertaining at all. Aside from watching his people work on the farms, there's nothing else that he could do.

    "I wonder if I should leave this place, I cannot leave in here forever..", he thought one night. After thinking about it for a while, he made his choice. He was leaving.

    Having inherited the Cherzians archery skills, he grabbed a pocket knife from his house. It would be useful for crafting a bow if he needed one.. And the knife could work as a weapon, for the moment.

    One cloudy night, he left his town. He didn't want to alert the villagers by leaving in broad daylight. He only carried a pocket knife and some food, that would last for some days. After that, he would have to hunt. Something Cherzians weren't used to do.

    What would happen to him was about to to begin..

    Additional Questions

    Your character stumbles upon an injured man with the mark of an assassin group on his hand. You know that this is the Assassin's Guild's work. Do you help him? Or do you leave to preserve your own safety?

    Ignacius walked down a forest pathway and he stumbles upon a man in the floor, presumably injured. He reaches for him, asking for help. Ignacius notices the Assassin's guild mark in his hand. The man closes his eyes silently and slowly..

    "He died due to his wounds... That mark in his hand.. The Assassin's Guild.. They must be nearby, I should leave".. There's nothing that could be done by Ignacius to save the man.. Perhaps if he had arrived in time, he could have saved him.. All he could do now is leave the area, as the man's killers could be here still..

    You walk into Borikheim and a guard comes to you, telling you that you have been accused of treason. You know that you are innocent. What is your reaction?

    Ignacius arrives to the walls of Borikheim after a long journey. As he approached the city gates, a guard comes to him.

    "You have been accused of treason, Cherzian!" yells the guard. Ignacius looks at the guard surprised and replies:
    "That cannot be possible" says Ignacius while staring at the guard "This is the first time I visit Borikheim".
    The guard looks at what seems to be a wanted poster and then looks back at Ignacius: "I'm sorry, I must have confused you with the Cherzian in this picture, you may proceed, welcome to Borikheim"..

    Ignacius walked into Borikheim, looking for an Inn as it was getting dark..

    A Cherzian is being robbed by two armed men. Do you help him/her? Do you flee?

    As he walked through a dense forest, Ignacius heard some noises in the roadway. There were two tall men, attacking a young Cherzian lady. He couldn't see their faces, as they had their backs to him. Kneeling in the bushes by the path he was taking, he took 2 arrows from his quiver.
    Tensing the bow string, he quickly shot 2 consecutive arrows. His targets dropped to the ground, both dead.

    He fled from the place, as he didn't want the lady to look at him, so as to not make her think he was an assassin.
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    posted a message on Looking for a brand new medieval RP.

    I made a topic before, though I didn't get much answers. I have a map that suits perfectly every medieval rp you could think of (I'm not kidding just to get some attention).

    It consists of a spawn in a village by a waterfall, with roads in the forest leading to other villages and a medieval town with a castle.

    If anyone is thinking on starting a RP server, let me know. I'd like this map to be used.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on ★☆ zParadise // Home Of The Legends // zParadise ★☆
    1- Minecraft Name - Archonx
    2- Why you would like to join? - Because I'm not playing in any server at the moment and I'd like to check this one out so I can stay if I like it.
    3- Do You Accept Our Rules? - Yes.
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    posted a message on LF RP server.
    Quote from Geddun

    check out janglecraft.com its the website for my server its a pretty small server should be back up in 15min or so just updating a cpl things atm ip is on website when u sign on ask for geddun

    Kindly read. I said RP.
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    posted a message on LF RP server.

    I wonder if anyone has a RP server I could join. I'm more into Medieval/Wizardry RPing.
    Also, I don't like crowded servers. If your server is like that, refrain from posting.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on TheDiamondBlock - 24/7 - 30 slots -[1.2.5][No Grey/whitelist][Towny][Iconomy][Chest Shop][Much more]
    What is your minecraft in game name?: Archonx
    Where are you from?: Chile, South America.
    Do you agree to follow and abide by our server rules?: Yes, I do.
    What do you think you will contribute to our community?: I can't say I'm a good builder, though I'll help with anything that may be needed.
    Did you vote for us? (Optional but appreciated): Yes.
    How did you hear of us? (Optional): Forums.
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    posted a message on [RPG] [WIP] Kingdom Craft [1.2.5] [Coming Very Shortly!]
    IGN: Archonx

    Age: 18

    Ban Count: 0

    RPG Experience: I have been on different RPG servers, including Minecraft, WoW, GTA, etc. So I'm familiarized with the system that it involves.

    Faction: Assassin's Guild.

    Rate your self: / :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    So you run a server for adults with a rather childish topic title.
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    posted a message on Change Your Minecraft Name? Possibly In The Future
    If this is added, it should be free. Most of us registered without knowing that our login would be our IGN. Perhaps, being able to change it once per month (Like other games)? That would be rather nice. Though you would still need to log in with the same account.
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    posted a message on Red Team (Now Recruiting)
    Sorry guys, haven't had time to log in recently, due to college.
    I'll try to log in asap.
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    posted a message on Red Team (Now Recruiting)
    Quote from Kinetics92

    How are you running OUT of gold O.o

    Da hell are you buying, boy?

    Ain't buying stuff. But I'm using a lot on powered rails.
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