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    OK Everyone Seriously Stop With Your Blunt Hate Posts All I Keep Seeing Is One Guy Saying 3DS Is Dumb PS-Vita is Better, Then The Next Guy Saying 3DS Owns So Go Away, So Let Me Just Set It Strait By Saying IT COULD WORK ON BOTH! Though As Of Right Now There Is A Better Chance of It Being On The PS-Vita Due To It Already Being On The Xperia And Them Having Connections With Sony, But That Doesn't Mean That The 3DS Is Out Of The Picture, Though I Personally Think It Would Take A Lot Of Work To Convince Nintendo To Do It, So With All That Aside Could We Please Get Back To Talking About The Original Point Of This Thread...That Minecraft Would Be Fun on The 3DS, Even Though Personally Right Now I Would Want A PS-Vita More(Though I Still Really Want A 3DS), So If You Think It Would Be Good On The PS-Vita Go Make A Thread For It And Leave This One For The 3DS Fan's It Would Stop A Lot OF Fighting, And Please Don't Think I Just Trying To Pick On One Side, I Like The PS-Vita And The 3DS, So All I'm Really Saying Is That The 3DS Group Can Talk In There Tread And The PS-Vita Group Can Talk In A Thread Meant For Them.

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