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    During the dead of night I sneaked through the village while they were asleep, hiding in the shadows that the moon's glow created. I was almost past the blacksmith's shop when I heard a noise.. I knew it wasn't one of the villagers, it was.. different. I slowly started to turn around when I saw those... eyes... Those unmistakable eyes... And then the noise... it hissed. I hurried and within a moment the glare of the moon shined upon the crimson blood that was on my blade. I had survived, for now. But my mission had not yet ended, I still had to kill the priest.

    I took some vines I had in my bag, and threw them up over the steeple. I tugged, making sure it was caught, and slowly made my ascent up the wall, glancing through the window to make sure he wasn't there. As I climbed a few more meters, I noticed he was sitting on the second floor, reading a book. When I had a moment I dashed up the vine with all of my might.

    I got to the top and pulled the vine up, so as to not attract unwanted attention. I glanced down the opening where the ladder was to see if he could see me. I was fine, for now. I carefully took each step, down one floor, and there he was. Looking out the window. I creeped up behind him, holding my breath. I raised my sword, and as I did he began to turn. I had to act quickly. I wrapped my arm around his neck, and sliced his jugular. His body became limp after a moment, and I let it down onto the floor slowly. His blood was flowing through the cracks of the stone.

    I had finished my assignment with good timing. The sun was beginning to rise.


    How's that?
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    I made an account just to reply about this. I downloaded the map, and played it for around 4 or 5 hours the night I got it, and have played it as I can over the next few days ever since. I just finished it around an hour ago, and I have to say that I loved it. The cave systems were magnificent, and the overall design of the world was breathtaking, craters and all. As a side note for constructive criticism, I feel as if the story didn't build up to a climax. It was heading that way, but suddenly it dropped. I won't be mentioning the names of places, but I will say that to me the build to the climax dropped between Storylines 26 and 32. Another note is that while exploring the area(s) involved with Storylines 20-25, it was difficult because the area was large and at times it was difficult to find the next sign post.

    That being said, you did an amazing job on this. I had fun while playing it, more than I can say for my petty attempts at survival mode. I mostly played this on Peaceful difficulty merely for the story because I enjoyed it. The visuals made from the story were quite exciting.
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