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    Do I like this idea? yes!
    Should it be in Vanilla? Unlikely.

    While I think this is a great Idea, I doubt it would be implemented in vanilla. Notch did add Endermen, but they are rare, and turned out not as scary as intended. I think they are keeping it E for Everyone. Though, when I first saw silverfish attack i freaked a little.

    Maybe add as a Horror mod. Imagine, going to sleep without any lights on randomly causes you to spawn in a nightmare realm (The landscape generates the same but is re-textured, your home and everthing still exists, but changed). the sky and ocean are a blood red and everything is dying. Trees are barren, and these nightmare creatures hunt you at every turn. You are now on a quest to hunt one of every demon to obtain their tears in order to create a potion that will cause you to awaken in your bed, safe, back in your home world...

    Oooh, creepy. I love it!
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    posted a message on 1.9 Updates: New Character Screen!
    Quote from Mokeydwarf

    Hrm....the exp/leveling whatever thing is going to add more information to keep track of wherever you are on whoever's server etc. Do we really want MC to become a full blown mmorpg? I'm not to sure about that. If that is where we are headed I would suggest more options in the server properties to be able to turn experience orbs, potions and anything else mmo related on and off. I've played many MMO's and I don't really want MC to go in that direction. Just my 2 cents :smile.gif:

    While I'm all for the additions, I also agree. Just as you have the option to turn off NPC Villages, there should be an option to turn off RPG Elements. No Exp, No Buffs, No Villages. This way people who like Minecraft as a Sandbox game and not an RPG can play the way they want to. Hopefully the final verson would include this option.
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    posted a message on 1.9 Updates: New Character Screen!
    theUSpopulation, on 27 September 2011 - 04:19 PM, said:

    My opinion on this is as neutral as you can get. I'm fine with or with out it.

    Also, why does the rabbit under "jump" have glowing red eyes?

    New Rabbit Mob?

    "He's Got HUGE, SHARP.... It can LEAP about..... LOOK AT TEH BONES!!!"
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    posted a message on The Herobrine Mod OFFICIAL 3.6
    I finally got to download this and I must say IT IS AWESOME!
    Whenever I'm in caves I freak out. I'm now afraid of darkness, cliffs, and lava. I made a spiral staircase to bedrock, when I got to the top something pushed me off. I was deep in a mine and I swear something was there, screaming. I woke up and saw HIM staring at me. I have jumped more at this mod than any creeper encounter. Make sure you backup your world unless you don't mind your work being destroyed/lava-ed.

    If I could suggust anything I would suggust the option for the totem to appear randomly in a dungeon within 1 or 2 chunks of your spawn. Then if you want to stop Herobrine you must locate and destroy the totem, or wait until an epic boss fight and destroy HIM yourself. Boss fight would come after a few in game weeks. maybe your spawn point could change into his underground arena, and when you next died, you would appear there for the boss fight... No equiptment, just you and HIM. The totem would be in an attached room, along with treasure. When you win, you can destroy the totem.

    I would also love to see more refined structures appear. Even wood/stone huts/castles, and walking into his area makes him angry and more violent.

    Seriously though, I can't wait to see the next level of development.
    Great Job :Diamond: :iapprove: :Diamond:
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    Ever since I heard the Herobrine Mythos I have wanted an In-game mod.
    I can’t wait to download and try it myself.

    If I had the power, this is how I would make it.

    Once the mod is installed, it is on, you cannot disable it in-game. At some point over the first week this process will start.

    Week 1 – Herobrine appears no closer than 15 – 20 blocks, either in your peripheral or behind you. When you see him he fades out.
    Week 2 – In addition: Holes of 3 x 3 x 7 appear randomly
    Week 3 – Addition: Holes fill with lava. Trees brown and die, random structures appear.
    Week 4 (Final Week)
    Day 1 – Grass Browns, an empty pyramid appears. Herobrine will appear no further than 15 blocks. Will randomly scream and bump you.
    Day 2 – Pyramid covered in Lava
    Day 3 – Totem appears in pyramid. All foliage is gone. Water starts to freeze
    Day 4 – Red Sky, Max Fog, Herobrine might attack you before he disappears.
    Day 5 – Constant Night
    Day 6 – No Sound, Herobrine does not appear all day
    Day 7 (Final Day) – Sometime randomly during the day Herobrine will appear and attack. He will not disappear. If he kills you, you go to main menu and your save file is deleted. If you win, you go back to Wk. 4 day 3

    How to Win:
    After the totem appears on Wk4 Day 3 you can break the Herobrine block. Destroying the block will not work. In order to remove Herobrine you will need to build a portal to the nether. Once in the Nether, within the nearest chunk, a random building made of bedrock will appear. Ghast, Pigmen, and other mobs will appear to defend it. Once inside you must defeat Herobrine before moving to the final room. In the final room there is a well with green lava. You cannot simply toss the totem in, it needs a sacrifice. Jump into the lava holding the totem. When you get to ½ heart the totem is destroyed and you respawn in the overworld and everything is back to normal. Herobrine will never appear again…

    Unless you’re foolish enough to create a new Totem and summon him.

    Seriously cool mod though. :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Edit: Perhaps if he kills you, instead of your save being deleted. You are stuck in constant dark and no sound, and you cannot change the settings. You are now part of HIS army...
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    Yes, yes, and yes!

    I think this is an awesome idea. And if there were a generator for an entire maze world, they could certainly use that system to generate smaller, more interesting dungeons in the home world. I was excited for dungeons, but a small room does not a dungeon make.

    Maybe the maze dimension would have a size limit depending on how much "power" you put into it, and randomly generates a new world when you leave, unless you had some kind of placeholder. So I could spawn and explore many small mazes, or large maze worlds. Would make the replay of the maze world more enjoyable.

    And there could be mobs to fit the theme, like minataurs, chimera, or undead soldiers.

    I would love to see this, even with just a map gen or mod. Kudos to you on your idea.

    *Added: I was thinking of Diablo when you started a new game each level was randomly created. I thought this would make up for the current "Dungeons" being so basic. Honestly, with a completely generated world that would be different with each new world created, I think that would be great and in no need of improvement.
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