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    Guard Application Format:[/b]


    IGN: WhyHuman
    Age: 21
    What is your timezone? UTC/BST
    What times can you guard? after 19:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC
    Do you have experience with prison-themed servers?: Was on DDTS 2.0, and have earned Free on this server, was on killion for a little while but lost interest from burnout.
    Do you have any experience guarding?: No Experience guarding, this will be the first time but I have watched other guards and I am willing to learn.
    What makes you the best selection for guard?: I have played Minecraft for many years, and my willingness to learn should allow me to become a cut above the rest
    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?: Yes, I understand the commitments I will be subject to and enforcing as a guard, should I succeed in this application.
    What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?: I am currently Free on the server.

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    So to clarify I haven't used MC Forums in ages as I've never felt the need to post...

    Of course, something changed that as I'm posting now... and if you haven't guessed it, its the server that made me dust off my old account!

    It's not the Old and Gold DDTS I knew back in the day, but the principles are the same. No OP bull. Earn your way out, and Block 3 is ready to be an absolute PVP centric area (and I can't wait for more people to join!).

    The owner is really receptive to suggestions, this doesn't mean any of my crazy ones are going in, but at least he will listen and he's implemented some cool changes recently (for example the Block 3 Revamp).

    This server is not the old DDTS! don't go in assuming that but I think I will be better than most OP prisons and is poised to be the next up and coming server IMHO!

    Give it a try... there a small gathering of people already around this server, and it won't be dropping off my server list any time soon.


    Turns out that MC forums killed my old account and is now using twitch instead :(

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