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    HD Skins
    for Minecraft 1.8

    It's back! (mostly, keep reading...)

    What is it?
    It's a mod (duh) that allows the use of skins with a higher resolution than the default 64x64 (64x32 in the pre-1.8 format)

    How do I use it?
    1. Install Forge (If you don't know, google it)
    2. Install the mod (drop it in the /mods/ folder)
    3. IMPORTANT! While you're in the .minecraft folder, go to /assets/skins and delete everything there. Why? Because Minecraft 1.8 caches skins and if you don't clear this cache, it won't download you new HD skin!
    4. Upload your new HD skin [here]
    5. Play!

    Be aware that this is a beta build, and some features don't work all the time.
    For example: Skins load reliably most of the time, but player heads don't. When placed normally they work most of the time, but certain ones won't. Known offenders are the "Hats" on servers like Hypixel


    HDSkins for Minecraft 1.8

    HDSkins for Minecraft 1.7.10

    Now, for those of you wondering how this works, or why you need to upload skins to a different site, here's a brief explanation of how the mod works.

    By default, Minecraft will only accept two image sizes for skins, 64x32 or 64x64. The mod removes that limitation. minecraft.net will still only accept these sizes, so the mod steps in again to tell the game to look at a different server for skin files. If a skin doesn't exist on the new server, it will forward the appropriate one from minecraft.net.

    All of the old post:

    [Update] November 12, 2015: Uploads are now working.

    [UPDATE!] November 10, 2015: Wow! I didn't plan on being gone that long! But, I'm back, and I've brought the mod back with me! New uploads aren't being processed at the moment, so the mod will only work for people that have used it in the past. If that's you, head on over to my last post in the thread where you can grab a beta version of the mod for Minecraft 1.8!

    Also, as a bit of a side note, it seems like the 1.8 update contained code specifically designed to prevent skin/cape mods from working... It's not that easy to stop me Mojang!

    [ UPDATE ] November 14, 2013:

    The mod will be updated again at some point, but I don't know when. The past 6 months have been pretty rough for me, and I've made a lot of decisions that I regret. Stepping away from this was one of them. I've decided to completely start over from scratch this time. I've meant to rebuild the website a few times now, but it never gets finished. I feel like I can do it this time... like I have have to do it this time.. Because, quite frankly, coding about the only thing keeping me sane these days.I don't know how long this will take. The first version of the site was thrown together in a few hours, and that rough build has been coming back to haunt me in every update for nearly two years. Every update since then has just been tacked onto the old code, creating a huge mess when there are far more efficient ways it could have been done. I don't want to make that mistake again, so I won't be releasing anything until I have something stable, that can easily and safely been added to and modified in the future.I also need to work out a different hosting solution. The current one is too expensive, and relatively unreliable.For now, I'll keep this thread posted with any updates there may be. In the future, the news will be moved back to the main site.One final note: when things are a bit more complete, I'll be looking for a team of coders and moderators. Another lesson I've learned the hard way is managing a site with 32 thousand users is not a one man job.

    Even older post:

    IMPORTANT NEWS IS POSTED HERE FIRST: http://www.hdminecra...m/e107/news.php HD Player Skins (and capes) Support for 128x64/256x128/512x256/1024x512 player skins :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: About this mod:This mod allows Minecraft to use 128x64, 256x128, 512x256, 1024x512 player skins in addition to the default size of 64x32. Any players using the mod are able to see higher resolution skins on other players that have them, while those without the mod are shown normally.Feel free to post your own screenshots :)Installing the mod:Instructions vary, consult the download page for each version.Using the mod:If you only want to see other player's skins just install the mod. If you want your own HD skin, go to HDMinecraftSkins.com, create an account (use your Minecraft username, but not the same password), login, then click Skin ManagerDownload:All downloads are now at HDMinecraftSkins.comWant up to the minute info on the status of the mod, along with occasionally some other topics? Then follow me (@angrykhan) on twitter!Mod Changelog (incomplete, check website for versions after 1.3) :

    v1.3 Minecraft 1.2.5v1.2 Updated for Minecraft 1.2.4C2 Player API version updated to Minecraft 1.2.3v1.1 - Fixed crash on joining serverv1.0 - Minecraft 1.2C1 - PlayerAPI Compatibilityv0.6.1 -Performance tweaks on v0.6 bugfixv0.6 - Fixed a bug that can occur when the HD skin server is offlinev0.5 - Transparency now supported anywhere on the skin or cape, not just the head like before A bug in which some black pixels could appear along the bottom of the head should be fixedv0.4 - Capes!v0.3R - Minecraft 1.0 compatible version of v0.3v0.3 - Fixed solid black skin glitch, minor performance tweaksv0.2 - Fixed minecraft.net skins not loading

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    Good news!

    1.7.2/4 Support is coming soon! The website is coming back soon too!

    Quote from biomadd

    Who's charging you to host files? You're gettin' swindled, man. Just use mediafire or something.
    Amazon, that's who's charging. I use AWS S3 for the skin files, just like Mojang. Something like Mediafire might work for the mod files, but not the skin files or website.

    Since I need a website for the skin manager, I have to have an account with a host that supports PHP. So, the website is currently hosted by JustHost. Although it is going to be moved to a different host before I make the skin manager available again.

    I can't host the skin files with the website because they cause too much traffic. Even "Unlimited" hosts get a bit upset when a site on one of their "cheap" (not dedicated server) plans gets 14.5 million requests in a month.

    (For those of you that don't believe 14.5 million, this is from one of my AWS statements)
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    Over on the mod's site, I've posted some news about clarifications to the rules.

    As for the recent server problems, there was a hardware failure at the data center where one of the servers is located. I have been told that the issue has been resolved and there should not be any more problems.

    If anyone is still having problems, let me know.
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    Quote from KevinABC96

    i love you !!! and your mod of course <3
    but i think there are some things you could improve...:
    1)it doesn't seem like you support transparency and animations...on skins and capes..
    2)why isn't it allowed to upload 16x skins ? yeah obviously thats a hd skin mod.. but i think it's much more ,it's a better skin system...way better than the vanilla one...
    3)you should support this http://www.minecraft...tail-arms-legs/ if you can...but that would probably require a new player moddeling system...you would have to add that to your mod...
    4)rule 1 and 2 maybe i am taking this rules too serious ,but i think almost everyone uses the skin he want's ,no matter who made it,and i think you shouldn't disallow that...

    1) It's something I plan to add some day, but haven't had time to do it.
    edit: I misread this one. There is already transparency, but not animation.

    2) A leftover rule from before the database had filters to sort things by size. It will most likely be removed when the new database is up.

    3) Like #1, is something I have considered adding, but haven't had time.

    4) These were both rules from the early days of the database, when most uploads were just Emperor Doom's Spiderman, Iron Man, and Captain America skins. People were uploading them without any changes or credits, and in some cases even claiming they made them.
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    The mod has been updated for Minecraft 1.6.2

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    Sorry that this is taking so long. I've been working on it as quickly as I can, but things keep coming up that I have to deal with (irl, not the website). I would just put the old site back up, but there are too many security problems with that.

    I should have a somewhat stable version of the site up in the next few hours. It won't be 100% working, but it's better than nothing.

    Update: Ok, I got called out of town for something last night, so I didn't get to upload things as soon as I had hoped. But the site is up now, although it is a bit broken.
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    Well, I went to fix some security issues and ended up re-writing most of the database code. Normally, that wouldn't have taken very long. But, with everything else that has been going on it took much longer than I had planned.

    The site's not gone, there have just been some unexpected delays in re-launching it.

    Anyway, on to what's been changed.

    The new system should load faster, be easier to search, and be more secure than the old one was. There's also a brand new skin manager that no longer forces you to load three extra pages of confirmations just to change your skin. Also, when the site comes back online, it will be at HDMCS.co not HDMinecraftSkins.com. The old address will redirect you to the new page, but if you have bookmarked the site you should update your bookmark.

    There's one more new feature, but I'm going to wait until the site re-launches (in a few days) to talk about that one ;)
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    Sorry about the extended downtime everyone. My internet hasnt been working for about two weeks. I'm having to post this from my phone right now. Anyway, the site update is pretty much finished, I just haven't had a connection at home to upload it. So, as soon as I have a connection at home I'll upload it.
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    Updated for 1.4.7. http://www.hdminecraftskins.com/e107/download.php?view.31

    I'm not sure if it was necessary or not, I've heard people say 1.4.6 mods work on 1.4.7 and some say they won't. So, I recompiled it on 1.4.7 just to be safe.

    Also, in other news. The website is going to be getting a major overhaul on February 1st. I'm going to be posting occasional previews on twitter (@AngryKhan). The new update is going to be fixing a lot of issues and common complaints, like having to reload the page too many times to change skins. The site's getting a whole new look too. Here's a preview of the new download page:

    I'm also looking to turn the site into more of a community hub, with a focus on all things HD for Minecraft. This is also reflected in the new address, now meaning "HD Minecraft Stuff" instead of "HD Minecraft Skins". The site is moving beyond just skins and bringing in support for texture packs as well. I'm also opening up the option for skin/texture pack artists to have there own personal pages, rather than being limited to forums threads. This is an extension of the idea I discussed a while back that was being called "StoreFronts" back then.

    Premium membership is also something new coming to the site. With a premium membership you are not only getting all of the ads removed from the site, you're also getting entry into a monthly drawing, which could be anything from games on Steam to J!NX gift certificates. You'll also have the option of having your own website hosted on the server, with a sub-domain. So, if you wanted to link someone to a gallery with your skins in it, you could send them to yourname.hdmcs.co.

    Now, I know you may be thinking that I'm just doing this to get money, and you're partially right. In the past year that I've been running the site, it's been at a loss. I've been having some financial problems lately, and having to pay so much for the site out of my own pocket hasn't been making things any easier. The plan with the premium memberships is to pay the hosting bills for the site, then put any extra money back into things like the monthly drawings. I'm not trying to get rich from this, I'm just trying to stop losing money on it.

    Before I go, I want to take a moment to thank the community for all the support I have received recently. You guys are the reason I keep doing this. I don't even play Minecraft much anymore, but I keep updating the mod because I love seeing the amazing things you are making. Without the awesome creative community, this mod would not be what it is today. Really, Minecraft itself wouldn't be either.

    So, keep being awesome, everybody.

    Unless there's a new Minecraft update between now and February 1st, you probably won't be hearing much from me. I'm going to be buried in code, getting the new website done and tested before it goes live. :)
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