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    posted a message on Wisps

    Basic information:

    Wisps, in popular culture, refers to spherical thunderbolts as well as to a kind of dwarf or fairy.

    In minecraft, wisp would be a new flying mob of humanoid appearance, but a very reduced size (like vex) or may be a simple little flying cube; and with a surrounding halo or aura of light. of cyan, yellow, orange or purple colour, depending of the type of wisp.

    Wisps will spread effects or affect to near mobs, while they are flying. After die, these can create big zone effects or modifications, etc. These mobs will try to do "kamikaze" attacks against others specific mobs or after interact with these (I will explain this better more down), or simply these will die by random values.

    Wisps would have a low life of five hearts or less, but these will create the same area damage/effect when killed.

    Types of wisps:

    For now I only suggest two wisp types, although originally I thought in five types.

    Wisp (common):

    Wisps of yellowish colour/aura that spawns during or after storms in any biome, and can go through alpha blocks. When dies, this mob will summon a thunderbolt.

    As all the others wisps, this mob can die randomly, summoning such thunderbolt.

    Usually this wisp type doesn't go too near to others mobs, but this will do quick mini-electric discharges to any mob (players also) that it gets too close, with a damage of half hearts or no damage.

    Electric wisps will tend to "attack" (kamikaze) against metallic blocks (redstone, iron and gold blocks, and iron bars (not redstone mechanisms)), and against creepers (facilitating the obtaining of charged creepers).

    This wisp also will attack (move, die and summon lightning) to the player, if this player attacks to the wisp.

    Ice wisp:

    Ice wisps (of cyanish colour/aura) will spawn at cold biomes, during or after storms (unlikely during or after snowfall), and can go through snow, water and ice blocks. When dies, this mob will spawn a block of compact ice surrounded of normal ice, and give slowness level I during 5 seconds to any mob inside a radius of 5 blocks zone, and create snow over the blocks of this 5 blocks radius zone.

    This mob will not be as evasive as common wisps, and the chance of this for die randomly would be minor. When this mob fly near to others mobs (including players) will give slowness.

    This wisp will tend to die far (but enough near, inside radius of action) to others mobs, or attack to the player/any other mob, if this player or mob attacks to the wisp.


    Both will have low spawn rates, and the spawning of these mobs will be conditioned by storms.

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    posted a message on Ice plains spikes needs something more special: Dry Ice

    With the permission of il_Vassilon (original idea and images).

    You go mainly to an specific biome for live on this.

    You could prefer live in a roofed forest, or plains, or in a snowy biome, or in jungle...

    You possibly search certain types of biomes due to the resources.

    Mesa plateau for mineshafts; jungle for ocelots, parrots and cocoa; swamps for clay and slime; rivers for fishing, sand and clay; snowy biomes for ice, snow and slowness arrows...

    AND mushroom islands for mycelium.

    Okay, mushrooms islands has much more things: giant mushrooms here and there, mooshrooms, mycelium (that can be transported and farmed), and even a sure place, without monsters, where live and mine.


    The mushroom islands are possibly much more coveted places than ice plains spikes.

    What the ice spike plains have that does these special?

    Okay, ice spike plains have a very impressive landscape, as well as this is the only biome with natural generated compact ice...

    ...but actually this isn't enought for live or stay a long time on these.

    Compact ice, for example, is crafteable, and the landscape sometimes doesn't interest a lot.

    Both, mushroom islands and ice spikes plains have a near big rarity, but mushroom islands are much more coveted.

    What ice spike plains need? Something for be much more special.

    A new block?


    Dry ice:

    Dry ice would be a new block with a grayish thick snow texture, emiting some particles of smoke.

    Obtaining and generation:

    Dry ice would be generated in big clusters or surfaces together common snow, in ice spike plains biome.

    For obtain this block, you will need a tool with silky touch, otherwise this block will "explode" (not damage nor destruction) producing a big quantity of smoke, in analogy to common ice (that is transformed into water) or glass.


    This block will cause damage to any entity that is above, similar to magma and cacti, and will destroy dropped items, again like magma and cacti.

    However there are exceptions, mobs like endermans, strays, shulkers and endermites will not suffer damage from dry ice.

    Blazes would be specially vulnerable against dry ice.

    "it is so cold that it burns".

    Reactions with liquids and light:

    Dry ice will react with adjacent water flow blocks transforming these to ice blocks, and with adjacent static water blocks to compact ice blocks, generating smoke at the same time.

    Dry ice will sublimate randomly if this is in contact with an artificial light value higher than 7, in analogy to common ice that unfreeze with artificial light higher than 12.

    Also, this block will sublimate spontaneously if placed in the nether or in desert.

    Finally, dry ice will react explosively if this is in contact with lava, magma or fire. So, dry ice will explode with a value of 3F (slightly minor to TNT) turning off surrounding fire, transforming magma to netherrack, and transforming lava to obsidian, stone and cobblestone.

    Possible main utility of this block? Automathic ice generators.

    Okay, ice is renewable and can be generated by put water in a high extreme hill or snowy biome.

    However you must be in these biomes for obtain ice. Dry ice could be useful for generate infinite ice without be in snowy biomes, and in a similar way as cobblestone generators works.

    Dry ice also could be useful for create special mechanisms and traps, or in map building for adventure maps and servers maps.


    You can test the dry ice experience for 1.8.X.

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    posted a message on New tool: Hammer


    Hammer would be a new tool (like axe, shovel, pickaxe and hoe), and may also a new weapon (like axe and sword).

    Do not misunderstand me. The main reason for suggest this new item is to have a tool able to "powderize blocks", not like weapon, although the weapon utility is a secondary effect of be a hammer.


    Tool utility: powderize.

    Let's say you've accidentally made blocks of quartz, terracotta, concrete, or sandstone, and you want to get the base stuff again, but you're too lazy to go to the nether, or look for a river, or do something at least once in your lifetime.

    I have the solve: HAMMERS!

    You can break sandstones, concrete, terracotta, glazed terracotta and quartz blocks using the hammer for obtain again their basis materialsm.

    - Breaking a Sandstone block (even chiseled): you obtain one of their respective Sand block.

    - Breaking a Terracotta or Glazed terracotta block: you obtain 1~4 Clay items.

    - Breaking a Concrete block: you obtain their respective Concrete powder block

    - Breaking a Quartz block (even chiseled): you obtain 1~4 Quartz items.

    That isn't all. You can break undo-crafteable blocks (like lapis block, coal block, iron block, etc) for obtain their respective items.

    - 1 Lapislazuli block -> 9 Lapislazuli items.

    - 1 Coal block -> 9 Coal items.

    - 1 Redstone block -> 9 Redstone items.

    - 1 Diamond block -> 9 Diamond items.

    - A big Etc.

    Finally, it should be possible to "transform blocks" using the hammer:

    - Stone->Cobblestone.
    - Cobblestone->Gravel.

    - Nether brick/red nether brick->Netherrack.

    - Polished stones (granite, diorite, andesite)->Non-polished respective stones.

    (All these transformations will be dropped, ie, you will break cobblestone and this will drop gravel).

    Hammer will act like a common pickaxe, but slower, if used in others blocks.


    Weapon utility: headache.

    But hammer isn't only useful for break blocks, this also could be used for break heads.

    Hammer could have damage and speed values between sword and axe, equal to axe or over axe values.

    But also, and like these two weapons, hammer would have an special ability: ignorate the 15% of armor protection.


    General values:

    Speed, hardness, durability and enchantability of hammer will be conditioned by the used materials.

    In these cases, hammers will have the same values as the others tools of the same material.

    Craft recipe:



    :: S ::

    Where M is the used material (wood, cobblestone, iron, gold or diamond) and S means stick.


    A hammer never will have silky touch, since it goes against the nature of this tool. However, it will still being possible to add this enchantment to a hammer using the anvil.

    Main enchantments of hammer will be the same as others tools like shovels, pickaxes and axes (unlikely fortune, and, I repeat, never silky touch).

    However, and like axes, hammers can obtain sword enchantments, but unlikely via enchanting table.

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    posted a message on [starting] Smokables Mafia: breathe the magic (Recruiting team)

    Smokables Mafia mod:

    Smokables mafia allows players to explore the world of the mafias as well as emulate trips.

    The goal of this mod is to emulate effects several drugs and add a villager system based in mafia.

    For this, smokables mafia will add shaders for represent drugs effects, as well as these drugs, and new villager types.

    Smokables mafia is a parodic or dark environment mod. You can farm and consume drugs, or obtain big quantities of emeralds by trade these with villagers, but beware, mafias will avoid these activities unless you are allied with these.
    Deliver packages, traffic with weapons and drugs, send messages to villagers, and kill the members of others mafias, and you will gain the respect of the big family and the capo.

    Mod content:

    New villager proffesion (mafia) and mafia villager careers:
    - Capo.
    - Gangster.
    - Gambler.
    - Camel.
    - Moneylender.
    - Hitman.

    New villagers careers:
    - Yonki (for farmer proffesion).
    - Niwit yonki (niwit proffesion).
    - Doctor Mario (librarian proffesion).

    New villager system addition based in mafias and respect:
    - Capos are leaders of "groups of mafia villagers". There can be several capos in one villager, as well as several mafia vilalgers groups (confronted).
    - Capo will give challenges or missions to the player.
    - If player trades drugs with villagers, this will lose respect points from each mafia (excepting with camels).
    - Negative respect points means that mafia villagers will attack you or even persecute (depending of the type of mafia villager).
    - Capos and mafia villagers will start to spawn when the village habitants number overcome a limit.
    - Mafia villagers and capos, when hostile, are as dangerous as illagers and the vindicator.

    New plants:
    - Marijuana.
    - Toobaco.
    - Peyote.
    - Ayahuasca.
    - Coca.
    - Opium.
    - Magic mushrooms.

    New mob: fairy.

    New machine: drying table.

    New items:
    - Cigarrettes, cigars, migars (marijuana), joints (marijuana, peyote, ayahuasca), crack joints.
    - Teas (marijuana, ayahuasca, coca, opium, peyote).
    - Brownies.
    - Pipes and hookahs.
    - Seeds for each plant (excepting peyote and magic mushrooms).
    - Basic products from these plants and dry products.
    - A big etc.

    A shader system for drug effects.

    Special GUI for mafia villagers (gambler, capo, moneylender and hitman).

    - Rastacrafter.
    - I am a businessman.
    - Dark ages (with the next song)


    Recruiting team:

    The main problem of this project is that I don't have any modding knowledge, nor enought free time.

    I need to recruit a team of one modder (for add items, mobs, plants and blocks to the mod), one coder (for code plant growing, villager mechanics, mafia villager abilities, shaders, the coremod, etc) and one shader-maker (for the shaders of drug effects).

    Instead, I can make the textures and models.

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    posted a message on Platypus, new tamable mob
    Quote from ElvishKing»

    Answer this for me please

    Why do we need it if we have cats and dogs

    Why do we need llamas if we have donkeys and mules? Why do we need beethroots if we have poppy flowers and lots of vegetables?
    Why do we need pigs if we have cows and chickens? Why do we need magma if we have cacti and fire?
    Why do we need concrete if we have dry clay and wool?

    Why do we need variety in the game?
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    posted a message on Platypus, new tamable mob

    Platypus would be another new tamable mob, generated uncommonly in rivers near to roofed forests.

    For minecraft ideas wiki M.G.E.M.L. 7

    General properties:


    HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart 7 (14 hp)


    Rivers (near to swamps, taigas or roofed forests)


    Kill adult: 1-3

    Breeding: 1-7

    Mob type:

    - Mainly evassive, in a similar way to ocelots and rabbits.
    - When attacked, this will poison the player as well as become much more evassive


    Platypus could have a simple, cute appearance.

    Resultado de imagen de platypus minecraft

    Or more complex realistic.

    Imagen relacionada

    Actually I am not very decided about the possible appearance of the platypus, simply it could seem like this or like this.

    Taming and breeding:

    Platypus should be tamed using worms, but due to the absence of these in the game, should be made use of spider eyes or, by default, fish.

    Then, you can give spider eyes to a wild platypus, but this must go close you (platypus taming is similar to cat taming and rabbit attraction, but slightly faster and easier).

    For heal platypus, you can give to this fish, and for breed it, spider eyes.


    Natural behaving:

    Platypus will go over ground and through water, although these have affinity for water. These are slightly slow in ground, doing her taming easier, however are extremely fast on water.

    Player presence:

    Platypus will behave evassively near to a player, in a similar way to ocelots and rabbits, but more grupally, without disperse the group.

    If a platypus is (melee) attacked by the player or a dog, this will cause instant damage and poison to the attacker and then will run an behave much more evassively (together the entire group of platypus) during a determined time.


    Platypus will have a friendly and playful behavior, similar to that of dogs and cats.

    Platypus can be used parcially for battle. Unlike dogs, these will not attack directly to the enemy, but will put between the attacker (if melee) and the player, for poison intentionally to the attacker, and next flee and hide.

    If the attacker is an skeleton or another distance attacker, platypus will go together the distance attacker for poison this, if the owner is being attacked by this.

    Platypus will flee from creepers and high-damage attackers, instead of defend the player.

    The hiding cooldown of the platypus is conditioned by her remaining live. When platypus has little life, this will not defend the player.

    In these cases, platypus poisoning (unlike it happens with potions) will also poison undead mobs, and not give regeneration to these.


    A platypus named "Perry" will become cyan-greenish.

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    posted a message on Please add a Marketplace System in Java Edition (MCJE)
    Quote from r543»

    We don't have custom entity and player model support as of now but I'm sure that will come later, which is what I mostly meant :P

    Mods and/or commands.

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    posted a message on Bottle o'fire, Bombs and Smoke bags

    Hi, I am bla bla bla, and I suggest bla bla bla, for improve single player gameplay as well as increase the weapon variety for servers and etc.
    Straight to the point with spoilers.

    Bottle o'fire:

    Bottle o'fire basics:
    - Crafted in the brewing stand, using one blaze powder item for until 3 empty bottles (obtaining until 3 bottle o'fire).
    - Throwable item (splash/lingering like).
    - Unstackable (like potions).

    Bottle o'fire is a throwable item that will create until 75 random fire blocks inside a 5x5x5 zone when it collides.
    These fire blocks will be removed the next tick if there isn't blocks that support such fire, obviously.
    At the same time, all the entities inside the 5x5x5 zone will be set on fire.

    This would be specially useful in servers, due to its building destruction ability.
    However, will still being very useful in survival, for battle hostile mobs.

    Resultado de imagen de fire minecraft


    Resultado de imagen de bomb minecraft

    Bomb basics:

    - Crafted in the crafting table:

    - Throwable item (splash like).
    - Unstackable (like potions).

    Bombs are throwable items that will explode with a force of 3F (will be able to destroy terrain, although hardly blocks like stone and not damage harder blocks like ores and machines) when collides,
    causing a damage of until 8 hp (four hearts) in the epicenter, and pushing entities inside 1.5 blocks radius.
    Armors can protect the damage from bombs, since these doesn't cause magic damage (aren't potions).

    This item could be useful for ambush attacks (to monsters and others players) as well as deffensive weapon (by the pushing of the explosion) and for destroy buildings of soft blocks (glass, dirt, netherrack, wood...).


    Bombs vs harming potions II (comparison for show the balance of bombs):

    - Creates explosions that will push mobs (unlike harming potions).
    - Able to destroy, although minimally, terrains (unlike harming potions).
    - Will cause damage to any type of mob equally, even to bosses (unlike harming potions, that doesn't affects to bosses and will cause healing to undeath).

    Harming potions II:
    - Cause a damage of even 12 hp, 6 hearts (bigger than bombs, that causes a damage of only 4 hearts).
    - Cheaper than bombs (well, at least doesn't consumes iron).
    - Armor doesn't protects, since it causes an status effect, magic damage (unlike damage from bombs that can be reduced by armor protection).

    Smoke bags:

    Smoker bag basics:
    - Crafted in the crafting table:

    - Throwable item (splash/lingering like).
    - Unstackable (like potions).
    - Colorable to any of the 16 colours (depends of the dye used in its crafting recipe).

    Smoke bag is a throwable item that will create a densde cloud of particles of a 2~3 blocks radius when collides. The colour of particles depends of the dye used in the crafting of the smoke bag.
    If a player entries inside such particle cloud, it will give a temporal blindness that will end when the particle cloud disappears (it delays in disappear 2 or 3 seconds) or when exit from the particle cloud.
    In mobs (specially hostile mobs) this particle cloud will have the effect of do these peaceful respecting to the player temporally.

    Smoke clouds create by the smoke bag will not affect to bosses.

    Smoke bag would be useful like deffensive item, for escape from hordes of monsters or others players.

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    posted a message on Please add a Marketplace System in Java Edition (MCJE)

    Please add a Marketplace System in Java Edition (MCJE)

    "Please add marketplace for PC edition" no, I like free things.
    Also, I like mods, with marketplace system that is impossible or unviable.

    That there are screwed up editions of the game for other platforms, is not reason to screw up the edition of the pc platform.
    We will not suffer because others are suffering.


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    posted a message on Bismuth, iridiscent dye: new ore and material from the end.

    Bismuth would be a new material found in the end, generated with a low abundance, similar to gold in the overworld or, to be more exact, like the diamond at the diamond layer.
    This should be extracted with a diamond level pickaxe, and would drop itself.

    After being cooked at the furnace, it will give one bismuth item.

    This item would have several utilities, related with brewing, enchanting and dying.


    Bismuth can be used for "reenchant" enchanted things in the enchanting table. This "reenchanting" will consume one bismuth item and 5 xp, and can't be applied to items with curses.

    Reenchanting can't be applied to books.

    Reenchanting will remove several or all the enchantments of the item and next add new enchantments.
    It would be useful if, for example, you consider an enchanted item like useless (that in my case occur a lot), due to have several with the same enchantments or simply you want to bet for better enchantments.
    With the reenchanting, the chance of achieve good enchantments increases a 50% (a half more).

    After "reenchant" an item, this will show a rainbow animated texture instead the purple animated aura texture, and it will be unable to be reenchanted again.

    Possible reenchanted animated texture in a iron sword:


    Bismuth is a dye, but it will not give an specific colour. Instead, bismuth will give an "iridicent" effect to leather armors and items where it is applied.

    You can create iridiscent wool, iridiscent glass, iridiscent clay... give iridiscence to any colorable block.

    However, and unlike others dyes, bismuth can't be applied to banners, shields and sheeps.

    "Iridiscence effect" in minecraft could work like in real life. This is, the block or armor will change of colour depending of the point of view (position) of the player that is seeing this.

    If this is too complex or problematic, another alternative is to give to these blocks and leather armor (with bismuth) simply the ability of change of colour permanently, be animated colored blocks.


    Bismuth could be used over any done potion for create a "probability elixir", that is basically a potion with one random effect, with a chance of give a positive effect of 75%, and a chance of give negative effect of 25%.

    You can obtain a "poison effect" as well as a "night vision effect" using this, additionally it could also have chances of give effects like absorption, nausea, haste, minning fatigue, levitation and health boost.

    This potion only have a "edible version", and can't have extended nor level II effects, as well as it can't have lingering and splash versions.

    Resultado de imagen de ambrosia minecraft

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