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    Heh yah I had it give me sideways and upside down world. I made another portal on a side face and seemed to reset it.
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    Rules: None
    Restrictions: None
    Mods: Go for it

    Seed: 147

    Good Luck!
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    In my previous world, I had a Netherfortress located not 20 blocks away from my portal. It had both Netherwart and a Blaze spawner. I was properly spoiled.

    I started a new hardcore mode world, and this time it was a different story....

    I very carefully scoured the area around my portal, out to about 500 blocks and found exactly one Netherfortress. It had no Netherwart (lava got it) nor a Blaze spawner. I was not happy.

    Finally just decided I would hunt and hunt until I found a Netherfortress with what I needed. I went to the Nether with enough Obsidian so I could build another portal back once I found my target. I headed in roughly one general direction, strafing left and right to check out hopeful sites. After several hours and 3 useless Netherfortresses (damn you lava!!!) I finally found one. It was perfect, had a nice location, Blaze spawner, a little bit of Netherwart (lava only ate one side for a change). Ya! All set for potion magic.

    Built a portal in the fortress and jump back to the overworld. Check F3.... oh my god, I'm 13000 blocks away from 0,0 which means I think I'm about 14000 blocks from my home base. Hmmm, not going to jog that and being Hardcore mode there is no suicide subway to get home.

    Go back to Nether. The journey to get here from the original portal was really perilous. Lots of building bridges across huge lava lakes while praying the Ghasts stay away until I'm on the opposite shore. Also realized that I would want to go back and forth between my home base and this fortress. What to do?

    I decided I would just tunnel all the way back to my original portal. I've learned from previous worlds that unlike the Overworld, the really low Y numbers (<20) tend to be almost void of lava, caves or anything but endless Netherack. I obtained a huge amount of cobblestone from the Overworld via the new portal in the fortress and crafted a pile of picks, dug a whole straight down to Y15 and began digging straight north.

    Long story short, I dug this ridiculously long tunnel first N and then E back to my original portal. Only broke through to lava about 5 times and was quick with the dirt so no problem. The relief when I finally dug out a block and saw cobble, knowing I was at my little fortification with the original portal was unbelievable. Also found out that my search for the fortress had worn out 3 pieces of armour (should really be some notification for that) so any battle might have been my last.

    In the end, took all of my Iron, all the rail I'd scavenged from Abandoned Mines, piles of booster rails and built a railway back down the tunnel, all 1600 blocks worth (I didn't go in a straight line back to the first portal).

    The trip time, one direction, in the Minecart is three minutes and 20 seconds. It actually works out pretty well, gives me a chance to make a cup of tea while the cart churns along.

    Now I have the Blaze spawner all locked up, a tree farm, chicken ranch, netherwart farm and potion laboratory all setup in the fortress. It was a journey and fine adventure all around. I even managed to collect 3 Ghast tears from the search (not that I think I'll ever use them).

    TL;DR My Netherfortress is 1600 blocks away from my Nether portal. Built a minecart railway to travel to and fro.

    How about you?

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    I agree that initially getting the ingredients can be tough. The Ghast tears are near impossible but the regen potions are pretty useless so I don't care. Finding the initial batch of Nether Wart is also a trial, but once you have some, you can setup a little farm in the Nether near your portal and have all you want. The Wiki even recommends that you setup your entire potion brewing station in the Nether so that the Wart will grow while you are brewing. I did this and now have piles of the stuff.

    My biggest hassle was the Glistening Melons. I spent so many hours scouring Abandoned Mineshafts and every chest stymied me. I persevered however and finally got some, like 3 heh. Again, with a melon farm setup, that quickly turned into far more melon than I'm ever likely to need.

    As for the recipes, they are a bit confusing at first, but once you muddle through the process a couple of times it becomes second nature.

    So, in summary, I understand the frustration but it does quickly turn the corner once you get things setup. Given the power of the potions, I think the initial difficult level is very well justified.

    Good luck!
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    I have a Zombie spawner and 23 is the magic number. Zombies kind of suck for XP farming though because they have armour, so it takes 2-3 hits (with a non-weapon like Bread, my personal choice) in order to kill them versus a guaranteed single hit kill with skellies.

    As to the distances thing, you run into two problems. One, you need them at least 8 blocks away from the spawner so that it will keep spawning fresh bait. Two, as you pointed out, you need to be within 16 blocks to have the spawner to function at all. The solution to this is to use water to push the zombies out of the dungeon into a tower that rises about 25 levels. The tower then dumps them into a 1x2 water channel that pushes them to a second tower with the 23 block drop. The two towers are situated between you so that you are within 16 blocks of the spawner and they are quickly pulled more than 8 blocks away.

    Here is a diagram, by cxnull, of what I'm trying to say:

    XP Grinder

    And here is the video that taught me how to to this:

    The picture and video will surely help a lot more than my crappy description. With this setup you can get to level 50 in record time.

    Hope that helps
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    Quote from Ocelot60

    Pretty cool, but why didn't you pause? If endermen could reach you surely other mobs could as well...

    I didn't pause because I wanted my wheat, trees and sugar cane to grow. Other mobs couldn't get to me, the Endermen just teleported into my base. I've since discovered a huge cavern complex that basically wrapped around my base. Now that I've got it lit up like a Christmas tree, the only creatures who will spawn within my base are slimes, which I don't mind at all.

    Truth be told, it was a pretty risky thing to do when playing Hardcore. Especially after getting all those farms setup, if I'd come back to the Game Over screen, I suspect my laptops lifespan would have been drastically foreshortened.

    But it all worked out, so onward I go!
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