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    posted a message on Jeb did NOT Ruin Minecraft!


    He did add a lot.....before....alone...

    Now 5 people cant add half of it after a month
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    posted a message on Jeb did NOT Ruin Minecraft!
    I wouldn't say jeb ruined the game. But i would say that they became cuite lazy when it comes to the updates. Many new features are so easy to add.
    All ready coded horses and a new block?? That's it?

    I like the updates, i don't complain. Just missing the times where we had updates EVERY friday, adding lots of new content.
    now we just get a block a month...
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w18a Ready For Testing; 1.5.2 Now Live
    Yay....non-obtainable horse armor.....
    can we have uncraftable pickaxes too now? Like a SUPER rare dungeon loot item??
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    posted a message on The Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said
    Quote from marshmellow396

    "But Macs don't have viruses and are extremely fast!"

    I wanted to kill this guy.

    Quote from IDIOT »

    "Also they are commonly used by artist due to their amazing performance, and specially designed programs!"

    - My best friend......I almost killed him for that.
    ANYONE stating that a mac is a piece of profesinal compute equipment and not simply a toy is nominated for worlds biggest idiot...
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    posted a message on Animated skins. Take your skin to the next level! (Like the compas is now)
    Animated Skins!
    Take your skins to the next level
    Well first, i would like to explain what i mean exactly, from the begining, and the full idea behind it.
    Its a sugestion that wont harm anyone, wont make anyone lag. and wont take up much space. Simply because a regular skin takes up 2-3 kb.

    Quick resumé:
    - Great looking new animated skins.
    - Low server space requirements.
    - Optional (can be turned off in settings. Client side)
    - Old skin formats would still work.

    Some math on the total storage of the skins:


    Lets say 1 skin is 3kb and calculate the max storafe needed to store 9 million skins
    1 skin = 3 Kb
    1000 skins = 3000 Kb = 3Mb
    1.000.000 = 3000Mb = 3Gb
    9.000.000 = 9x3 Gb = 27 Gb

    Lets say we had the option to make 10 stage animated skins.
    thats a total of 270 Gb.
    and if it was with 100? 2700Gb
    So they wouldnt take up much at all!
    Atm there are over 9 million sold copies of minecraft Thats not much space, that those skin require is it? Mojang can without any problem afford a hardisk that can store 2 Tb. So i terms of space requirements it would'nt use much.

    Quote from zeel

    A skin is generally no more than 3KB.

    3KB * 9,000,000U = 27,000,000KB
    / 1024 = 26367.1875MB
    /1024 = 25.74920654297GB

    But suppose we go with no more compression than a png file, and 100 frames. We get 2575 GB. We assume they would not have exactly that much storage, so we go with 3TB.

    Now we want 3TB, with lets say RAID 1 (complete redundancy, sequentially 2 identical drives) plus a backup. So like $500 - $1000 for the drives (this is on a server, we need high speed disks guys!) and another $200 - $400 for the backup.

    So like no more than $1500. And guys, that is a drop in the bucket for Mojang to do. Seriously.

    And that is worst case scenario, everyone having a massive skin, and no further compression.

    How it works:

    So the idea (on how this could work) came to me, when i saw how the new textures work. If you've looked at the Terrain.png located in the minecraft.jar file. you would probably remember that animated items like the Compass and the Clock.
    They where purple and used seperated animated textures.
    But since the latest update (or snapshot dont remeber when it was changed)
    The textures of items and block where all seperated and they work in a whole different way now. example is the compas that contains all of it stages. just like a gif.

    Quote from zeel

    I think it would be best to break the skin into multiple files (then zip it), with one for each face of the model, optionally including separate left/right arms and legs. Like texture packs only the parts you edit need to be included. Each section would have it's own animation, meaning that a small change would not mean an entire skin replicated for each frame. And sections with less detailed animations can have fewer frames.

    At the same time I would suggest the addition of more layers (well more sections of the second layer) for other parts of the body. And as has been suggested before, you should be able to change settings of what layers you enable.

    Another suggestion that has come up would be the ability to have emotion control, with multiple face textures to denote different expressions.

    There are many ways, many solutions that can make animated skins happen, i gave one example.
    But Zeel pointed out how to solve a problem I've been struggling with. What if you wish to have an animation when you get hurt? what if you wish to have your left arm animation with another frequency than the rest of you body?
    Zeel's way, this is all possible!

    Skin sizes, format and animated examples!:

    You would be able to upload a skin in the sizes:
    64x32 (this is a standard non animated skin, the format used right now)
    And so on.

    Here is an example of a 64x64 skin, the difference is in its "heart" one of them have a darker heart than the other, this is only a 2 stage (or 2 frames) skin

    The settings:
    Transision after: 0,00 seconds
    Smooth transision over: 0,8 seconds

    In game:

    It pulses! Very slowly!
    (Look at the middle of his torso, you will notice he has a smooth pulse!)

    Blinking Steve!

    I just made this to give you all another example of the possibilities of Animated skins
    Now this one would actually require more frames, than the smoth pulsing TreeSpirit skin.
    UNLESS! that it will be possible to chose the delay between each frame!

    A Werewolf!
    Imagine having the option to choose your skin to change at night!
    I do realize its a VERY ugly animation. and it can be done SO much better in realitty, but anyways.......example:


    If performance is a problem for some, you can always turn off the animations in the client settings.
    Thereby you would only see the first frame instead of the whole animation.

    Uploading and settings:

    Ok now i got an example of the options that could be aviable on

    Options like these could be available.
    Or more advanced option like chosing the delay between each frame!
    Or even choosing to have the skin transition at night!
    Just imagine that you could change from being steve at day. To a werewolf at night!!

    If you like the idea, please comment too. It keeps the topic alive, shows that you support. And makes me work even more on it to get every last detail written down, explained, and even animated!
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    posted a message on Sheathing your Sword: A Simple Visual Upgrade
    Quote from Ririe

    I personally love the idea of having the sword sheathed, and would love to see it implemented. It really wouldn't matter to me wether it was on the back or the side. I would only lean towards being on the side because of the bow.

    All an all, good idea and you definantly have my suppourt.

    Edit: My ideas on the sheath are.

    +Made of 3 leather
    +Sword only shows as worn when you have a sheath in you invetory (this would let anyone who dosn't want to wear a sword not have to)

    Like this maybe? (I use xbox so idk if this setup is taken)
    :: :: :LA:
    :: :LA: ::
    :LA: :: ::

    Thats actually not a bad idea ^
    You could maybe smash that and your sword together. (so it doesn't take up more space than it should)
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from Nocte

    Having the Void for "nostalgia mode" would be nice, but it's not really needed. You could also create a superflat that's just endless stone or bedrock below a certain depth.

    Not a bad solution!
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    Quote from Calacbolg


    Sunlight: A main issue of this system is sunlight - if there's a 100-block-thick floating island 2000 blocks above you, how can Minecraft tell there needs to be a huge dark shadow where you are if those chunks aren't even loaded? There is no reason a process should need to be derived to make cubic chunks work with the current sunlight calculation, when the sunlight calculation process itself can be altered to work with cubic chunks.
    A simplistic solution is to keep a heightmap of the 15 highest blocks at any XZ coordinate, neglecting air or glass blocks. The heightmap would be stored as a grid of 16x16x15 chunks, with the only data being stored per block being its Y-coordinate and its type. The chunks of the heightmap would always be loaded, with each loaded heightmap chunk's XZ coordinate pairing up with the XZ coordinates of regular loaded chunk(s). By checking a given block's Y-coordinate against the Y-coordinates of the blocks in the same XZ of the heightmap, sunlight calculations can be performed at any level. Updating the heightmap is as simple as performing the Y-coordinate check each time a block is placed, removed, or generated, updating the map when the Y-coordinate of the given block is equal to or greater than the lowest one at the same XZ.
    If the lowest block of the heightmap were to be removed, and another applicable block directly below is not currently loaded, the heightmap simply treats the removed block as air in itself until a suitable replacement is loaded.
    The initial generation of the heightmap in newly loaded locations uses the 3D chunks to determine if chunks are underground or above ground(This is decided using the perlin noise map used to create terrain). If a newly-generated chunk is deemed to be underground but the higher blocks can't be found, and it's surrounded by a sufficient number of chunks in the same situation, the heightmap instantly assumes that those chunks have a sunlight level of 0.

    Sir you've planned out everything AND you calculated it all.
    Its a GREAT suggestion and it is something I MUST see in-game ASAP.
    +1 and i follow!

    tough this part about sunlight...
    A solution could be not to have it cast a shadow when above ()Y level. This is because in reality you don't have massive shadows cast on the ground (at least none that you will notice) simply because it so damn high up.
    We don't really need these massive mobspawning annoying ugly shadows do we?


    Quote from Calacbolg

    Falling causing chunks to load too fast: This is an interesting issue. While moving normally, you can only go so fast, but when falling, your maximum speed is much higher. While 16x16x16 chunks would load much faster than current chunks, this issue still persists - one might fall right into unloaded chunks if they can't be loaded fast enough.
    An interesting solution to this problem involves a void fog-like effect. If a given character is falling, the render and load distance is reduced in a unique way according to speed until terminal velocity is reached, with only a 3x3 area of chunks being loaded around a player. While the horizontal loading distance is reduced, the vertical loading distance remains the same, so at terminal velocity on Far render, a 3x3x16 rectangular prism of chunks is loaded. The fog around those chunks might be altered temporarily to simulate a blur that one might see at those speeds and also 'explain' the reduced visibility.
    When the lowest loaded chunk directly below a falling player contains a block predicted to be landed on, chunks might be loaded around that point up to the regular render distance, so that the player can see the ground coming towards them.

    It could be a kinda black-out effect when reaching such speeds.
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    posted a message on Funny Minecraft Title Screen Messages
    I exited to the title and got
    "Kiss the sky!"
    While building a space center!
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    posted a message on Suggestion To Adding Dropable And Improvements For Heads(UPDATED TO 5 APRIL 2013!,60+Supporters!)

    There is no practical use for them; that is why they are only accessible from creative.

    Dude? Decorations and firework ain't no uses?

    If you need them so badly why don't you just spawn them in?

    New suggestion:
    No items should be obtainable in survival.
    If you need them, spawn them in! Survival is about Surviving
    So lets get back to our dirt hole and survive! We don't need decorations!!
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