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    Quote from Ampulugator»

    How far's the progress with all these features? I'm really looking forward to them.

    It'll be a while. I'm still working on the mechanics of the sieges, and improving the lag, AI, and Gui's. Not looking forward to drawing new textures for each civilization but maybe I can find someone to help me out.
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    For whatever reason I fixed this by changing my @Instance name to the same thing as my modid.


    	public static SiegeMod instance;
    	public static final String modid = "ani_siege";


    	public static SiegeMod instance;
    	public static final String modid = "ani_siege";
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    Big fan of your mod!

    Yea, the AI of both the defending soldiers and the attacking soldiers will get better, countering each other in a lot of different ways. You will need one type of soldier to fend off this one, but then a different type of soldier to fend off THIS one. I'm also hoping to add traps and wall mounted weapons to help defend.

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    Quote from elenzo96»

    My native language is spanish, sorry if i write something wrong

    And if you add a function of "worker"? I mean that you can say to a peasant to build a predetermined structure according to the material that you give it.
    It could be challenging but it could be a good idea.
    Also it would be nice to put them to raise horses.
    nice bro mod :)

    Yeah totally! I'm thinking of adding an giant system, with an economy, with a food supply, with farmers, butchers, hunters, woodsmen, and miners. Each player would be able to choose their 'culture' (eg: Egyptian, Aztec, Japanese) which would change the skin of all the soldiers.
    Basically I want to create Age of Empires in Minecraft. Now there's just the matter of doing it.

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    Build and protect your kingdom with the Siege Mod.

    Create villagers and train them to wield bows and swords, prepare them for battle with armor and enchantments!

    Teach them to guard your castle from mobs and attackers, or pillage and plunder with an army at your back!

    In this mod YOU are the king.
    Cover Photo

    Remember, this is version 1.1. Thieves, workers, and maybe even an economy system will be worked out in the future. Patience, young padawan.

    Currently works on Minecraft 1.7.10 with ForgeModLoader.

    This mod is multiplayer supported.

    Latest 1.7.10 - v1.1:

    1.7.10 - v1.0


    1. Install Forge, download the 'Installer' and run it.

    2. Click on the link in the "Download" section above, make sure it's the version that matches the forge version.

    3. Wait for 5 seconds and then click the yellow 'SKIP AD' button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Now click on the big green 'Download' button.

    4. Search for %appdata% on your computer and open it. You should be in the 'Roaming' folder. Open the .minecraft folder.

    5. Go to where ever my mod file is (the one you downloaded) and drag it into the 'mods' folder
    (don't extract it).

    6. PLAY!



    Peasant are your citizens, train them to fight mobs, or let them wander around happily.



    A knight will chase mobs and hack them to death with a sword.



    They are deadshots from a great distance, set up archers on your walls and they will shoot arrows down upon your attackers.


    Instructions & Crafting:

    Begin by crafting a

    Shrine Block:

    A Shrine is the block from which you will spawn your Peasants.
    Craft it with:
    1 Ghast Tear Block (Top)
    1 Chiseled Quartz Block and 2 Diamonds (middle)
    3 Pillar Quartz Blocks (bottom)

    You're peasants will need a religion to follow! They need something to believe in!
    Craft an ARTIFACT and place it inside.


    Your peasants need a religion! Craft artifacts and place them in the shrine to choose your religion.
    Soldiers will attack anyone with a different religion, so choose one early on!





    Training Soldiers:

    After you have crafted and placed your Shrine, Right-Click the shrine block to open it, and place 32 Bread inside.

    A Peasant will spawn! He needs weapons to become a soldier.

    To train him, Shift+Right-Click with a Sword to make a Knight, or with a Bow to make an Archer.
    Shift+Right-Click with Sword
    Shift+Right-Click with a bow
    A weapon's damage will be how much damage they deal.

    You can even give him a weapon from other mods!
    Photo Credits: Balkon's WeaponMod
    Also, you can Right-Click him with an empty hand to open his GUI. There, you can take away his weapon and give him a new one.

    Your soldier will need armor! Right-Click him with an empty hand and put armor in the slots on the left.

    Enchantments do the same to them as they do to you, with a few exceptions....
    - Knockback will launch enemies soldiers straight up into the air.

    - Looting will cause all mobs (not soldiers) to drop gold nuggets.

    - Infinity will cause the Archer to increase his fire speed.

    - Respiration will increase movement speed.

    - Aqua Affinity will cause the soldier to be invulnerable to potion effects.

    Controlling Soldiers:

    Controlling soldiers is easy. There are four modes: Guard, Follow, Hard Guard, and Hard Follow.

    Guard: They will wander away from their position to kill mobs, then they walk back.
    Follow: T
    hey will act just like a dog, trailing behind you, and killing mobs when one gets too close.
    Hard Guard: Only with archers, they will stand in one place and shoot mobs that get too close.
    Hard Follow: They will follow you without ever detecting or attacking any nearby mobs.

    To switch positions Shift+Right-Click them with an Empty Hand. They will have a name above their head, indicating what mode they are in.

    About Sieges:

    Soldiers will attack you every 90 minutes. (By default. Can be changed in config.)

    Check your shrine to see how many minutes are left before the next wave.
    At first it will be quite easy to fend them off, but they will grow in strength and numbers as time goes on.
    Enemy soldiers break through walls and blocks to attack you and your soldiers.
    Destroying the Shrine will set the wave back to the 1st, so don't worry about losing your whole castle if it gets too hard.

    If you want to add this to your modpack(s) go right ahead, just be sure to add a link to this page (or at least the name of the mod) somewhere the downloaders can find it.

    If you find any bugs please leave a comment.

    Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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    Basically it's a powerful golem that don't take no crap from anyone.

    You can build it and let it attack mobs around your farm, or you can build it to help you with a boss, or, like Pat, you can just fight it for fun. Your choice.

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    It's a Golem. You build it.

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    Lots of enchanted apples and a pair of Piston Boots ;)

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    You make it lower but, for some structures, it's really rare for minecraft to find a proper place to put it without making it look unnatural. Also it looks just like a giant red mushroom.

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    Thanks very much, I found the problem and it'll be fixed in the next version.
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    Quote from adventurrer»
    can you make the structures spawning less laggy?

    Quote from ArthaFloof»
    I would like to let you know that when one of the structures from this mod spawns in the game, it gets really laggy. Could just be my craptastic computer, but I've had it freeze up for several minutes before the structure finally finished generating and I was able to explore it.

    I can kinda lower the lag, but not by much. It's laggy due to the amount of blocks in the structure, and I can place several blocks down without making it laggy, but they have to be a giant cube of the block. So unless the structures look like giants made them from building blocks, or minecraft makes placing blocks less laggy, it's not going to get much better. :/
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    I am a mod maker who recently had an idea for a mod revolving around medieval times. This mod requires several skins for the mobs, namely knights and peasants. Although I am decent at making skins I haven't the time to make anything elaborate.

    I would like to hire someone who has more experience with medieval skins or something similar, someone with an eye for detail and realism. I will need new skins throughout the development of the mod so it's not just a one time thing. In terms of how quickly you need to work, you'll have about a month to make up to 20 different skins.

    You will not receive any money or special rewards, but your name will be on the front page of the mod's forum post.

    To apply PM me your application and some of your previous work (even if it is not medieval) and any questions you might have. Thanks.

    (If the title does not say 'Closed' then I am still looking for artists, and this thread is still up to date).
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    Quote from LaziNoah»
    i think it would be neat if the scientist boss would be in a big robot he controls

    I don't want it to be too much like Chocolate Quest, now do I? :P
    Quote from kreezxil»
    You forgot to update the version number for the 1.7.10 to 1.6. You updated the like however! So good on that. :) B)

    Thank you. Fixed it.
    Quote from dhannen»
    Hey Ani if you remember me or reading this those you know whats back at eastbury killed me so I am done with that server but maybe one day I will see you again. Also if they told you anything about me its probably not true but I was just looking for old friends and found you :D −dhannen

    Hi dhannen, seems like no one is on there anymore, I built a house and never saw anyone I knew.
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    Quote from uvbeenzaned»

    Thank you for calming people :) It's what we need. Being positive is the thing.

    I can only trust in Jeb, I don't care if the rest of the world of Minecraft becomes too commercial, like TV shows, merchandise, or DLC. I just care about two things: The classic-ness of Minecraft, and the ability to create mods and YouTube channels.
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