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    so, ive been thinking and thinking and finally thought: why not make my room minecraft themed? not very important to tell you though but ill go on. My idea: painting the walls to make it look like cobblestone blocks on minecraft, adding torch-like lights on each wall (they will illuminate the room like on minecraft ) , putting the miecraft logo on my tv,painting my containersto look like chests, getting a new tv ( my mom agreed to get a flat screen like my sisters ) and getting minecraft decor. my mom didnt approve of everything yet, but the tv is a definite. also minecraft decor, but only some like not wall- mounted. a pic of my character: YES

    ok, this is the organiser.

    so far, we have completed 4 needed steps.

    blah = done
    blah = next up, most likely

    Make a random decoration to start
    Make a creeper for storage
    Make a minecrafty torch
    Get minecraft merchandise (foam pickaxe, sword, steve head, creeper head, ect.)
    Paint boxes to minecraft blocks
    Get red blankets and a few white pillows for my bedto look minecrafty
    Get a plush or something like that of a creeper or a block of cobblestone,dirt, ect
    (Punch fliping trees [soon to be checked off])
    get a few more minecraft related things
    put a steve head and creeper head at the entrance of my room and put a sign that says "put on to exist in the realm you are about to enter"
    minecraft-ize the minecraft tools i home-made (that will be a bit hard...)
    Make my lights redstone lamps (might not)
    Weapon rack
    Fill Chests i mean containers painted like chests... with minecraft stuff (coal, picks, fishing rods)
    Make diamond armor (Im not kidding with that one...)
    Use exess trash and paint it like minecraft blocks that were thrown away
    Slideshow of minecraft pictures and screenshots and such on a video disc to play on my tv
    Paint As of 3/22/2012, at 8:38, it is confirmed we will put wallpaper on the room's walls.
    add a few more last minute changes...
    post pictures
    Start a nice little minecraft IRL sereis
    bring along some face time while i wear a steve/creeper head and weild a sword/pickaxe
    Put a few blue and white pixels on my glass pane ...i mean window

    This is my checklist so far. will be updated if there are any requests.
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    Quote from creeper1750

    why is it discountinued

    Quote from arkonick

    Why didn't you read the moderspost? If you would have read the moders post you would clearly have understood why. I will post it here for you but seeing you want read these post you want see this post and I'm wasting my time and asking my self why do i bother to read these post and answer people.

    Tale of Kingdoms is no longer gonna be updated. Feel free to update it though to current MC versions
    I am working on a new and better system that could accommodate larger cities, horray!
    but I am in dire need of great builders. Builders that could create great cities!
    Imagine different capitals for good and evil each with different races. Oh the possibilities!
    If you are interested to make this realization to an actualization, please please, please contact me at [email protected] via email and show me the works you have done, possibly in a video or a screenshot. If you have paypal, I would gladly give incentives in dollars if you guys did great, think of it as a thank you gift :)
    The mod I dream to make is big, real big. I have learned a lot from tale of kingdoms and I want to make it something much more than what it has achieved ( and hopefully bug free as i have faced the nightmare of it in TOK)
    But rain or shine, expect a new and better version soon, most likely a month after the API is released! Cheers!

    EDIT: Feel free to add me also on skype if you don't want to email. Skype Username: TyberAlyx

    its only a temporary rest. in 1.4 or 1.3 he will come back. (the modding API comes in 1.3, as jeb said)
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