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    posted a message on KillerOfCubes Mods - RPG Race Mod, Vanilla Races, Fantasy Races

    EDIT: Accidently submitted before finishing by pressing tab, fixing it up.

    EDIT2: Added Spirit, Vampire, Oni, Fiend, Endling and Kobold to ideas

    EDIT3: Added Lizardkin, Waspkin, Lamia, Passive Giant, and Minotaur to ideas

    Hello~ Anyway first things first- Sadly, though understandably, this mod is not compatibale with 'real first-person render'. Not that I was expecting it to be, but thought I'd let you know. Also, I suggest you tone down the skeletons health or reflex as it is a bit op atm.

    Second off I am going to be spewing a bunch of suggestions because I have them(Mostly for fantasy):

    First is the reasonable(At least I think) suggestions-

    ---Arachne {Health:14 | Luck:-2 | Armor:1 | Toughness:1 | Damage:4 | Reflex:3 | Bulk:1.05 | Speed:0.07 | Agility:0.25}- Weakness: Fire | primary: Create 1 to 3 string, costs 2 hunger | Secondary: Spawn spider minion egg- costs 17-19 hunger (Hatches in what, a day?)| Passive: Wall Climb or none

    ---Manticore {Health:28 | Luck:-5 | Armor:4 | Toughness:1 | Damage:7 | Reflex:3 | Bulk:2 | Speed:0.09 | Agility:0.5}- Weakness: none | primary: Activate strength, resistance, and regeneration; costs 5-15 hunger | Secondary: Wither enemy; costs 4-5 hunger? | Passive: Gliding Eltrya style? or none

    ---Bunnykin (Beast man bunny) {Health:12 | Luck:10 | Armor:0 | Toughness:0 | Damage:1 | Reflex:6 | Bulk:0 | Speed:0.14 | Agility:0.12}- Weakness: None | Primary: Activate jump boost; costs 2-4 hunger | Secondary: Activate Strength and aggro mobs; costs 15-18 hunger | Passive: Innocence (hostile mobs won't attack unless within five blocks or something)

    ---Tigerkin (Tiger Beast man) {Health:24 | Luck:0 | Armor:2 | Toughness:2 | Damage:5 | Reflex:3 | Bulk:0.2 | Speed:0.09 | Agility:0.15} - Weakness: Suffocation | Primary: Deal 8-20 damage to a single enemy randomly; costs 3-6 hunger | Secondary: Activate invisibility(Stripes) and strength; costs 4-7 hunger | Passive: None

    ---Goblin {Health:16 | Luck:2 | Armor:1 | Toughness:1 | Damage:5 | Reflex:3 | Bulk:0.01 | Speed:0.12 | Agility:0.09}- Weakness: None | Primary: Apply haste; costs 2 hunger | Secondary: Apply resistance; costs 2 hunger | Passive: Food Bonus (Gain extra nourishment from eating)

    ---Spirit {Health:2 | Luck:10 | Armor:0 | Toughness:0 | Damage:0.5 | Reflex:9 | Bulk:0 | Speed:0.24 | Agility:1} - Weakness: Cannot equip armor or none | Primary: Apply absorption; costs 1-2 hunger | Secondary: Apply flight; cost 0.05 hunger/s | Passive: Glowing

    ---Vampire {Health:10 | Luck:-10 | Armor:1 | Toughness:1 | Damage:10 | Reflex:7 | Bulk:0.1 | Speed:0.34 | Agility:0.1} | Weakness: Reduced strength, health, and speed in sunlight. | Primary: Apply nightvision; costs 1-2 hunger | Secondary: none | Passive: 50% Life Steal

    ---Oni {Health:25 | Luck:-5 | Armor:0 | Toughness:5 | Damage:8 | Reflex:2 | Bulk:1.5 | Speed:0.2 | Agility:0.08} - Weakness: Gold Items | Primary: Apply strength and speed; cost 2-4 hunger | Secondary: Apply poison to oneself | Passive: The lower your health is under 20, the more damage done, -1 health = +1 damage

    ---Fiend {Health:14 | Luck:5 | Armor:0 | Toughness:0 | Damage:5 | Reflex:5 | Bulk:0.5 | Speed:0.8 | Agility:0.07} - Weakness: Not being in the nether causes weakness, slowness, and reduced health | Primary: Throw fireball; costs 1-3 hunger | Secondary: Throw explosive fireball; costs 6-9 hunger | Passive: When in the nether you recieve strength, nightvision, speed, fire resistance, resistance, jump boost, and absorption; immune to hunger

    ---Endling {Health:30 | Luck:5 | Armor:10 | Toughness:10 | Damage:6 | Reflex:5 | Bulk:0 | Speed:0.8 | Agility:0.07} - Weakness: Not being in the end causes weakness, slowness, blindness, poison, reduced health; also reduced health in water | Primary: Create enderpearl; costs 4-5 hunger | Secondary: Randomly teleport; costs 2-5 hunger dependant on distance | Passive: when in the end or after eating chorus fruit; strength, speed, regeneration, jump boost, and resistance. (Chorus fruit temporarily removes weaknesses)

    ---Kobold {Health:16 | Luck:12 | Armor:1 | Toughness:0 | Damage:3 | Reflex:3 | Bulk:0.01 | Speed:0.35 | Agility:0.15} - Weakness: Lowered health and speed in water | Primary: Apply strength | Secondary: Dragon's Awakening, apply strength 3, resistance 3, speed 3, jump boost 3, fire resistance, resistance 3, Reflex +5, Damage +5, Armor +5, Toughness +10, Health +10. Lasts 10 seconds; costs 15 hunger | Passive: None

    ---Lizardkin {Health:24 | Luck:2 | Armor:8 | Toughness:5 | Damage:5 | Reflex:4 | Bulk:1.5 | Speed:0.25 | Agility:0.1} | Weakness: Fire | Primary: Apply water breathing; costs 1-2 hunger | Secondary: Apply Resistance; cost 4-5 hunger | Passive: None

    ---Waspkin {Health:6 | Luck:1 | Armor:0 | Toughness:0 | Damage:12 | Reflex:7 | Bulk:0.5 | Speed:0.39 | Agility:0.19} | Weakness: water and fire | Primary: Apply strength; costs 3-4 hunger | Secondary: None | Passive: Poison enemies on hit

    ---Lamia {Health:26 | Luck:-2 | Armor:1 | Toughness:1 | Damage:6 | Reflex:3 | Bulk:0.5 | Speed:0.3 | Agility:0.09} - Weakness: Fire | Primary: Inflict poison; costs 3-4 hunger | Secondary: Inflict wither; costs 4-5 hunger | Passive: Waterbreathing and increased speed in water

    ---Passive Giant {Health:100 | Luck:20 | Armor:10 | Toughness:10 | Damage:0 | Reflex:0.5 | Bulk:5 | Speed:0.05 | Agility:0.05} | Weakness: None | Primary: Bone meal an area; cost 2-4 hunger | Secondary: Apply regeneration | Passive: Innocence

    ---Minotaur {Health:30 | Luck:-8 | Armor:3 | Toughness:3 | Damage:9 | Reflex:2 | Bulk:2.5 | Speed:0.25 | Agility:0.08} | Weakness: Wither | Primary: Apply strength; costs 2-3 hunger | Secondary: Charge; costs 5-6 hunger | Passive: None

    I'll add more later, for now I have to go. Have a good day~

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    posted a message on Enhanced Biomes 2.5 - Nearly 100 new biomes (20/10/14)

    EDIT: Well, it is compatible with my other mods and reacts quite well and I would still like to use it. However I have noticed something that is somewhat saddening: Plants from the mod plant mega pack do not spawn often or regularly in the biomes generated by this mod. I was wondering if this was on this mods side?

    EDIT 2: I am sorry to say, but I found a mod that I would rather use, as this one is slightly buggy and not very aestheticly pleasing.

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    posted a message on Configurable Health 2.1-Customize Max Health for Players and Mobs

    Is there any chance of you adding an option in the config to disable the loss of earned hearts on death? (If there is already I am sorry, didn't see anything mentioned in description and haven't actually downloaded it yet.)

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    posted a message on Spider Queen v1.1.0 - Spider queen is back, the way she should have been!

    Alright, one of my favorite mods is here. The only thing I don't like about the mod however is the spider torch, in all honesty it is a bad way to keep track of your spider babies and have them follow you. Hope that a better way of controlling the will come in a future update, anyway have a good day!

    PS: Do you mind if i ask what your future plans are for this mod?

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    posted a message on Keeping Inventory - Tired of losing all those diamonds?

    I would try and do it myself, if I had any knowledge on modding. I will be trying to learn how to code soon enough. Till then, good luck with future mods.

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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.7.10] [V1.0.2] Myths and Monsters Mod (Check my last comment on the thread for status update)

    Just letting you know i am thinking about adding this to my modpack, if you have any issues with me adding it please contact me.

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    posted a message on HerdCraft 1.0 - Making mobs smarter since 2012 (Formerly MCHerds)

    Hey Nak, just letting you know that I am going to be testing out this mod in my modpack, I hope you do not mind. And btw it looks great.

    Modpack Link

    (It might be a few days from the day of this post before the update that may contain this mod)

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    posted a message on Keeping Inventory - Tired of losing all those diamonds?

    I have a suggestion for this mod, since it seems rather simple at the moment.
    Would it be possible to make it so the mod only drops some of your inventory on death. For example depending on how much of a certain item you had it would drop a percentage of it.

    Lets say you have these Items in your inventory: 1 Diamond Sword, 1 Diamond Pick, 3 Diamond Axes, 10 cakes, 40 Dirt, 200 cobble, and 60 golden apples.
    Then you fall in a lava pool and die a horrible death.

    Items that you only have one of do not drop upon your death, (If they are tools they could loose a certain amount of durability) and after that items drop a certain percentage rounded up: (Im gonna say the equation is (#Items-1)*(2) = % (Capping at lets say dropping 40% of your items.))

    Your Items after Respawning would be: 1 Diamond Sword, 1 Diamond Pick, 2 Diamond Axes, 8 cakes, 24 Dirt, 120 cobble, and 36 golden apples.

    You still loose alot of your items however it is no where near as bad as loosing all of them.

    Anyway I hope you consider my suggestion. Have a good day!

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    posted a message on PVP is boring - Nerf max armor
    I agree on a nerf for armor, and most enchantments actually. But what I suggest is get rid of diamond armor all together, then make it so iron and gold armor give you slowness in addition to the armor bars they give you. Make chain craftable and make both chain and leather have small amounts of slowness, (A bit more for chain) Get rid of enchantments levels higher than 3 as well. Also they could add a *Feather Weight* enchantment that lowers the speed reduction from the armor your wearing. Also I would like diamond swords to be nerfed as well. But that is mostly from a unreasonable personal standpoint where I view the fact that crystals break easily, can't be scratched, but a hard hit would shatter it. So instead of diamonds I suggest making the next upgrade a bit harder to get.

    The Spoiler here goes into the replacement for diamonds, however this is something else entirely from the rest of the discussion

    I suggest making something called a crystalline ingot, where you craft a diamond or emerald with 2 pieces of iron in a shapeless recipe. Blue crystalline ingots (Diamonds) Would make weapons and armor with higher speed reductions, but provide more knock back, Armor penetration, and protection.

    Greed crystalline ingots (Emeralds) Would make weapons and tools with less speed reduction than Blue crystalline ingot sets, however they would have less protection and less knock back and armor penetration. On the plus side they would be sharper, and they would have less of an attack delay.

    I would also like weapons to be nerfed a little, first off I would like to add attack delays, which increase with the "weight" of the weapon. (More weapons could be added as well with different weights and characteristics.) Also I would like to add armor penetration, knock back factor, and a few other abilities.
    Enchantments for weapons would not go above level 3 as well.
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    posted a message on [3+ years open] BeastsMC Creative || Free WorldEdit || Freebuild || 115x115 Plots Optional || No Whitelist || Best Anti-Grief
    IGN: exotic9999

    Building exp: not much besides small detailed builds on servers
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