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    Lily Veteto

    Your character's age:

    Your character's skill:

    This would be a Medical practitioner. Raised by her father in a large island North of Port Golden, Lily is an exceptional doctor. Using her 'advanced' means of treatment, she believes she can heal or fix anyone that crosses her path.
    Far as fighting skills, she spends what little extra time she has left practicing with her daggers.

    What does your character look like, I should get a vivid mental image:

    She has olive colored skin, which is only en- chanced by her light tan. She prides herself on her aqua blue eyes, which fit perfectly with her slightly rounded face. She also has a small pointy noise. Two white feathers are pierced into her earlobes. As for her other accessories, she has two round metal bracelets on her left arm, and a bigger one on her left thigh. There’s a satchel at her side, and a bland gold necklace that usually hangs out of her shirt. She is a brunette. Her hair hangs at about mid back. She wears a white, short sleeved shirt edged with blue along the sides. She also wears a white skirt that hangs at the middle of her thighs. Wrapped around the top of her skirt is the same design on her bracelets. Her two daggers loosely hang in dark brown sheaths.
    Autobiography of your character:

    Lily was born on a large island, in an unnamed town. Her mother died during berth, leaving her father to raise her. He returned to work, sad and depressed. Her father was a doctor himself, a rich and prestigious one. With all his money, he could've hired a nanny, but he didn't. He wasn't about to leave his sweet, innocent daughter alone with some stranger. So she went to work with him. Her dad didn't want her to be exposed to such things at her age, which was about ten. So she just sat outside, reading about the many ancient and 'modern' cures out of her dads’ book, editing it as she went. She simply did this for fun, but little did she know how much potential was behind her silly little changes.

    A few years later, she started assisting her dad. That in which, only expanded her knowledge further. Everyday she had something new to add to the book. It went on like that, for quite a while actually. But one day, one special day, it all changed. A man walked in, not just any man, but one of the fairest of nobles on the island. There was a girl in his arms, and his posse was following right behind him. He explained everything. That the girl was his daughter, that they had been traveling, and what her symptoms were. She was hurling every constantly, getting it all over the floor. In a bit of a panic, Lily flipped through her book searching for something, anything that might help or work.

    And there she found it. Sprinting to the herbs cabinet, throwing Long story short, she saved the little girl. The word of Lily’s great accomplishment quickly spread over the land, and apparently, over seas. Nobles from all over the island came to her seeking medical treatment. But it was too much for her. She couldn’t handle the stress. So she fled during the night, to Port Golden more specifically, leaving her father to handle them by himself.

    Why do you want to join this RP: I've participated in quite a few RPs, but out of everyone I've rped with, you are the most fun. Like Pancakes. Also not to mention how flawless your writing is. I really could go on all day, but I'm not going too! Unless you tell me what the good ole W ‘n’ W is.

    Post an example of your skill at RPing by stating your character's reaction upon receiving the invitation:

    Lily sat on her bed, staring out the Inns window. Oh how she was enjoying herself. She had just finished one of the best naps of her life, and was in no hurry to get out of bed. But to her disappointment, someone was knocking on the door. Sighing, she slid out of bed, quickly pulling the door open. "Yes?" she said, trying to muster a polite tone. "Uhh... Are you by chance, Ms.Veteto? The man in the lobby said she was staying here..."-

    (Oh, I noticed a few spelling errors, but probably not all of them. I guess that's where I lack... Sorry for making you wait, just wanting it to be perfect!)
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    I like the landscape too, very interesting.
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