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    posted a message on Best Name For My New YouTube Channel (CONTEST/HELP)

    Oh oh, I know! Game theories!... Wait...

    Okay okay, how about... Nerd3? No one could ever think of- NO NOT ANOTHER.

    Okay last try... How do you feel about... The Yogs- I GIVE UP. This is FAR too hard!

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    posted a message on 512px Resource Pack + Shaders Requirements for over 60 fps

    I uhm... Well, Shaders and 512x resource packs are both insanely heavy on GPU and CPU... But both? Pfft. Even the best computer out there will struggle...

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    posted a message on Specs for modded minecraft ?

    This should be just fine to run most if not all mod packs, in my unprofessional opinion.

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    posted a message on create your own update!!!
    Quote from AppleEater01»

    Tyler, how could you not see the "Suggestions" sub-topic. It is literally right below this one.


    I feel like this is less for serious suggestions, and more for people to throw out little one lines about things they think could be updates, which would't go in the suggestions forum...
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    posted a message on Some questions about Minecraft for an article

    Personally? I still love every bit, and I've been playing since 2010. It may because I use mods, but I can play a world for 100+ hours with ease, and even longer after I get set on a big project. I still play on vanilla servers and enjoy that as well. It's less of "has minecraft got boring" and more of "Have you LET minecraft get boring?"

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    posted a message on Thoughts On Kids playing minecraft
    Quote from Gamelord»

    Current question: why on Earth are you arguing with me? All I said was I'm okay with children playing on servers. All children are immature, therefore I have no problem with chidren acting immaturely. Children acting immaturely is not the same as them being rude, and I didn't say being rude was okay.

    Immaturity: "behaviour that is appropriate to someone younger"

    Have you ever met a single child on Earth that isn't immature?

    Oh my sweet heavens! You go on this massive rant about not making generalizations and round it out by concluding your argument with a GENERALIZATION. It's like... Oh jeez, the hypocrisy is so strong it's hard for me to make a good comparison... Let's see, it's like something Donald Trump would drop during one of his speeches, honestly. Even if you meant well, youre conclusion makes or breaks the argument, it's something they teach in middle school English classes. And your conclusion, ohohoh, it broke your argument into a thousand little broken thought shards.

    The fact is, not all children are immature, not all are by even a long shot. Sure, a vast, vast majority might be by some standards, but there are also children who have their lives is such straight order they make me, a grow man look bad. The fact of the matter is, people mature at different points (And some never do, to be fair), and some people do at a very young age. So no, not all children are immature, "them's the facts", and as always generalizations don't fit well almost 100% of the time. And sure, that may be what you were arguing, but your argument began to fall apart around "What, why are you generalising?" and was 100% broken at "All children are immature though. That's not always bad. These are sweeping generalisations." Although I must say at the point you were throwing out "I didn't say they do. What is this?" your argument started to sound a little... Immature?

    "No generalisations, just science. Peace! :D"

    And this argument, no matter how well backed, is still a poor one. A generalization is tagging a single attribute to an entire group, without a completely proven basis. The fact of the matter is, there will ALWAYS be an exception to the generalization. That's just a matter of fact, and if you want me to use your own terminology, it's "just science".

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    posted a message on Nodecraft.com | 13+ Games | 100% CUSTOM PANEL | SSDs | Unlimited Slots | DDoS Protection | INSTANT Modpacks | 5 Locations

    I was looking for a host to run my personal server through for me and a friend, and Nodecraft came as a blessing for us. For just $20 a month we're able to host our Unabridged server through the ATlauncher, and it runs just as smooth as any other, much more expensive servers we've had in the past.

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    posted a message on Testing the roblox community

    I tried to go back the other day and found my account has been stolen by some kid who uses it now. I put in the request form to get it back, but I get the feeling they're gonna let the kid ride it out. The part that makes me mad is he stole an account from 2008 full of rare items, I doubt he was even out of diapers in 2008... Either way, he uses it to talk to his "Girlfriend" who he so kindly named in his account description, and renamed the account after buying Builder's Craft for it. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how this ended, I always wanted to give some kid I don't know access to an account I still use. Feels pretty okay.

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    posted a message on Natural Griefing

    That sounds horrifying....

    I personally run a server (Just me and one other guy) for the Unabridged pack, and I settled at the base of what I thought was a dormant volcano from Blue Power. I left my mostly wood home to go gather some mossy stone which dotted the landscape, and when I came back I found the pit where my house -used- to be completely filled with lava runoff from the non-erupted volcano... It was a horrible start to the game

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    posted a message on Wow to MC - How to find fulfillment in a non-mmorpg? (for 18+ over types)
    Quote from WDSnav91»

    Let me guess, you want a community that chats "Chuck Norris laughs when his nose itches. heheeh haha LLOL".

    My brother, you managed to take your response in a complete 180 of what the main posted was talking about...

    For OP, I hated the Minecraft community, since everyone was always either secluded in their own corner of the map or they were immature and flocked into one massive poorly built commune. I suppose you just learn to deal with it? I'm not gonna tell you to go be one of the segregated weirdos, but it's usually easier than trying to find someone else...

    Also, running a server for vanilla isn't hard at all! If you run it through a hosting site like Nodecraft you can run a fair sized server of friends (I personally do a heavily modded two or three person at a time server) for pretty cheap too, as long as you have a regular source of income keeping the costs up won't be hard at all, especially if you have 2-3 people to chip in to the costs. In most cases it's as easy as picking a few options on the website and hitting the "start" button and it'll load your server right up, do all the maintenance it needs etc.

    Another potential suggestion is playing with mods. For a few years I got really burnt out playing Minecraft Multiplayer, and I moved on to playing mod packs like Tekkit or Resonant Rise. These helped me get along on Singleplayerfor much, much longer since there's so much more to learn and play around with. The only problem with this is you might not be able to run them well if you don't have a well built PC.
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