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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Quote from monkeybeeee1»

    is it something me done of bc im using the 1.8 verion? skin on my npc dosent seem to be working right

    heres where me got the skin from

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    It's in the old skin format, which is why it won't work. You'll have to convert it to the new style

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    posted a message on [WIP] Tales of Symphonia Mod v1

    Got a lot accomplished, including the begins of the Derris Kharlan dimension and Gudora biome type. My goal is for the following biomes to make up Derris Kharlan

    Gudora: Mana rich biome, mana plants and the unicorn can be found here.

    Sedamyu: Mana starved biome, mana fragments can be mined deep below the surface. Possible location for frozen mana seeds.

    Niflheim: Exposed comet surface, very cold and covered in stone and ice. Here there be Ice Wurms, and Fenrir wolves

    Going to try my hand at making models for at least 5 mobs for each biome.

    Fenrir model indev

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    Tried that, they still get hurt without oxygen (In Space)

    Try giving one immunity to all potion types. I'd like to imagine there's some sort of dependency GC is relying on.

    Then again it's been a few years since I paid attention to MC modding, so things may have changed... a lot...

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    posted a message on Local Multiplayer & Controller Support
    Quote from FLYGUY1»

    I fully agree with this. The only problem is, what happens to a guest's inventory when they leave? Let's say for online play, the way guests are named with a (1) after the main player's username. So I am Flyguy1, and my guests would be Flyguy1(1), Flyguy1(2), Flyguy1(3), ect. (yes, the way xbox live handles guests). How would online play deal with guests?

    I would imagine a guest account for a player wouldn't be able to keep the player data past logout. So let's say Flyguy1 and Flyguy1(1) play for a while on a server. We logout and later play again. When we log back on, Flyguy1 spawns where he logged out at with his stuff like normal and Flyguy1(1) logs in at spawn with nothing.

    Also, I have wanted controller support for so long. The only problem is it would be a bit more awkward on PC, where it doesn't have the controller friendly crafting menus and such.

    I'd argue against splitscreen multiplayer, but with local multiplayer it could be saved on the hosts computer. Maybe with the servers, it would save guests as a file under the user? Like folder apv301 -> apv301 - apv301(1) etc.

    The menu's aren't as friendly, this is true. However they've done it before. I'd imagine the whole project is far more achievable than a mod api. (which they also need to work on...)
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    posted a message on [WIP] Tales of Symphonia Mod v1

    Seeing as how 1.9 did some of the work for me, and mod makers have evolved a bit. This mod is officially resurrected and back in development.

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Quote from DexterSanchezProductions >>

    Is there a way for Npcs to not require oxygen (GalacticCraft thingy) So i place Npcs at space, and they slowly get hurt. There must be some sort of way to script them

    Never tried Galactic craft. Try making toggling "canDrown" to "No" in the Stats tab

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    posted a message on Local Multiplayer & Controller Support

    With all the many versions of Minecraft out there, you wouldn't expect there to be anything lacking from the Single Player PC experience, and you'd be right in thinking that. On the whole the games are pretty similar, it's the little things that the PC version is missing.

    What am I referring to?

    Split screen/Local Multiplayer

    Controller Support.

    I've found a few threads suggesting one or the other, with contrived solutions such as "sharing a keyboard".

    The solution my friends, is adding both.

    Why add Split Screen / Local Multiplayer?

    Some of us live in areas where high speed internet isn't available, or has too much latency for online servers. Some of us can't afford internet, or they don't have spare computers lying around for LAN.

    Local multiplayer is a tried and true gaming feature that a lot of gaming companies have neglected. There's nothing more fun then grabbing some pizza and beer and destroying your friends on some online game. It's also the most convenient. Your friends don't all have to own their own system, game, AND account. They can all join in the fun with you.

    I believe that the local multiplayer option that we see on the console versions, should be added to the PC version as well. It's the easiest way to have friends enjoy your worlds with you. No fuss with syncing mods, no fuss with servers or any of that jazz.

    I don't like the idea of people playing online that haven't bought the game.

    I agree. I believe it is in MC's best interest, if they add my suggestion, to have the guest accounts unable to use realms or online multiplayer. I'd limit them to LAN and Local/Singleplayer worlds only. If Mojang thinks it's fine having them online, I'd suggest a server setting to block guest accounts so server owners have control over it.

    Wait a minute mate, you forgot something. How do two+ players share a keyboard?

    They don't. This is where the second part of my suggestion comes in, as it's the only logical solution.

    Controller Support.

    With controller support, Local Multiplayer could (in theory) handle as many players as the host wanted. Though I'd recommend a limit of 4, as anything more would make splitting the screen awkward. (modders could, in theory, increase this with multiple monitor support).

    Incorporating this is also greatly aided by the many console versions. Think about it. Not only could you plug a controller in and play with your friends, but you can plug the controller you're most comfortable with in.

    Example Controllers:





    Steam Controller

    Wii U Pro Controller

    I can't find mine, but I could swear it has a USB cord to charge/connect with.

    I know what you're thinking,

    If you want a controller, play the console scrub

    I don't mind the keyboard for some games, but if I want to lay in bed and play games. Guess which is more comfortable? The controller, that's right.

    Better yet, why "not" add controller support? Can you honestly say more people have the oculus rift than a spare controller?

    In summary

    I know nothing is "an easy fix" or "easily added", but nothing I've mentioned is new to Minecraft. There are more Minecraft versions "with" these features, than without.

    I hope my suggestion is considered and implemented. Thank you.

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    posted a message on Upgrading server... oh lord what is this madness

    I'll get to the point. I've been modding since the days of world of minecraft with .30 creative servers. I've seen methods come and go. This time I'm so confused I have to ask for help.

    My server is currently running 1.7.10 Cauldron (Noppes custom NPC's w/ Essentials and Factions)

    Server use has dwindled lately as newer and newer minecraft versions come out. The problem is, our main mod just not got updated to 1,8 and Bukkit... well y'all know about bukkit.

    I'm curious as to how I'd upgrade a server to 1.8 from cauldron and still run forge and bukkit plugins. Is there even a way to do it? I've been following spongeapi but I can't tell if it's applicable yet. What are my options for running essentials (or something similar) and factions? How do I upgrade?

    Or should I just wait for 1.9 and keep my fingers crossed for the mod api we were promised like 10 years ago?

    Any help is appreciated

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Quote from 10hp10 »Is it possible to have the NPC's spawn after a console command or dialoge or quest or something like that? I want to make an arena, with several rounds, using custom NPC's and not vanilla mobs.

    I'll experiment with it later if noppes hasn't replied to you by then, but it's completely possible. I just have to play around with it a bit to produce both a proof of concept, and walkthrough.

    Off the top of my head, you'd just be using options like "appear after X quest stage". The easiest way would be build multiple fight pits and just have an npc talk to you after each fight and "prepare" your next fight. Which would simply teleport you to a new arena. The benifit of doing it this way, would be more people could be doing the same arena, and not interacting with each other as much.

    --------- Comment #2

    Hey Noppes, long time no chat!

    I've stepped away from MC for a long while, so I'm excited to see your mod growing so well.

    I do have a few questions though, if you don't mind.

    Firstly, the least important. What happened to the round Mass Effectesque dialog menus? I loved how they controled. Are they togglable somewhere?

    Secondly, regarding night behavior. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how this works. So I'll just post what I'm trying to do.

    ---Basically on my server I have night guards patroling, and during the day I want them wandering in their rooms with their armor/weapons off

    Here is how I was "trying" to do it.

    I'd spawn then on a tile, then 10 tiles east I'd using the pathing tool to make them walk back and forth. Simple. So I'd go to night options, click "load day" then using the pathing tool in their room. That's when things go wrong.

    However what happens, is they try and walk between all the paths instead of toggling night and day.

    I'm sure the night behavior is simple, most of your mod is moderatly hard to figure out, but easy to master. This one I just can't figure out.

    Thanks for any help man!
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    posted a message on My Server and Website got hacked... now what?
    @Jmh Oh we already have the server back up and running. The site is Vbulletin and far from free though XD.


    Well if vbulletin has too handle it, then my troubles over who to contact are over. I'll contact them in the morning.

    How do you spoof a username though? I mean I'm not asking how to actually do it, but I didn't think you could do that.

    Anyways I thank you very much for your time and help. Knowing that VB will deal with it is a MASSIVE weight off my shoulders. The site owner is pretty much gone 24/7, so I accept the blame for everything. This was not a burden I was looking forward to baring XD
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    posted a message on My Server and Website got hacked... now what?
    A few hours ago I got a frantic text from one of my server mods that our server was getting hacked, I was far from a comp that could access it. Solution? Grab the control panel url from the PM our server provider gave me from our website...

    I get greeted with a 403 saying I can't access / on the site.

    The server is fixed but the site is still down. The mod got screenies and the usernames of those involved... but now what?

    I want to contact the authorities about this. Taking the server down I could laugh off, but taking the website down was malicious and way past the point of letting it slide.

    So what do I do? Mojang would have the transaction information that could help organizations like the FBI (cyber crimes) take care of the incident, but how does one even get this started? Mojang offers no support even REMOTELY related to our problem.

    I apologize if this is the wrong area, but there doesn't seem to be a "correct" place for this. I'm not interested in pursuing legal actions over the server (the server host may however) I'm only interested in pursuing them over our website.

    I appreciate any help and advice you can offer, I'm sorry if this post is a bit odd but... well I'm kinda upset over this. I poured literally hundreds of hours into that site, only to see it attacked and taken down to tickle someones fancy.
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