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    posted a message on ★ HellPrison ★ Recruiting Professional & Mature & Serious Staff ★ Apply Below ★ Our Server is currently Staff ONLY! ★
    Admnistration Staff Team Application:

    IGN: Booty_Shaking

    Age: 14

    Skype: anthony,behringer

    TimeZone: Central Time Zone

    How many hours will you be able to dedicated to the server?: I will be able to dedicate around 3-5 hours a day to the server!

    Why would you like to become a Administration Staff Member?: I would love to become a part of the Administration Staff team because I love working with other people. I think this server is really interesting, and has a lot of potential to become a really popular server! I am looking for a server to play on, and help along with.

    What commands do Admins use daily?: On the daily, if there are "bad" or misbehaving players, they tend to use commands like /kick, /ban, /mute, /kick, or even /jail.

    Do you have any previous experience in being staff?: I have been staff on multiple server in the past, but right now I am not staff on any other servers. I have owned my own server before, and been an Administrator on a big server called Block Realms, which recently shut down because of the Owner wanting to move on with his life.

    Why should we choose you over the other applicants?: You should choose me over the other applicants because I have many more skills than just Administrating. For example, I work very well with a team, and always try to make everyone feel included. I am also a very good builder, whom can build from time to time if necessary. Also, I am capable of writing/changing up the average plugin file to make it more unique.

    Give a brief description about yourself: My names Anthony, I am very very active, nice, compassionate, and I love to play minecraft in my freetime.
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    Ign: W33DSmokie

    age: 21 and 3 Firetrucks

    why you want to be staff: So I can teach you all how to smoke a fresh blunt and smock the wedds

    Why we should choose you: Cuz I can get u loud.

    what position you would like: Weed Smoker

    experience: I have smoked w33d on 12 server, quick scoped 420 wot m8'd snoop dog 2 times, and have met Smockey the Bear 4 times

    skype: W33DPlez.High

    any extra info: I grow W33d in my garden

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    posted a message on ◆[★★★★★]◆[TIME WIND]◆[IP: TIMEWIND.US]◆[CREATIVE]◆[KITS]◆[NO LAG]◆[SURVIVAL]◆[1.7/1.8]◆[NO GRIEF]◆[RANKS]◆[PLOTS]◆[★★★★★]◆

    Omg ,one of my new favorite servers! I'm already on the rank "Creative." The server has very helpful staff and other players. The only thing I think it needs is more active players! Great server Eloh, keep it up.

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    posted a message on PlexUniverse Network Servers Looking for staff
    Quote from CookiesGoodLol



    Skype:rabeh masoud tell me yours

    Position applying for?HeadAdmin or co Owner or admin

    What skills do you have?I am currently serving as a moderator on ajauw1's Survival Server, and admin on xXEthanBXx's Survival Server, and I was an admin AlphaCraft before it closed. I have hosted 3 servers, all of which were closed because I didn't have the time or money to keep them running 24/7. I was also an adviser to Chiquis5083 on ShroomCraft, but that story will wait till two sections from now.
    Why should we choose you?

    Timezone:eastern time zone

    Examples of your work: Cant awser it

    What about our server do you like the most?I need to see it

    Quote from leviathan0456

    1. Leviathan0456

    2. Co-Owner Admin Or Head-Admin

    3. Taking care of servers, plugins ,modding , building

    4. i'm caring and have never been banned from a server

    5. Well my timezone is Pacific but on average i can play for 5 hours

    6. i really cant answer this ..... sorry

    7. well i need to see first :D

    Quote from Learntospuhl

    What Skills do You Have:I have some good skills on pvp and parkour etc.I can help the servers with building things and can be really helpful.i used to be admin on another server but then it was closed because of a hacker :(

    Why should we choose you: I believe you should choose me because i can keep the server together and make sure no hackers/glitchers, get on.

    Timezone: Central

    Examples of my work: Well i did build a statue of me on a server called Edawg. play.edawg878.com if u wanna see me.

    What about our server do you like most: What I like are the Custom mob drops. I'm looking foward to that.

    You guys are very impatient, none of you read what position we're open, therefore none of the positions you listed, Head-Admin, Admin, or Co-Owner we're not avaliable positions listed in the top post. :P
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    posted a message on PlexUniverse Network Servers Looking for staff
    IGN: antker12

    Position applying for?: Moderator

    What skills do you have?: I have advanced skills in building. I would love to help out with building. I am very skilled in the way I Moderate or watch over servers. I am familiar with factions and moderating a factions server. I know how to deal with someone being upset over being raided, or being upset that someone greifed or lied to them. I frequently play factions and know every single command and problem that could occur.

    Why should we choose you?: You should choose be because I like to be me. I am single handedly the most respectful, responsible, and nice staff member ever. I really hope you choose me because I would love to be part of this Factions (Soon To Be Hub) server, and to watch it grow and grow! Also, if you choose me I could bring many new things to the server such as Players, Ideas, features, ect. I would really love to be looked at as a role model on the server.

    Timezone: Central (3 Est)

    Examples of your work: ?

    What about our server do you like the most? What I like most about the server are the Ender Dragon Events, that would be so cool! I can't wait to see them!
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    posted a message on Anyone Servers That Need Some Spawn Built?
    Me and timrit are looking for a server to dedicate time to and build a pretty sweet spawn, we would like to get a builder rank, donator rank or maybe even staff (If We Apply). Post in this forum if you do. Thanks And a Happy New Year!
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