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    So for a while I've been having an idea for Thaumcraft. Where thaumcraft leaves off, the ending is rather open right now. (SPOILER) all you see at the end is that the Crimson Cult had created a Tainted Creature in the Eldritch, but where are they actually? Where does the crimson cult come from, and are they truly the only ones who has ever discovered the Eldritch? This is why I would absolutely love to see the second thaumcraft-exclusive add-on; Thaumic Vengeance.

    As soon as you lay your hands on the Primaeordial Pearl from the tainted beast in the Eldritch, you unlock a new kind of warp (requires 50% warp). The warp makes your screen foggy and turns everything black-white. After 5 seconds, the effect is over, and there is a new research tab in your thaumonomicon; The Shadow. The research states the warp has distorted your pressence between the Physical Realm and the Shadow Realm. (The Shadow Realm is an identical actual copy of the Physical world, but contains several creatures, blocks and nodes that cannot be seen, broken or interacted with from outside the Shadow Realm). This is where you start with Thaumic Vengeance.

    Aspects exclusive to Thaumic Vengeance:

    Oculus (Tenebrae+Lux). Sight, Blindness and Hiding. Aspect found in everything exclusive to the Shadow Realm.

    Nox (Praecantatio + Tenebrae). Occult, Sinister and Dark magic. Aspect found in devices and weapons wielding dark magic. Also rarely found in pillar Sinister nodes.

    Extertia (Nox + Vitium) Corruption, Insanity, Warp. Can only be found in Tainted Nodes while researching them from inside the Shadow Realm. Extertia Essentia can only be created, not found. (see Alchemical Catalyst)

    Imcantatio (Exanimis + Nox) Necromancy, Conjuration. Cannot be found, must be created in a catalyst or research table.

    Debilitas (Tutamen + Perdito) Weakness, fragility. Can be found in Slowness potions.

    Infirma (Telum + Perdito) Weakness, debilitation. Can be found on Weakness potions.

    Patientia (Sano + Tutamen) Durability, Survivability. Found on high health monsters, diamond armour, amethyst armour, thaumium fortress armour, enchanted golden apples.


    - Alchemical Catalyst. Can be used to combine two phials of essentia into a higher aspect (if they combine). Requires research points as it commits to a smaller research game.

    - Alchemical Distillery. Can be placed below an Alembic (instead of an Alchemical Furnace). When powered by coal, it cracks down any essentia phial into a lower tier aspect. However, it has a 33% - 50% loss rate.

    - Essentia Pylon. Can be powered by essentia, giving a beacon-like effect in an area. Each essentia has its own effect, i.e. arbor causes a crops/saplings growth speed on a large area.

    - Essentia Infusing table. Recharges capable items with Essentia drawn from a placed jar on top of the table.

    - Scrying pool. Used to create portals through keystones.

    - Keystone. When placing down a keystone and infusing it with Vis, it draws the dimensional location of the area it's placed on.

    - Shadow Shard. Obtained from killing monsters within the Shadow Realm.

    - Sacred Shard. Obtained from killing monsters within the Shadow Realm while present in a Mystical Forest.

    - Crimson Shard. Obtained from killing monsters within the Shadow Realm while present in a Tainted Biome

    - Occult Shard. Obtained from killing monsters while inside an Eerie biome.

    - Distorted Shard. Something strange hapened to this shard, it's as if the shard has lost its dimensional origin. Obtained from killing monsters within the Eldritch.

    - Shadowwood, sapling, and wandcore. Uses essentia instead of Vis. Must be recharged manually, has higher capacity, but only allows one aspect per type.

    - Nox staff core. Infused from ichor and shadowwood, it can wield any single aspect. Instead of a wand focus, it is the Essentia that determines the spell. (similair to an Essentia Pylon)

    - Belt of the Seeker. Allows the user to manually get into the Shadow Realm, but gets forced out after 30 to 60 seconds. Needs Nox essentia.

    - Belt of the Soulgazer. Allows the user to manually get in and out the Shadow Realm. Needs Nox essentia.

    - Amulet of Clarity. Allows the user to avoid Warp effects, including positive warp. Needs Patientia essentia.


    Shadow Warrior - a stronger variant of a zombie and skeleton. Only visible inside the Shadow Realm, and immediately despawns when going out.

    Wandering Soul - can be interacted with for small missions. They unlock some exclusive research, give crafting/infusion componements, give some extra research points or give you a random phial of essentia (can be Extertia or Imcantatio)

    Crimson Transcendant - can be found at a Taint Biome while in the Shadow Realm. He is a stronger version than a simple Crimson Mage, and has the ability to slowly drain Magic / Power armour. Drops a Crimson Gatestone.


    The Crimson - Accessed through A crimson Gatestone. Similair to the overworld, but contains different trees, a crimson-exclusive ore, and generated crimson strongholds, fortressess, etc.

    More will be added in due time, this is a concept for now :)

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Those dead-end aspects weren't even that bad. They were nice ties for Thaumcraft add-ons to continue further on, and they were as well very easy routes to utilize in Research (I lost count how many times I used the Arbor/Herba route on an Aer/Terra based research note.)

    When I was talking about that new add-on I had in planning, I had several aspects that continued on few of those lose ends:

    Lux + Perdito > Umbra

    Lux + Umbra > Oculus

    Praecantatio + Umbra > Nox

    Nox + Vitium > Extertia

    Exanimis + Nox > Imcantatio

    Tutamen + Perdito > Debilitas

    Telum + Perdito > Infirma

    Tutamen + Sano > Patientia

    Tempus + Sensus > Praevidentia

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    I've been actually wondering of creating a concept for an add-on with new aspects... untill I noticed something with TC5...

    Why the massive overhaul with the Aspects tree? Lots of aspects combinations just seem to make... not really any sense. IMO I really liked the TC4 aspects tree (even though in some branches it was really tough to build up, but hey, I managed.). The TC5 aspects tree seem to dominate around two aspects and, to my observation, really leave hardly any 'inspiration' you can use.

    When I look at TC4, the aspects made absolute sense:

    - Mind + Beast = Human. Because, you know, intelligence changes us from savages into what we are now.

    - Terra + Fabrico = Tutamen. Even though Terra could've easily been Metalum instead of Terra, it perfectly reflex that crafted metalwork/masonry was used for protection.

    But when I look at the new one, I'm like... h-how does this even apply for any logic?

    - Spiritus + Terra? I'm not sure what a soul has anything to do with metalwork or masonry. If you needed an overhaul, I would've more bent into the direction of Telum and Ordo, or Metalum + Ordo (and Telum becoming Metalum + Perdito)

    - Spiritus + Victus? Okay I understand the soul part, but wasn't this already established in something greater; The Mind? And didn't I just say above we were conscious animals? Why Victus instead of Bestia?

    - Aer + Terra = Vitreus? Not wanting to be rude, But air really has nothing to do with the forming of crystals. Fire has much more relevance to crystals than Air.

    - Metallum + Potentia = Instrumentum? I see where it's coming from; metalurgy/smithing, but... isn't that a MAN-MADE art? And tools didn't even start at metal, it was all sticks'n'stones. Even vanilla minecraft has that logic.

    It is very obvious to see what you tried to achieve; a tiered system. But that isn't always good. To my experience the old aspects tree was fine as it is, and I absolutely didn't mind the long path towards Instrumentum when coming down to research. Now, loads of things don't make sense anymore, no offense.

    As well, where did Praecantatio, Mesis, Meto, Perfodio, Lucrum, Telum, Iter, Venunum, Sano and Arbor go?

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    posted a message on Music disc in, background music off.
    Hey all,

    A small suggestion really, though I'm not sure if this had been implemented already [the last moment I checked it, it still wasn't].

    The suggestion is about that, if there is currently a background song playing, that that song will STOP as soon as you put a disc in a music box, or when anyone is in range of the box as soon the music starts playing.

    Some people who actually do enjoy the music may find it bloody annoying to have two songs mixing together, where you're being forced to turn either of the sound options off.
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    Good afternoon everyone :) .In this thread I would like to suggest you to stone content of which some you might remember from minecraft modpacks. Everything in this thread is based on stone blocks and variants of it, and not adding any new biomes or whole new gear, mobs or other entities. The blocks are purely for decorational purposes, and I will refuse requested additions if the addition doesn't include decorational purposes.

    Finding these new stones
    The new stone can not be found by the original means of finding 'normal' stone. It doesn't suddenly change into a different colour when you enter another biome, or will be visible on the top layer of a certain biome. The stone can be found in 'stone pockets', similair to dirt and gravel pockets occasionaly found underground, in a specific biome only. This will not only add some rarity, but also avoid the necessity to let a landscape look severely tainted by people who wants this resource badly, since this is all underground.

    Since the stone is in 'stone pockets', this will mean that there are no ore variants of these, as dirt and gravel pockets also never contain ores; they are a unique world-generation object on their own. This will also mean that this suggestion will not replace anything important that already exists in the game, and there are no mossy/cracked variants from these. From all the stone variants, only the following types of blocks exist:- Smooth stone, when placed in a furnace or when silk-touched- Cobble stone, common block when mining smooth stone without silk-touch- Stone brick, craftable- Stone slabs, craftable- Chissled Stone bricks, unlike the ordinary stone bricks, these are craftable by putting 2 slabs onto each other in a crafting grid.

    Another thing to note is that the cobblestone variants can NOT be used for crafting pistons, furnices or other devices that require a stone ingredient.

    Findable stone variants (main)
    Note: the pictures applied are simple guidelines to how the colour and texture of how the stone looks, and do not have to be a fixed resultThe following stone colours/variants are applied in the suggestion:

    - Basalt. This magmatic stone is black/dark-gray, and is only findable in Extreme hills, Desert Hills, Forest Hills or any other mountaineous biomes. Pictures for reference:

    - Redrock. This ferrum-infused rock looks red/orange/brown and is only findable in Mesa and Plateau biomes. Pictures for reference:

    - (The 'real') Marble. Not to be confused with quartz as these will still have quite distincified colour and texture, this exotic stone can be found in forests, (Cold) taiga, Roofed forest and Birch forests and jungles.Picture for reference:

    - Dacite. A light-gray green-tinted ore that can be found only under mushroom islands, making it very rare. Picture for reference:

    Other finandable variants (can be additionally supported):
    - Granite. This stone, known for a high strength, is only findable in plains, savannas, icy plains and extreme hills. Picture for reference:

    - Aquanite, a blue stone that looks just like the ocean. It can only be found in x-river, ocean and deep ocean biomes. Picture for reference:

    -Hedenbergite, a dark-green ore which can only be found in 'mega' biomes. Picture for reference:

    - Dunite, a yellow type of rock that can only be found in desert, beach and desert hills biome. Picture for reference:

    - Pyroxenite, a dark-gray type of rock, which can only be found in icy plains, spikes, taigas and icy hills biomes. Picture for reference:

    Other suggested updates that would work effectively with this suggestion:
    - Increase the amount of 'sediment packs', so these stones will be more frequent, but not too overwhelming.

    This was my suggestion about adding different types of stone. I am always open to additions, so if you want to add a type of stone, change some areas where it can be found or request other additions, you're always free to post. As stated in the first paragraph, everything is purely for decorational purposes and serves no use in achieving other content.Once it's nessecary, I'll leave a supporterst list too, but not for now ;) .Roawr,Anhrak.
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    posted a message on Looking for a server to play on.
    In that case I'm not sure about joining it, but thanks for your time anyhow.
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    posted a message on All about Fog.
    Good day, humans.

    Today I bring you a small list of suggestions, all about Fog. There are two actual suggestions that I want to add: Fog as Block ID (dynamic fog), and Fog as Weather Effect/event.

    Fog as Block ID.
    - Just like sponges, it's Creative-only to obtain. HOWEVER, it is present in any world generation.
    - There are two types of fog blocks: One regulair, and one Dense. Dense gives the same effect as blindness, Regulair gives the same effect as water (but you still can't see further than 10 blocks)
    - ID's of Fog will range from xxx:0-15 (coloured Regulair fog) and yyy:0-15 (coloured Dense Fog)
    - Coloured fog blocks (using the block ID preferences) create a coloured atmosphere and fog colour (for example, the way lava makes the atmosphere red/orange)
    - Fog Blocks spreads with 50% of the speed of Magma. It does not fall down if no block is underneath it. Instead, it guaranteedly spreads 5 blocks before dropping 1 block (making an actual cloud of fog)
    - Fog Blocks have no hitbox, just like water
    - Fog Blocks get removed when another block is about to be placed in the same spot, like grass (plant, not block), water, lava, etc.
    - When entering a Fog Block, the Fog effect fades in, instead of instantly (dis-)appearing.
    - In Regulair fog, nametages appear as if someone's behind a wall (this means that sneaking makes them invisible). In Dense Fog, nametags don't appear at all. Nametags are only affected if the other player is inside the fog.

    Ultimate Utility/Profits:
    - Adventure maps
    - 'Spooky Areas'
    - Map Borders (so you don't have to make the entire surrounding outside a map to make it look decent)
    - Better FPS performance (as the game doesn't have to process lots of visual effects)

    - Inside dungeons, a 2-deep layer of white fog will be visible.
    - Swamps will have a 3-deep layer of green/mint-green fog
    - Some parts of an abandonned mineshaft may be shrouded in gray fog.
    - Strongholds are entirely shrouded in light-blue fog, making them a dangerous place again to navigate to.

    Fog as Weather effect
    Fog as weather effect will give the same effects as the fog blocks does. However, this occurs EVERYWHERE above layer 67, as an environmental effect.

    When raining or storming, a light-blue fog effect will be hanging at the Regulair density.

    With a 'Mist' weather event, a thick white fog effect will be hanging at the Dense density.
    - Mob spawning/aggresiveness is the same as at night.
    - Occurs and is visible in any biome
    - Is as rare as a thunderstorm.

    - Bedrock fog will be replaced by the environmental effect, visible below layer 10.
    - In the nether, orange fog with regulair density will be present. Since this may drop the availability of getting quartz/fortresses, it may be considered to add this as a 'weather effect' for the Nether.
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    posted a message on New Zombies are Over Powered
    It's indeed annoying that zombies (and skeletons as well!) have become unavoidable stronger, no matter the difficulty setting.

    Also, don't say 'just switch to peacefull', because servers won't do that.

    I think that mob behavior should be difficulty-dependant, and not a re-respawn or higher shooting speed, no matter the difficulty.
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    posted a message on Realistic fluid dynamics
    It will also make the whole liquids engine unnessecarily complicated.
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    posted a message on Sprint button
    Hey there,

    I'm a staff member on a big PvP gamemodes server, and we have tons of people that actually love the usage of a key-binding mod. Every single one has the reason that they dislike they currenty way it is, with the reasons:
    - Slab/stair issues randomly stop you with running
    - Doubletaps randomly don't even respond due lag
    - Not everyone can press something twice as fast
    - It's very annoying when you're in a hurry or, as named above, parkour maps.

    This came to the conclusion, even, that we had to allow the usage of that mod. And since I know what the bad-sides are about the current sprinting feature, I actually want to support this suggestion.
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