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    posted a message on [WorldEdit Scripts] Super Spiral Generator

    Spiral stairs are easy when you know how...

    Have a look at my video on design a base using World Edit.

    It includes making a spirl (helix) including the slope for placing stairs.

    I even show the results after I built it in survival without world edit.

    Ants 026 World Edit Base

    If however you just want a flat spiral staircase (using slabs) which I used in a different base. See the older video

    Ants 019 Spiral Ramps

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    posted a message on World Edit Series continued

    My latest video on using World Edit Generate command had now been uploaded.

    In this video I put together the techniques I developed in previous videos, Slanted Torus, Space Warping, Helix Generation, to put together a base composed of multiple objects connected together, which I then build in survival, to finish.

    It is the longest video I have upload at 42 minutes, but it is I think worth it.

    In my next video I plan to take the universal world edit generate command in a completely different direction, so watch out for it!


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    posted a message on World Edit Generate -- Twisting things up by Space Warping...

    After the success at using the world edit generate command to rotate a torus so that are slanted at an angle that is not aligned with the normal X,Y,Z axis, I decided it was time to take another look at the space warping technique I developed.

    Space warping lets you take simple mathematical objects, like planes, spheres, cylinders, and torus, and warp and twist them in weird and wonderful ways.

    For example making very nice looking curved arch, or warping cylinders to create 'oval' or elliptical cylinders, and then twisting them into a helix. or just taking a torus and warping it into a pretzel like shape. At that is only the start of what space warping with the generate command can do!

    Enjoy.. And please leave a comment, or what weird space warp you can come up with!

    PS: As a bonus this one can generate a shape that looks like a dragon egg, but of any size, by distorting a sphere...

    //g -c -h 95 r=sqrt(x^2+z^2); y+=r/2; x^2+z^2+y^2<15^2

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    posted a message on Problem... Filling in lots of small holes in a creative build.

    I have an extremely large creative build. It is a solid object and very large, but it has a LOT of small holes in it (mostly single block)

    I want to fill in all those holes so that the object is completely solid.


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    posted a message on How do I make a perfect pentagon?

    If you think pentagons are hard... Try making a Dodecahedron! That is a object of 12 pentagons.

    Of course few - if any - of the pentagons will even be in a flat plane (orthogonal). In my own case I opted for a rotation that placed them all at the same planed angle. It actually made the positioning of the vertices easy, and it was just a matter of hooking them all up and filling in the faces.

    But I did it! Here is a sneak view. I really should get some in game images :-(


    This is part of my base, which includes another hard to generate object... an icosahedron (20 triangles)...
    Ouroborous Base

    You can have a look at the latest Dynamap view of my base


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    posted a message on What does your Minecraft house look like?

    My current Base, located over an ocean monument.

    This is a dynamap image of my base (click to see live view - 2 more polyhedra added)

    The Ourbourous (a snake that eats its own tail) is made of sandstone 1 block below the ocean surface (does not impede boat travel), and is 500 blocks diameter.

    The tower (consisting or two spiral ramps in opposite directions) is centred over am ocean monument, contains an iron farm in the top sphere, mob farm under that, small gold farm, below that with a slap pad from the mobs on the base floor of the ocean monument. Guardian are picked up around the centre tower, lifted by a guardian lift to also go splat. My made storage and base of operations in in the slanted torus ring.

    At the base is a sphere (initial structure) containing villagers and paper/melon farms. Also parked above the water is a EndShip with a 'old' stacked boat elytra launcher. Polyhedra floating at various heights around the tower make flying around this base interesting(I get a lot of visitors on the survival server I built it on.

    Here is an early image of the base under construction (10 months ago)

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    posted a message on Cartographer

    It points to a mansion that has not generated yet. So if your world has already been generated out to a long way, the map will point to an area beyond that generation.

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    posted a message on Simple or complex?

    You decide...

    This was my base on a Survival server that has long since died.

    Caldera base, Midworld Server version 2


    This is my CubeKrowd SkyBlock Survival


    This is my Current CubeKrowd Survival Base (see from the Servers Dynamap)

    My videos show some of the details as to how ti designed the spiral ramps and slanted torus, the no-remove ocean Guardian Farm, and the Slime Powered Mob Farm in the Middle.

    Link to the Current Dynamap view... https://goo.gl/J9y5uY

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    posted a message on Calling All WorldEdit Pros :)

    There are many ways to generate a horizontal cylinder.

    1. Make a vertical cylinder and rotate it
      1. Use //deform swap(x,y)
      2. cut out the object in the cut buffer and use //rotate z 90 and paste it back in
    2. Use the generate command to generate a horizontal cylinder
    3. //g -h 95 x^2+y^2<1
    4. draw a line between two selection points with a large radius //line 20 prehaps //hollow it afterwards

    There are lots of ways to skin a cat, and what method you use depends
    on what you want that skin for, and how messy you like the results!

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    posted a message on I Found Program that generates Arbitrary Shape Equations for World Edit! (MAC/Windows/Linux)

    If you really want to learn how to make good use of the World Edit //generate command

    have a look at the videos in my signature.

    They detail not only how to generate spheres, toruses, and cylinders, but how to generate them at EXACTLY the size you want and even tweak them using slightly non-integer sizes to get rid of small annoying arifacts. It shows how to generate even sizes, offset them from a known center, compress and rotate (slant) the generated shapes, color them by layer (for floors), center them on other objects without any direct access to the center.

    Basically the video goes though a lot of different aspects of the generate command that is not shown anywhere else, not even on the World Edit Website!

    Other videos also show how to transfer your you-beaut advanced world edit creation from creative to a survival world that does not have world edit.

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    posted a message on I Found Program that generates Arbitrary Shape Equations for World Edit! (MAC/Windows/Linux)

    If you really want to learn how to use the generate command check out this YouTube Video

    It does not go through too many equations but shows how to generate spheres, toruses, cylinders, and then how to generate them at exact sizes, adjust their position, center them around other objects without haveing to calculat center points or corners, etc. and even slant the torus so they are not axially aligned (which makes them look a lot better).

    Another video look on how to extract slices from the object so you can then built them in survival when world edit isn't available.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    After a lot of work I finally finished building my 500 block diameter ocean symbol around my base.

    Ocean Ouroboros

    It is all sandstone blocks, one block below sea level so it does not impede boat traffic to and from my ocean monument base.

    It is highly visible on in game maps.

    Ouroboros on Maps

    but it is most visible in the dynamap of my base

    Monument Tower, CubeKrowd Server Dynamap

    Dynamap Screenshot

    It took 2 months to collect resources and build it! I basically sunk a whole desert peninsula below sea level to gather enough sandstone blocks.

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    posted a message on Building a Statue in Survival using Schematics

    Survival Statue Building

    A video on preparing a statue in a creative world using world edit, loading and saving schematics, and then using "schematic2blueprint" to build the statue on a survival server.

    I am certain a lot of users can make use of this to better transfer creative world objects into survival.

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    posted a message on Up to date schematic2blueprint or equivalent?

    Using WorldEdit to extract layers of a large build (with a referance box, so you can take screen shots for building in survival, Includes tips for building down, and positioning it.

    Video using schematic2blueprint to build a statue (with some worldedit preparation before hand)


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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from FyreTango»

    Wow... I am kind of speechless... How many hours did all this take you? I love how symmetric and perfect everything is. Keep up the good work.

    Months. But I work on many things, so it isn't just a boring non-stop construction. I have roads, statue building, a shop to sell prismarine, and I interact with a other players on the server.

    Actually while the tower is symmetric, and the ring is centered on the tower, The ring (torus) is actually slanted. There is no 'flat top' to it. It is about 5 block higher on on side to the other. The asymmetry however only seems to highlight the symmetry of the tower more.

    I actually plan to have other random things 'floating' in a random ways around the tower. Various ployhedra, statues, etc.

    Actually with its height, and how you can fly in and out of the tower structure at all heights, many players come to simply fly around the structure! You could say it is designed for elytra flying, though it wasn't really designed for that.

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