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    Great mod so far! Really nice to see a revival of the thirst concept. But if I may, I'd like to address why I call it a revival, albeit Thirst Mod still exists: config. What Third Mod does wrong is what I hope you could correct, and that's simple configuration. As a suggestion, it would be awesome if you could add a configuration list for what consumables restore thirst. I don't really care for variable/configurable amounts; but just the ability to add other items (such as from other mods) would be very nice.

    The other suggestion was a minute annoyance: when disabling certain elements (Sanity, Oxygen, etc) the bars still remain in-game, although pointless. Nothing major, just an annoying anomaly.

    Also, not so much a problem for myself; but in tandem with others' feedback: could the "entityliving properties" possible be simplified to a universal enable/disable config? Would be useful to many to assure easier removal/update of your mod.

    ~ Arcadiace
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