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    The Tokyo Ghoul Combat Mod (TGCM) consists of TG based items and armour, all textured and modeled by me (Forgive me if they look strange at times) using Gimp and MrCrayfish's Model Creator.

    Current Version:

    The version number tells me and you about what the mod has been through (#deep) and it's release.

    The first digit represents the amount of rewrites (technically none for now...)

    The second digit represents the amount of game-changing amazing-ness updates since the last rewrite
    The third digit represents the amount of small-ish feature updates since the last big one.
    The fourth digit represents the amount of bug-fix updates since the last small feature update.

    So what is / will be in the TGCM?

    As the the only member of the (currently) one man team, I can't implement EVERYTHING from Tokyo Ghoul into this mod in a matter of days. It'll be a while but I'll chug out the updates (hopefully) somewhat quickly. Below is a list of items that are / will be in the mod in terms of weapons. But wait, there's more! For only... But seriously, there'll be a few updates here and there with whatever I can cram in but I won't release it unless it over nine thousand percent bug-free, so if I say something like "It'll be in the next update." and it's not in there (Which I'm hoping won't happen) then it's that. I'm currently working with a friend of mine to make the Kagune, as they're kinda complex, but they're technically not part of the Kru (If you get this, you're awesome) and don't want a shout-out or anything. ALSO, after every small-feature update, I'll make a new polI, take in the other poll results and start working on that.

    Finished Quinques


    Juuzou's Jason


    WIP Quinques



    Arata (Proto, Beta 0.8, Proto II and Final)

    Finished Kagune (Name of owner)

    I've not fully finished any Kagune ;(

    WIP Kagunes (Name of owner)


    Touka (Normal and Crystal)

    Ayato (v1, v2, Shard and Sword)

    Yoshimura (v1 and Kakuja)
    Eto (v1, v2, Kakuja v1 and Kakuja v2)

    Seidou (Sword, Wing and Kakuja)


    Renji Yomo

    Ginshi Shirazu


    Shuu Tsukiyama (Spiral and Sword)

    Mirumo Tsukiyama


    Kuki Urie (v2, v3 and v4) Note: We didn't get to see Urie's Kagune prior to his frame upgrade.


    Nutcracker (Koukaku) Note: She is a Chimera and has two Kagune


    Kaneki/Rize (v1, v2, v3, v4, Kakuja, Arm and Sword)

    Yasuhisa Sisters




    Jason (Normal and Kakuja)

    Hinami Fueguchi (v1 and v2) Note: She is a Chimera and has two Kagune


    Nishiki (v1 and v2)

    Tooru Mutsuki

    Big Madam



    Enji Koma

    Bin Brothers

    Nutcracker (Bikaku) Note: She is a Chimera and has two Kagune

    Unknown Type


    Roma Hoito


    Kura GifQuinque CaseDoujimaYukimuraJason


    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth!? ;)

    Post your questions below or slide into my DMs and I'll post them here if they are relevant and frequent.


    I only answer to DMs or comments on this post, sorry :(


    can use this mod in modpacks, so long as you link back to this page,
    cannot redistribute this mod.
    can make reviews on the mod.
    can make videos using this mod.

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