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    posted a message on what the best armor in the game?

    Diamond was designed to be the best. Simple as that. If you want the best armour, you need to enchant a diamond set.

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    posted a message on what the best armor in the game?

    Diamond was designed to be the best. Simple as that. If you want the best armour, you need to enchant a diamond set.

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    posted a message on What is fun to you? [SURVEY]

    I like minecraft to have more optional objectives. Some people dont find mc fun anymore for this reason

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    posted a message on Banners as Capes! - Wear any banner as a custom cape!

    The design would be simple and it would be fun, especially to those without the money to afford a cape by other means.

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    posted a message on Animated skins. Take your skin to the next level! (Like the compas is now)

    I reckon that it would be best if we could add emotions to the characters. it be even better if they were of better resolution to our skins now.

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    posted a message on What's the most useless item in minecraft?

    Most useless item = awkward potion

    Most useless thing = clouds

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    posted a message on What was the worst thing that ever happened to you in Minecraft?

    Many years ago, while on a world ive been working on endlessly for months, my brother and i were playing on a LAN server. He was helping me out on the farm, collecting enough sugar cane to make books to enchant later on.

    Little did we know that it was waaayyyy into the night and there were mobs everywhere. We rushed off home and we noticed that we left the door open. Silly courageous young me, i rushed in and tried to finish off the mobs in the house. I was overwhelmed and i called my bro for help, but my dickhead brother missed his shot and got me instead, killing me instead. Quickly, he rushed to finish off that creeper he missed, but another creeper got behind him and finished him, along with our beds.

    We spawned back at the world spawn point, 30000 blocks from my house. The worst thing, none of us actually slept that session and we were both stranded 30km away from a house that i had no coordinates for. I lost EVERYTHING and i was stuck with my murderer.

    Even with creative mode, we couldnt find the house. I just ended up deleting the world.

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    posted a message on Creeper In House

    If there is a single block that is light level 7 or below, mobs will spawn, so you need to be extra careful. i suggest using jack o lanterns, but thats just me. My houses must have a jack o lantern and a flower pot with a cactus in it to be official.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    As a minimalist, i tend to keep all my creations and buildings simple and multifunctional.

    - Ive made a home base, a shed for mining related stuff, a shed for farming related stuff, a cave for my nether portal, a tower for my enchanting and brewing shenanigans, a treehouse for my wood related stuff and a dock for boats.

    - My farms consist of stacked water block units (wheat, carrots and potatoes in that order [floor to sky]), a pumpkin and melon farm, 20 blocks long, split in half, i have pig, cow, sheep and chicken farms, all 3 blocks underground with a glass ceiling, individual growing cacti around and a sugarcane plantation. I farm trees by placing saplings down and bone mealing them. I also have a skeleton spawner farm.

    Im not done though.

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    posted a message on Can you Beat Survival by not looking around?

    Well, it kinda be impossible. If the only bodily keys you press are the walking keys and the left and right click buttons, it would be impossible, you wouldnt be able to mine or travel or place anything relevant. Everything would have to be at head height and even for a challenge, its fiercely impractical.

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    posted a message on Cactus Fruits! - Giving Cactus Farming More Use [60+ Supporters]

    Maybe, you could give cacti juice. I mean, cacti do have water inside of them and could be beneficial for surviving in the desert or barren plains.
    Maybe the juice, water or fruit could be used for brewing and could give a saturation effect that keeps your hunger full for longer or maybe a natural thorns effect.

    Maybe the water could have similar effects to milk, but gets rid of one effect at a time....

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    posted a message on Friends Can't Reach Server! Hamachi Tekkit
    I did the firewall thing and it worked, but when I logged off it said 'Can't reach server'. Plz help.
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    posted a message on What do you usually do in survival?
    Well, I survive in a very personalised unique way.

    1. Grab some logs
    2. Make a wooden pick
    3. Grab stone
    4. Make stone tools first
    5. Replace wood pick with stone pick
    6. use wood pick for fuel
    7. hunt for food (i get about 4 stacks of raw meat before proceeding)
    8. cook only 8 food at a time
    9. become a nomad and keep moving
    10. go into caves and extract mine as much as i can
    11. if i find pumpkins, i take 2. one for my head and one for reproduction
    12. hostile mob hunting (with only stone sword. no leather armour)
    13. grab melons
    14. must find a village, a temple and a pyramid before settling down at the perfect place (to collect treasures and ores without mining)
    15. repeat until i find the perfect place next to an ocean (would have travelled at least 5000 blocks).
    16. build a mine first (staircase mine 2x2 descending 1 block per level, mine to layer 12 and make corridor 3x2x{x} and mine separate tunnels off to the side 1x2x{x} for 1000 blocks every 7 blocks)
    17. dig house on the side of the wall in the mine or build a 2x2x3 house on land
    18. use dirt to make giant crop farms (about 8x64 for carrots, potatoes and wheat, 4x16 for cacti, 1x2 for cocoa beans, 3x64 for sugar canes and 4x64 for pumpkins and melons)
    19. to only make iron armour and tools when i have more than 2 stacks
    20. find lava and build nether portal using the bucket method (no diamonds required)
    21. cook every raw meat ive got
    22. find glowstone first, fortress second and blaze spawner third, then create a path from the spawner to the portal so i know where to go
    23. kill blazes with snowballs (from snow golem powered snowball farm) and stone swords to attain blaze rods to make brewing stand to add to my cave or house
    24. make an anvil
    25. find diamonds and mine obsidian
    26. use leather, canes, obsidian and diamonds to make enchantment table and add to cave or house
    27. collect enough xp to enchant all diamond tools (when built) with a level 30 enchantment
    28. kill enough endermen and blazes to make at least 20 eyes of ender
    29. create an obvious path to the stronghold
    30. if i find a horse before making my house, i will ride it to the stronghold and park it outside it. it will be parked on a post. if not, just walk there
    31. activate portal
    32. go back home and bring only 9 stacks of snowballs, 1 stack of carrots, an enchanted sword, 2 stacks of cobble, pumpkin on your head and optional iron armour
    33. go to the end
    34. once i arrive in the end, i instantly build a cobble bridge to the main end land (where all the end stone is)
    35. use snowballs to destroy reactors
    36. use spare snowballs to attack dragon
    37. when the dragon is close, attack with your diamond enchanted sword
    38. keep eating so you can re heal after the dragon attacks
    39. if you run out of carrots, you cannot re heal, so you'll need to give it your best shot.
    40. when you eventually die, re do process until dragon is dead
    41. collect ALL xp from dragon
    42. enchant a diamond sword with looting 3
    43. go to nether and go wither skeleton hunting
    44. acquire 3 wither skeleton skulls and 4 soul sand
    45. prepare a piston trap on the top of the nether where the bedrock is the ceiling
    46. create wither and activate piston
    47. while bedrock suffocated wither, attack with any sword
    48. create a beacon and activate it anywhere you want
    49. repeat wither spawning and beacon making for more beacons
    50. once bored, delete world and start again
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    posted a message on What do you think about a Minecraft School Server?
    It'll be nice if we could learn useful stuff in the real world, like math or english or english. To pick your subjects are a good idea. You could pick your electives (mine is music) and work on it until uni standard.
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    posted a message on I cant breed mah pigs!
    I think it would be more logical to make pigs eat carrots than wheat. As the above stated, carrots would otherwise be useless, unless you want to use the carrots to make golden carrots to breed your horses or make golden carrots to make your night vision potions or invisibility potions.
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