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    Version 1.1 update is here! This update adds the NES version of the resource pack, three new worlds, different bosses, and many more things! It also adds the ability to instantly warp to world 3 for anyone who's beaten the last version.

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    I like it so far, it's a promising demo! The pickaxe was a neat addition, not very many mario maps do that. Just a few things you should consider:

    -the button you have to shoot to teleport took me a while to find, because I couldn't see it behind the flowers

    -please hide the jump boost particles, they're distracting

    -consider adding enemy spawners in certain areas of levels, so the game can be more challenging

    -maybe a custom resource pack?

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    This map was really fun! You did a good job of avoiding frustration moments. A few difficulty scaling issues (the enchantment parkour should've been on the easier end), but it's still a very good map. :D

    Also it looks beautiful.

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    Super Mario Craft is a map that's based off the original Super Mario Craft. This map is a work-in-progress, so don't expect too much content in it.

    Play as Mario, Luigi, or even Toad, to fight through the Koopa Troop to save Princess Peach! Go through twenty levels based off the ones in the original (loosely), and conquer all of the castles! Use the Super Mario Craft resource pack to enhance the gameplay, and make it feel more Mario. It's currently takes about two hour to beat, but you can probably speed run it and beat it in thirty minutes.

    Multiplayer is an option in this mode, but due to a lack of people willing to try it out, it's probably very buggy. Play Multiplayer at your own risk.






    awesome999 - building, testing, redstoning, resource pack editing

    Credit to the people who ripped the sheets and uploaded them to the Spriter's Resource





    Random Talking Bush




    NOTE: This is a non-profit project. I am in no way associated with Nintendo. I just love their stuff.

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