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    posted a message on Which is the nicest US state?
    I'm a Washingtonian too. Yes, it's pretty nice here. But if you go to Western Washington, expect a lot of rain. I haven't been to too many of the other states for long periods of time, so I can't really compare it to them, but from what I hear, this one is pretty good.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series (Spellbound Caves II out now!)
    So I'm trying to download Lethamyr again (I died) and none of the downloads seem to work. I go through the Adfly link and it brings me to the download page. After I click "Download Now" it just brings me to a white page that says "Invalid ID" up in the corner. Anyone know what this is about?
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    posted a message on What would you think about a huge block update?
    Quote from s0lidlyksnak3

    To all saying pyramids were ramp-like.

    Those sure look like ramps to me...

    The sides of the pyramids were smooth and ramp-ish when they were first made, but the wore away to this over thousands of years.
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    posted a message on Picture in 11.ogg
    1241 could be referring to April Fool's Day 2012 (which happens to be today), as in 12-4-1 or 2012-April-1.

    Oops, sorry about the double post.
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    posted a message on Why are some humans so stupid?
    People are actually pretty smart. It's just that a few of us lack common sense.
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    posted a message on The incomprehensible color theory
    Quote from Seradicus

    Well, here's a simple thought. Think of colors as warm and cold, and someone else will think of the same colors. We know what colors are warm and which are cold universally, and if someone saw that color differently, it would not look warm or cold, which would make things like the following moot.

    It looks cold, doesn't it? If someone saw blue as, let's say, red, it would look hot. That would not work for a snowboarding game, and they would not have been able to use color to get the cold look across.

    Story short, red is red, green is green, blue is blue, the only exception is colorblindness.

    EDIT: And I did think of this before, I quickly disproved myself with such an argument as seen above.

    But the reason people think of red being 'warm' and blue being 'cold' is because they grow up with red being associated with things being hot (like fire) and blue being associated with things being cold (like water). So if you lived your entire life with things someone else sees as blue being red (so water would be red rather than blue) and things someone else sees as red being blue, you would naturally assume something that is blue, even if that 'blue' may be 'red' to you, to be 'cold.'

    Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm not great at wording what I think.
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    posted a message on Would you play on a server which reset the map regularly?
    I play on a PVP server where the map gets reset with every update. It's okay, everyone tens to just get lazy and give away their stuff 1-2 weeks before the reset. There just isn't any motive to do anything when you know you'll lose it all soon. That being said, resets are still necessary from time to time. It gets boring after a while when you have a ton of stuff and killing someone doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment, since none of what you get really makes a difference. So I would say a reset every 2-3 months would be pretty good.
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    posted a message on Notch Says There's Still an Undiscovered Secret in Minecraft!
    I still think the answer is this:

    What do you guys think?
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    posted a message on We were all noobs once. What is your minecraft noob story?
    I spent several hours trying to explore caves with torches that didn't give off any light. I was so confused and frustrated that my torches weren't working, that I decided then not to play until this was fixed (I'd assumed it was a glitch).

    The real reason my torches weren't working? I was using redstone torches the whole time.
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    posted a message on One bug you would fix?
    That bug where mobs will glitch up to a place where they aren't in multiplayer.
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