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    posted a message on Hub server with only FE (Forge Essentials) on it


    I am currently on a modpack, and my friend is on a different modpack.

    He is going to buy a server, and as we have 2 different modpacks we figured we want a hub that connects to their own modded server.

    *First I tried to create a normal vanilla MC server; both of us can connect with the modded client.

    *Second I tried to create a forge vanilla server with NO MODS, thinking it should run as earlier, it would accept our 2 very differently modded clients, but it did not. now it simply states that the mods are rejected as they are not installed server side.

    Solution: Somehow create or bypass the mod-rejecting feature while keeping the HUB with only vanilla bricks on it.

    Is there anyone here that knows if this can be done, and if so, how it would be done.

    If no, then please explain why the non-forge verson of Minecraft accepts the 2 different clients while the forge version does not accept it.

    Thank you for taking your time reading through this post and possibly tries to help us to have a good time while also keeping as few ports open to the internet as possible.


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