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    posted a message on Zombie Raid - ArMFeR (1-8 players)
    Buenas, usuarios de MinecraftForum, el día de hoy, tras un par de meses de trabajo, les traigo un nuevo mapa, defiende a un aldeano mientras combates oleadas de zombies hambrientos, solo o con amigos, en dos modos de juego entretenidos, con ustedes: Zombie Raid

    Hello, MinecraftForum users, today, after a couple months of working, I bring you a new map, defend a villager while fighting waves of hungry zombies, alone or with friends, in two funny game modes: Zombie Raid

    >Dos nuevos modos de juego: / Two new game modes:
    -Modo Coop (1-8 jugadores) / Coop Mode (1-8 players)
    -Modo Versus (2-8 jugadores) / Versus Mode (2-8 players)
    >20 tipos de zombies a los que enfrentar / 20 kinds of zombies to fight
    >5 sistemas automáticos para el modo versus / 5 automatic systems to versus mode
    >Una arena de batalla de múltiple nivel / A multiple-level battle arena
    >8 kits de combate únicos / 8 unique combat kits
    >Configuración de velocidad y dificultad de juego / Game difficulty and speed settings
    >Modo espectador / Spectator Mode
    >Información opcional en libros / Optional information on books

    - Descargar/Download v1.0-

    Para reportar cualquier bug o error que encuentren en el mapa, así como cualquier crítica, queja o sugerencia, pueden contactarse conmigo vía Twitter o comentarlo en este mismo post, a lo largo de estos días estaré trabajando en una traducción al inglés, sean pacientes.

    To report any bug or issue in the map, as well as any critic, complaint or suggestion, you can contact me via Twitter or in this thread, in these days I'll be working on an english translate,be patient.

    Espero que disfruten el mapa y se diviertan jugándolo solos o con amigos.

    I hope you enjoy the map and have fun playing alone or with friends.

    Un saludo/Greetings
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    posted a message on [ESP] Craft Complex I & II - ArMFeR

    Buenas, usuarios de MinecraftForum, el día de hoy les traigo un par de "mini"mapa puzzle que llevan varios meses publicados, pero esta vez se los traigo aquí, a MinecraftForum: CraftComplex I y II, donde tu objetivo será descubrir y colocar distintos tipos de bloques a través de varios niveles, en modo supervivencia, enfréntate al desafío y craftea lo necesario para completar con éxito el mapa. ¡Mucha suerte!

    Hello, MinecraftForum users, today I bring to you a couple of puzzle "mini"maps I have published many months ago, but this time I bring them to here, to MinecraftForum: CraftComplex I y II, where your objetive will be discover and put different kinds of blocks trought many levels, in survival mode, face the challenge and craft the necesary to beat the map. ¡Good luck!

    [1.12.2] Craft Complex I

    - Descargar/Download Craft Complex I v1.1-

    [1.13.1] Craft Complex II

    - Descargar/Download Craft Complex II v1.0-

    Para cualquier bug o error que encuentren en el mapa pueden contactarse conmigo vía Twitter o comentarlo en este mismo post.
    Espero que disfruten los mapas y se diviertan jugándolo, por el momento, no tengo ningún plan de traducir los mapas al inglés, así que recomiendo no tratar el tema mucho.

    For any bug or issue you can contact me via Twitter or in this thread.
    I hope you enjoy the maps and have fun playing them, for the momento, I don't have any plans to translate the maps to English language, so I recommend not mention the subject.

    Un saludo / Greetings
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    posted a message on [MiniCTM] [1.12.2] Hiems Bellum III: The Dual Castle - ArMFeR [v1.1]
    "Angels and demons, freeze and heat, ying and yang... the war is over, both sides has been unified, the world need to be safe, collect the wools, defeat the dual army, and end this new war..."
    - Trailer -
    - Info -
    Hello, I bring you today this epic high-dificult map today, sequel of my previous map "Frost War"previously published. This map has the same thematic of his prequel, ice angesl & fire demons.This map has a small peculiarity and is that you decide if you start from one side or another, think your decisions well, you decide, be an angel or be a demon ... but neglect ... you can change at any time .. .

    > Dowload v1.1<

    -Fixed some bug with demon entitie

    - Images -

    - Credits -
    ArMFeR - Creator
    Darien000 - BetaTester
    Cerebex3F0 - BetaTester
    Frecino - Trailer & tester
    - Notes -
    -The map can give some complications in terms of lag and chunk loading, I tried to optimize commands, slightly reduce the spawners, among other things, I recommend going to a few chunks and without too much hurry, to avoid drastic FPS falls, if you have a bad computer.
    -Any doubt they have, error they find or anything, they can contact me via Twitter: ArMSheep26

    I hope you enjoy and suffer have fun playing it. I see you in future maps.
    - ArM -
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    posted a message on [Chunk Pattern] By ArMFeR

    Download link fixed :)

    I hope you enjoy my map.

    I don't have any problem to inform me any bug o something wrong, you are totally free to do it c:

    Thank you for playing my map.



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    posted a message on [Chunk Pattern] By ArMFeR

    Hello people! I am ArMFeR, ArM or ArMSheep26, call me whatever you want. I'm currently a mexican mapmaker from community of MinecraftMin, but today i want to share my first survival map, translated from spanish, to you. I'm sorry if i get any error typing in english, im not used to this. Well...here i go...

    [Chunk Pattern]
    By ArMSheep26

    Download link

    Chunk patter is my first survival map, this map is inspired by SethBling's map "SkyGrid", your goal is complete all objectives and survive to rearch it.

    - Rules -

    1) Don't use cheats or hacks to make easier the map

    2) Don't use mods, less Optifine

    3) Recommended do not use any Resource/Texture Pack

    4) Play on Normal or Hard (If you want, you can edit the file to make it Hardcore)

    5) You can go to Nether, but dont use it to escape from the map

    6) You can record the map, obviously, giving to me the credits.

    7) Have Fun

    I hope seriously you enjoy the map!

    If you want you can follow me on Twitter (Spanish) for information about my maps: My Twitter

    You can see my previous maps here: MinecraftMin Forum

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