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    It works with other mods just fine.

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    Quote from Gamer_XD_11»

    When will this Update to 1.8?

    Please read my response 3 posts up.
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    Quote from mc4eva»

    It's really a pity how this mod changed. It used to be so much better. The biomes "fit" more into minecraft, and it once rivalled biomes 'o' plenty (despite being smaller). Now the new autumn tree designs are weird (the wood isn't even oak anymore) and the new biomes seem completely unrealistic (blue trees, wtf?).

    I want the old extrabiomesxl back, The one from 1.4.7 :(

    Had you not used the mod in a long time? It's not as though these changes are recent. They have been this way since 1.6.2...so probably close to 2 years now? I personally dislike when vanilla oak logs are used on trees added by a mod. What is the point of adding a unique tree and only have the leaves be different? We deliberately took the time to add logs for each type of tree we added and as Master Hill said, the blue trees are based on a real tree that have not only blue bark, but many other colors as well. The autumn trees are based on the color the trees turn in the fall where I live as well as many other places. While I'm sorry that you don't like them, it is impossible to please everyone. As you can see by the responses to your post, there are those that like the trees.

    Thank you to those that posted the positive responses. It is nice to see that what we have done is appreciated.
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    ExtrabiomesXL is a collaborative open source mod for Minecraft which adds new biomes and an assortment of natural blocks and items that enhance gameplay and make exploring fun and interesting. Keep up-to-date on the latest development news and general interest regarding ExtrabiomesXL on http://extrabiomes.com/. The official ExtrabiomesXL wiki is the best place to read any kind of information regarding ExtrabiomesXL.

    ExtrabiomesXL 3.16.3 was tested using Minecraft Forge, which can be found here.


    ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.14.1 backported to MC 1.5.2

    ExtrabiomesXL is delivered in a single universal download which can be installed on clients and servers alike.

    1. Install Minecraft Forge
    2. Drag the ExtrabiomesXL download into the mods folder (Don't unarchive it)
    3. Enjoy!

    Resource Pack Support
    A list of resource packs and texture packs which support ExtrabiomesXL can be found on our wiki. We can't guarantee all of these will be up-to-date, however.

    Additional Content
    ExtrabiomesXL team member gwydion0917 has utilized Custom Stuff 2 to add special red rock versions of furnaces, buttons, pressure plates, etc. It can be found here.

    The changlog can be found on our Wiki.


    ExtrabiomesXL is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish.As ExtrabiomesXL updates with new content, however, we can't guarantee these localizations will remain up-to-date. We'd greatly appreciate any assistance in ensuring all of ExtrabiomesXL's localizations are up-to-date and accurate. A list of the localization files can be found here. Always feel free to add new languages! Our localizations are done by hand, by speakers of the select language for utmost quality, so please no Google Translate. Thank you!

    You are free to distribute ExtrabiomesXL in your modpack, so long as it's not being used to make money.Credits

    If you have any problems or questions, please ask in the forum. Be advised, however, that we can never diagnose or fix anything without a complete log file. You should post your complete log (ForgeModLoader-0.log, or ForgeModLoader-client-0.log) on pastebin (or any other similar text sharing service) and then post a link to it here in the forum. The community around this thread likes solving support issues and the most important step you can take is posting your complete log file. Any support requests should be handled publicly where everyone can benefit. Please do not PM the team members with support requests!

    Note: Failure to post complete log files using the directions outlined above severely reduces the likelihood that you will achieve a successful outcome to your support your support issue. How to receive support if you do not have a crash report. In the event that Minecraft didn't crash and you did not get a crash report, don't worry. Crash reports are not helpful or wanted. To receive support for your issue, post a complete log by following the above instructions.

    A list of frequently asked questions is available on our Wiki.



    There are currently no up-to-date videos for ExtrabiomesXL. Only videos using a recent version of ExtrabiomesXL displaying our new content are allowed on the OP. For a comprehensive list of videos from previous versions, refer to our wiki.

    Signature Banners
    Show your support for ExtrabiomesXL with one of our community made banners available from the wiki!

    ExtrabiomesXL by The ExtrabiomesXL Team
    is licensed under a Creative Commons
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    I've asked Allaryin to respond here or make a blog post as he would be able to give more information about that since he's doing the coding.

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    how do i get less strawberries?

    Quote from someonesneaky»

    I've been playing the Regrowth HQM, and finally managed to mutandis up enough saplings to grow a Rainbow Eucalyptus. I'll admit I was disappointed to find I couldn't use either the Saw from Forge Microblocks (I love using the thin panels for flooring and walls), nor change the pattern with Chisel 2 (which I'm not too surprised by, considering how many new textures would have to be added for it). Any possibility of adding compatibility with these two at any point in the future, especially Microblocks?

    Other than that small hiccup, fantastic mod! It's definitely added some extra color around my wasteland home.

    (I have to say, though -- the scarecrow is surprisingly creepy. I'm not sure if it's because of or in spite of his relatively simple texturing.)

    I have asked Allaryin to respond to these questions.

    Quote from IHaTeD2»

    I hope you guys use the correct method of naming ore dictionary entries this time.

    In what way is it incorrect? We've not had any one mention this or report any issues.

    Does feature complete mean that the mod is finished? Sorry english is not my first language so I don't know.

    Quote from IHaTeD2»

    Feature complete means that there will no more features added to it.

    It means that we will not be adding new features to EBXL. This is because we are working on a new version of the mod. You can find information about it on our blog which can be found here.

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    Quote from nickWtn3»

    So I was wondering, will there be a new thread when EBXL is replaced?

    We haven't decided whether or not to just change the title of the thread or start a new one.

    Quote from puppyspirit36»

    Can I guess the new mod is going to be called ExtraBiomesXXL?

    I'm probably just being kind of uncreative here :P

    Ummm, no, lol, that is the opposite of the direction we are going, which will be a small core mod, with each biome (or other things we are wanting to add) be an add on. We are doing it this way so people can pick and choose which things they want in their world. There will of course be a single download for those wanting everything.

    If you read our blog, specifically the posts by Allaryin, at then end of April and first part of May, he explains sort of what our plans are at this point. =)

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    Quote from Robijnvogel»

    It is not difficult to understand if you have knowledge of the thing he is talking about. If you do not know how Vanilla biomes work, I can understand that it's Chinese to you, but then again... you won't be able to help him anyway.

    And to anser Sauron1973's question:
    The biome-sub biome system that Vanilla uses, only works for vanilla biomes so if you add a biome to ID 100, 228 will not automatically become its subbiome.
    The ID's that Vanilla's subbiomes take, however, should NEVER be assigned to modded biomes, but I remember that EBXL does this exact thing by default...

    As Scott is the person that basically rewrote and contributed to this mod in it's first 2 years of existence, as well as writing some things for Forge, and creating other mods and a person other mod makers have come to for help (Look at ATG's OP under special thanks for an example), saying what you did, was in my opinion, out of line. All you had to do was answer Sauron's questions. Quite honestly without Scott, this mod would have died a long time ago.

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    Quote from cAEBRON»

    You can do it one of two ways. After installing Forge, start the game. Once it loads, close the game and the "mods" folder should have been created automatically. If that does not happen then you can create a mods folder in the .minecraft folder that you are using. The EBXL jar goes into the mods folder...not the resource packs folder.

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    Quote from leonelmegaman»

    can you send it to me please? or a link where i can learn about it?

    I just googled it. Here's the link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1288431-just-another-spawner-jas-v0-14

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