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    I hand to hand combat, Bowser. If you include Eggman's creations(giant flying fortresses, his hovercraft of 1000 weapons, metal sonic, giant final boss robot thing), still Bowser. All of his creations were destroyed by being body slammed constantly by a hyperactive hedgehog with a strange fascination for jewelry.
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    Quote from Ninjarooster »

    I looked at this, then looked at your avatar, then pictured the heavy yelling that. I laughed a little.
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    Quote from ShadowDusk »
    my computer is one of them tiny computers and im trying to do it up to a gaming computer and all the parts are a lot more so they fit in it.

    Buy a whole new case(not a store bought PC or I will hunt you down with a spoon). Compact PCs are horrible(my first PC was a Compaq, has nothing to do with it), unless you require it to fit in an ungodly small space or it's a laptop.
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    Select camera with right click(Should put it back into object mode)
    Rotate camera with R then either hit X Y or Z to define what axis to rotate it on, it will default to rotating based on viewing angle.
    You can move it by simply dragging your mouse in a small straight line while holding down left click while you have the camera selected.(Making a circle while dragging left click will cause the object to rotate, moving the mouse back and forth will cause you to scale the object, but rescaling the camera won't change any rendering unless you have an odd center point.)
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