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    Will this mod work for Feed the Beast Ultimate? I'm currently, running it to generate a testbed world. The level files don't seem to be getting any larger in size. Is that normal?
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    WARNING: mo' Food and Crops conflicts with this mod! Choose one or the other or change your IDs!
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    It started with this:

    Now in my story, I reinterpret Herobrine as a hench-Enderman of Montana Max of Tiny Toon Adventures (gotta' love the 90's, huh?). His goal was to make things difficult for our hero, which, of course is my character in the SSP world of Ionia. However, he saw another way to defeat him, from the inside. He tells my character, Archibald McShane that he is stacking the odds in Arch's favor, and did just that. However, when Arch reaches The End, Herobrine engages my character in Mortal Kombat.

    The story includes failed Creeper hunts, storage issues, and resorting to mushroom stew, for fullness.

    The challenge for me is to recall events into a word document. It's a problem that keeps me from being as detailed as possible, like most novel-grade fanfics.

    So, I need your help, what should I do before I hit the 90-day mark in my world? Towards that mark, I must forge an End portal.

    Currently It's day nine in Ionia. Last thing I did was gather obsidian with diamond pickaxe legitly made from the materials with help from Herobrine. All he did was spawn diamond ore blocks in my strip mining operation. (That was actually me and NEI, but imagine if Herobrine was only doing that to butter Arch up?)
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    Ok, I've been playing Minecraft with FtB since I first bought it in June. I'm Nicholas Manuel, or Arch to fit my username. My Minecraft name is Nicholas_Manuel, which I hated to use because Arch was already taken!

    My current Project in Minecraft is to establish an empire on my SSP world of Ionia. But I must slay the Ender Dragon to do so.

    I will write a Fanfic of this, 'nuff said.
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