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    I fixed the link. It was down for a long time I realised. I had the file hosted on a drop-box account that was closed sometime ago ... but I re hosted it on my current account.

    Sorry for the inconvenience guys.
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    What do you mean by work's fine until it tries to load the mods?
    And also what you do you mean by "I have been working on"?

    Did you collaborate all these mods yourself? There could be no end to problems unless you know what you are doing and are using forge correctly...

    My advice would be to turn towards the major modpacks like tekkit or feed the beast and use them.
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    Branch mining yo

    Step 1: Dig down to y11.
    Step 2: Dig a long 2 tall 1 wide tunnel in a random direction.
    Step 3: Dig 20 block deep sections off the tunnel sides every 4th block along.
    Step 4: Find diamonds.
    Step 5: Repeat.
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    You really need to structure your post a bit better.
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    Quote from bryann381

    I just got two words to say about this thread's subject...


    Let's keep it out of video games, shall we?

    Are you retarded?

    Quote from LordNephets


    I am currently working on an extensive minecraft challenge/RP script for single player games, and would like your permission to incorporate elements of Cubeaism into it. This is the most acceptable religious aspect to be used within my challenge.

    I'm not making a profit or anything like that, I'm simply developing a challenge script.

    As stated, cubeasim is free to use in whatever you wish.
    The only thing I have a problem with is stealing an idea and calling it your own, otherwise go nuts!
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    Quote from Spasticbuddha

    Eh, my hobbies aren't all that interesting...web surfing, writing, going on nature walks, exploring new places....

    Next question: What would you do if you suddenly came into posession of 5 billion U.S. dollars (or their equivalent, for our European friends :3)?

    Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, Computers, Scuba Diving, Fantasy Writing, Fitness, Womanising.

    5 Billion U.S:
    Convert it to AU first probably haha. Then pay off debts. Then spend 10% of it on myself. 5% to charity. 60% into investments so I can retire now (at age 24). And the last 25% to my parents for bringing me up to be ****ing awesome.
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    Quote from Spasticbuddha

    Whoever did the banners for the old thread needs to update them stat, so those of us with banners in our sigs can send people to the right place

    You will need to change the URL yourselves in your signature settings.
    The new URL is "http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1213801-cubeaism-old-gods-and-new"
    Regardless anyone sent to the old page will see the giant red text that sends them here.
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    Good news!
    Finished the bible and started a new thread.
    Everyone come on over:
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    Old Gods and New | A Fictional Minecraft Religion

    See original thread Here

    Get the full guide "Bible of Cubeaism" below:

    What is Cubeaism?
    In short, Cubeaism is a game that gives you tasks to complete within the minecraft world. These tasks are arranged in a progressive fashion into “paths” that lay out restrictions and build requirements with themes and elements that relate to certain aspects of minecraft. These paths are designed to be challenging as well as fun while having lore to enhance aspects of role-play. I designed the paths first and then wrote the lore behind it for fun, in this way people can just play through the paths for a challenge without having to worry about the lore at all.

    The game “Cubeaism” has three gods called the Primes each representing different aspects of the world. Following a path of the primes is usually broader and therefore longer. The prime’s fostered prodigy’s whose paths are more focused on specific aspects of the minecraft world, and are shorter and more focused than a prime’s path.

    How do I play?
    Simply download the PDF above, look through the gods and choose your favourite. Follow the guide to work your priest through the various levels of that god’s path. Once you pick a path make a new world and follow the instructions, you are now a priest of that god and should follow the rules and rites of passage that apply to that faith.

    Primes Overview:
    Terrae, is the female god of nature and is represented via trees, grass, crops, lakes, rivers and rain. Also her eye is the sun, and it is said the day is actually her keeping an “eye” on the world. While she does, her creations prosper and grow.

    Roki, is the male god of the deep and is represented via stone, minerals, lava and bedrock. His eye is the moon, and the night is the time he watches the world. While he does, it is a sign to take shelter or mine in the depths of the world.

    Net, is the younger sibling of the two and is represented by mobs both evil and good. As he matured he created the various mobs of the world. But having created the evil mobs, Terrae and Roki banished him to the Nether as punishment.

    Is there a server based on this concept?
    Not yet but something of this nature has been conceptualised and could very well surface soon. Any developments will be documented in this thread.

    Teaser Lore | The Creation Story
    This is the story of the three primes and how the minecraft world and the nether was created.

    In the time before the world there were 3 siblings; Roki, Terrae, and Net. They wandered the heavens with powers beyond mortal comprehension. In time though they became bored with all that they had and so pooling together their powers they decided to create a world to entertain them. Roki acted first, cutting off his finger and using it to build the bedrock core of the world. Then cutting off the rest of his arm he layered the world in smoothstone. Gathering his remaining energy, he struck the world as hard as he could with his right arm. The force of the blow created massive amounts of pressure causing diamonds, gold, iron and coal to form at different layers of the world. The resulting earthquakes created great chasms and cave openings leading deep into the earth.

    Terrae, looking upon Roki's work said "It's a good start, buts it’s hard and cold. This world needs beauty and softness as well." And with that she reached down and picked up chunks of smooth stone and ate them. Chewing and melding them with her delicate tongue she turned the stone to dirt and gravel and spat it back up covering the world. Then she ran her hand over it and layered the dirt with grass short and tall. With great care she pushed 4 of her fingers into the earth. Removing each of them one by one; from the holes the first oak, birch, pine and spruce trees were born. She then cut her arm, and bled out onto the world creating the oceans and rivers.

    Net, the youngest of the three was impressed with what the other siblings had done. But he had not yet fully realised his powers and became sad. He shed a tear and it fell onto the world the siblings had created, from the tear a chicken was born. Net was overwhelmed with joy at his creation, even though it had zero survival instincts and would aimlessly wander off cliffs as often as anything else, he still loved it. Over the years as Net further realised his power he created pigs, sheep, cows, wolves and squid The other brothers were proud of him and having watched him developing decided to teach him how to focus his power. With this, Net was able to create the first testificate.

    The testificates of the world prospered, and adored their creators. Terrae and Roki took shifts to watch the world; Terrae's eye was bright like fire and caused all her creations to prosper as she watched them. Roki's eye was white and cold, signalling the time for the humans to rest. Many ages passed as the world prospered, Roki and Terrae were finally content and continued to watch over it. Net however, became bored and restless again. Using his power he created the first slime for his amusement. While mostly harmless, the slime had the power to hurt the other beings of the world. When Roki and Terrae looked upon it they were upset, and banished it to only live in the very depths of the world, away from the humans.

    This infuriated Net and he demanded the brothers allow his creation room on the surface. They refused, so having seen the two make sacrifices to enhance their powers he did the same. He cut off his ear, and used it to create the first zombie. Terrae and Roki were unable to banish this creature and it quickly began to overrun the humans that the pair loved so much. Seeing the progress of this monster made him want to create more, he pulled a bone from his arm to create skeletons and 8 of his toes to create the spiders. Terrae, seeing Net's growing insanity cut out her eye and used it to curse his monsters with fire whenever she looked upon them. Roki and Terrae then turned to Net furious with him and pooled their powers together to banish him to a void where he could do no harm; The Nether. In his last defiant act before his banishment, Net tore his heart out and created the mighty creeper. This creature will stalk the land, immune to the powers of Terrae's eye, and would be a great calamity on the world.

    The humans of the world now live in fear, their structures overrun with creatures and slowly growing moss. Terrea and Roki turned to one another, and using all the energy they had left, they summoned one final human of their own. Tired from the fight with their brother, the 2 gods are now only able to take turns passing there eye across the world, keeping close watch on their last creation; who they dubbed … “Steve”.
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    Quote from golden_spider666

    what are followers of roki suppossed to do with the new hunger bar

    You are allowed to eat to stop yourself from perishing but that's all -> the followers of Roki bear the scars they receive in battle until they die. No healing is allowed. Battle scars are a badge of Honour. It is written that the greatest of all Roki's followers charge into battle with no armour and only half a heart left in them as if to DARE the minecraft world to try and kill them.

    If/When ArchebuS eventually posts the Cubeaism Bible, I'm going to write a fairly lengthy 'book' titled, 'The Cube Delusion'. Just sayin'.

    That's an interesting title. What would the book be about?

    Quote from joerajaja

    This is awesome.


    Quote from om_nom_nom

    I kind of want to read all the posts and keep a Word document or something of all the paths... but I have stuff to do... maybe over the summer.

    I think this is a very interesting concept, and to see different paths branch off with some conflicting with another's lore, reminds me of real life religions. Just in Christianity, there are many divisions, sometimes saying slightly different things than another even though they are all based off the same book and concepts.

    The cubeaism bible will have all the canon material in one PDF document.

    Quote from Falager

    I decided to read trough all the lore that Cubeaism has to offer. A very time-consuming task, I don't think I'll be done with it today, maybe not even tomorrow. One thing I noticed right now is that in the first story, it says that Net created wolves. However, in the Howlith lore it says that Howlith created them to hunt sheep. Maybe this should be fixed?

    Howlith is not a canon god. There are only 3 primes and 6 prodigy's in canon lore. But I promote people creating their own paths simply because its fun to get the creative juices flowing :)
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    Haha I am very much still alive and this thread is still actively monitored by me. I have been waiting for some inspiration (divine ... perhaps from terrae herself?) to help me finish off the path of Cynia but nothing really struck me. I really wanted it to be unique again and not at all similar to any of the other paths but I might just have to plagerise a little bit.

    Also I have not even start moouka ... I haven't got anything for him. But I have a few hours free this morning so I might just smash something out and get the Cubeaism bible out there for you guys.

    I still very much want to start and maintain a server and have the hardware already ready to go ... its just the people I am living with are not very IT literate and my landlord is unhappy with me having a server sucking power 24/7 ... so for the time being that is on hold. I may just go ahead with my landlords approval because in words once said by a great man ... "**** It" ...
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    The Truth about the Endermen, As detailed by a servant of Nixos, the knowledge seekers.

    The Endermen are you, that is, survivors. They are survivors that made it to The End via the Stronghold but got trapped there. While there, they began to change. Slowly at first. Perhaps they got a little bit taller in the weaker gravity, perhaps a little darker as their skin blackened due to the constant bombardment from radioactive static in The End, their eyes a little brighter to see in the dim-light. But they remembered. They remembered building and moving things. They remembered picking things up, and putting them somewhere else. They remembered...something. There was something they had to do. What was it? Oh look, a block, I'll just move this, I've moved lots of blocks. What's in my hand? A block? I have to put it somewhere, but where? What was I doing? And it moves and disappears and reappears, it's physical presence now as flaky as its state of mind.

    And then it sees you. And it remembers. It sees you living like it used to, in the overworld. It sees you building great things, surviving, living, it sees you still human while it was twisted and warped by the strangeness in The End. And it snaps. It attacks you, it's angry at what was stolen from it, it's angry that it lost it's humanity, it's mortality, having lived forever in that other place. In it's rage, it attacks you, teleporting to you in a blind rage to hurt you, to steal back from you what was stolen from it: It's life. But you hit it, and it's mind flees and takes it with it, teleporting it away, but the pain remains, and the memory of what was lost lingers and it attacks and attacks and attacks until it forgets what it was doing and finds a block in its hand, and then it remembers that it had to put it...somewhere.

    And then it rains. After living the radioactive oven of The End for so long, brought back in to the overworld by it's wandering mind and the closeness of the dormant stronghold portal, it feels the rain, and on its blackened skin it burns, it boils at the touch of its mutated flesh. In a panic, it wishes it were somewhere else and its mind takes it there, back to The End, where there is no water or dirt or sand or people. Just blocks and dim not-darkness. And there's a block in its hand, and it had to do something...
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    Hello guys, just got back from a relaxing 2 week holiday in Thailand. And by relaxing I actually mean rave and booze insanity holiday. Feel good and refreshed and everything and just wanted to say its good to see that the thread is still kicking and people are still interested in my ideas.

    Quote from reicomatricks

    I couldn't help but notice some holes between some of the gods' lore and their challenges, not to mention a lack of update with the new game mechanics.

    Yes there have been a lot of updates that I have missed ... I actually haven't played minecraft in about 2 months now and am a bit behind on what's new. As well you have to remember that I created the paths first, then wrote the lore around it simply because I enjoy writing. I clarified in a previous post (more of a cop out really) that anything that doesn't make sense can be chalked up to the fact that "the gods ways cannot be understood by mere mortals ..."

    I still haven't finished some of the canon gods that I promised in previous thread. And I am still sitting on a pdf document "The Cubeaism Bible" that I have yet to complete. I will be diving all back into it today and over the next week though so hopefully I can release it soon.

    Oh and I will add the wiki to the main page in a moment. But I will be putting a disclaimer that the majority of gods are not canon. IMO there are way way too many gods at the moment. More gods then there are dedicated fans of the this thread...
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    Quote from Sanitus

    I would just like to say that I've spent the last two or so weeks working on the path of Poise. the end is not that far off as I'm almost done with level three. The fact that you need to line everything with black wool is such a pain T_T, I've easily spent more time getting ink sacks and chasing sheep then the rest of the project combined. Everything is legit. I'll probably start a new thread and post links here once I'm done.

    Haha nice work!
    I am hoping to rework the paths that are a bit to resource heavy like this one.
    You will be the first acolyte of poise if you post pictures once your done!
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