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Hello there, welcome to my profile page!

I'm Anomalous13, but mostly referred to as Anomalous. Being a lover of Minecraft, I came across this forum in 2012. On the forums you can find me lurking mostly around the Minecraft Discussion & Off-topic sections.

Feel free to send me message if you want to chat! I'm open to discussion on any topics. Any topic. Besides the forum, the best way to contact me would be via Skype.

I proudly describe myself as the following: well-dressed, deadpan snarker, ice cream lover, very friendly, loud snapper, apathetic, mostly stoic.

A little more about me:

- My online activity is mostly spent on social media networks (Tumblr, Twitter, etc), along with lurking around on these forums.

- Internet speeds here forbid online gaming, which I am pretty good at. When it comes to video games, I like what I like, with a preference of FPS and RTS. Just to throw out there, some games I've played are: Halo, Super Smash Brothers, League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Roller Coaster Tycoon.

- Nowadays I find myself watching anime. I prefer action/drama or comedy, but I leave myself open to any recommendations! I've seen a fair variety; you can find a list of what I've seen here:

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Interests adventuring, astronomy, piano, ice cream cake

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