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    Hello, everyone, I'm the Secretary of Lore for Caelus.
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    Quote from golden_dragon200

    ok sorry but i did what YOU said to do and plus my computer froze as i posted and during the typing its the same one that you almost approved but one thing. plus did you know what i was saying? if so accept it please i'm doing this because this server looks absolutely amazing.

    First off, that sentence wasn't in proper grammar. So I don't have high hopes for you, sorry. Denied.
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    Quote from golden_dragon200



    2. yes of course unless one does something stupid

    3. denba orindi

    4. new europe

    5. farmer

    6. hobby of magic, low strength

    7. blind in one eye


    9. backstory denba was a very left out child that no one seemed to like. when he was 10 his went terribly wrong when his father died in awagon accident whilest his mother was stripped of her left leg. denba later came to realize his fathers past his father was a mighty druid.so then on he started practicing magic. his left eye had 10 years later been ripped out by a scandinavian. he lives in a small cottage with his wife and mother.

    sorry about no caps

    denba also have one pet wolf of which he believes is his reincarnated father

    Sorry, denied. Read other posts and the entire main thread and try again. Also understand that this is not for first-time or maybe even second-time roleplayers.
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    Welcome to...

    IP: techparadise.mine.nu
    WARNING: Before logging into Tekkit, you MUST go to 'Options' and select 'Always use Development Build'. If you do not use this, the server will not work!


    Welcome to TechParadise, a Tekkit Factions PvP server. Will you make an empire of machines? Be a lone wolf in your underground laboratory, becoming rich off of your diamond generator? Will you be a raider, stealing from your enemies rather than getting things yourself? You control your own destiny in TechParadise. With Tekkit, the fun in PvP is increased tenfold. Oh no, is your enemy escaping? Just throw a Wireless Tracker on 'em and track them to their base. Diamond is the limit? Heh, no. Grinding all day to get good? Not with Tekkit!



    Owner: Deicidal
    Co-Owners: Pazzword & Kunii
    Head Admin: Dadrakz
    Head Mod: xTrollvahkiin

    1. Staff always has the final say on everything. Respect your superiors.
    2. Swearing/Cursing/Raging is allowed, but nothing particularly offensive/discriminatory.
    3. No begging for entry to a faction/items/a better rank.
    4. No hacking/altered clients/exploiting the game or my server.
    5. Absolutely no griefing. Breaking blocks to get into a faction's base is not griefing, but excessive/malicious block breaking is. 5a. No breaking or stealing special Tekkit machines/blocks.
    6. No teleporting out of combat, using /back for revenge on a player after death, and no setting your home in another persons base or using /back to get back into another person's base against their will.
    x. If you join the server, please give a post here. Also if you make a permenant faction, please make a post here. This isnt a requirement, but it would be greatly appreciated.

    Want Tekkit? Download it here.
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    Bah, bad weather! Let's go inside while we wait for it to clear up.

    Here's the throne room! You can even see a bit of the Yule tree (which is of course a holiday in Skyrim). Oh, look, it's clearing up outside!

    Here it is from the front!

    The side:

    An angle:

    Zoomed out angle:

    The other side:

    I did it on an SMP server. The texture pack is Photo-Realism 256x (which is why the pictures are strangely grainy in some places). It took about 4 hours to build.
    Thanks for looking! Any questions?
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    We need logBlock and lwc.

    I have some chests that I dun want to be stolen from.
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    Quote from icecream156


    Age: 14
    Role-Play Exp.: assassin
    Why Us: I love assassins creed.
    Time You Can Dedicate: hour or two a day, unless little bro hogs the computer.


    Name: assassin156
    Age: 14
    Fears: getting shot
    Personality: awesome
    Skills: killing in minecraft
    Nickname (Optional):
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Skin (Link, picture, description):ghuille suit
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): not sure what to put

    Denied. You clearly didn't pay any attention to anything and did basically exactly what we didn't want you to do.

    I may not even be an application/acceptance person, but you spent no time on this at all. I advise you read my guide on how to apply to this on page 14. I'm not sure if you're a troll or just stupid. Until then, you are Denied.
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    Quote from jnether

    Skin (Link, picture, description):light brown i'm a mix of puerto rican,Italian,and british but i'm all american my dad grew up in new york and my mom grew up in san fran so don't worry about any weird accents if you guys get vent or mumble

    If he isn't a troll, that is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. Ever.
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    Quote from ProRPer

    Minecraft Name: prorper
    What other RP servers have you played?: i rped on my own for a day so i think i'm finally good enough
    Agree to the rules, and agree that you can be banned?: yeah who doesnt
    Why should I put you on the whitelist?: because im a good rper and merchant i collect a lot of materials and sell them so the economy is better
    Whats your definition of roleplay?: rping icly
    Please state 1 rule that you agree the most with: no grief

    In Character info

    Character Name: angel of god
    Character Species: god
    Character Gender:female
    Character Age: 6,000
    Character Birthday: jan 1
    Character Appearance: she has dark red eyes, spikey red hair, and is completely naked and extremely beautiful
    Character Personality: shes good and evil and creates things for love
    Character Fears: she has no fears hes a god she makes fears
    Character Health Issues: sometimes she's good sometimes she's evil her personality switches between alter egos
    Character Physical Problems:
    Character Diseases:
    Character Occupation: god
    Character Backstory: she created the world of shins rp then he made angels then igia because it was the best nation and always will be
    Character Nation: igia
    Character Picture: ewwww no
    Character Roleplay Example: first there was nothing. then god made the world and there was light and people loved him
    Character Family: shes a god she kinda doesnt have a family
    Character Skills: she can create things from nothing and fly and make pure love
    Character Other Info: shes the god and is worshiped by every n ation or you're killed. please can i be god because ive tried on other servers but the nooby admins banned me i also have experience i made my own rp server also sry i have bad grammer german is my main language and plus you dont need grammer on the internet thankyou so dont insult me
    Nickname on the server?: god

    +one for the insta-rejected application list?
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