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    Hullo all, I'm ArcWinter both here and on Minecraft (you can call me Arc or Winter, due to some similarity to other names on the server). You might know me as the founder of reddit.com/r/onetruegod, but most likely that is not the case. Anyway, other than running daily religious business, I enjoy playing Minecraft (although this is my first foray into servers that aren't maintained solely by friends of mine), Skyrim, D&D, and pretty much anything else with an awesome world. Or Team Fortress 2, which qualifies due to the great people that tend to play it. And this server seems to follow the same idea: of the people I've talked to, they've all been incredibly friendly.

    Johnny_Brav0 referred me to this server, and I've already taken part in some shenanigans. First, Shuteye accidentally gave me $140,000 (which was supposed to go to Arcastra, I was told), and since I don't currently have the authority to use /pay commands, I was wondering if any admins are generally online around 6 PM to 6 AM Eastern (North America) to make the transfer for me.

    I'm also attempting to build a dungeon underneath my home, where players would go in and fight mobs in a cramped, maze-like, and hopefully disorienting & frightening setting. It's "done" (the bare minumum, that is), but I'd appreciate any advice, suggestions, help, or whatnot, since this is the first time I've attempted to build something that other players would really interact with.

    Thank you!
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