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    posted a message on [Java Realm Recruitment] Opening the doors to our survival realm.

    So, this realm I belong to, is a little... empty... in the people department.

    There are 7 members as of now, and of the 7 members, only 2 of us are really active.

    Sometimes 3, if we're lucky.

    Some new people with new ideas and new plans might just spice things up a little. :]

    We don't have much for restrictions, age-wise, but we do ask for a bit of maturity.

    Shouldn't be that hard, eh?

    It is a survival Large Biomes map, only a few days old.

    Spawn is in a Forest biome, and the closest ocean is about 700 blocks south of spawn.

    Because 1.13. Everyone wants an ocean.

    Anyway, if you're interested in joining please leave your Java Edition name below, and look for an invite from the rkingdom realm.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    There are currently 1 spot left in the invites. So don't wait too long if you want to join us. :D

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    posted a message on What to do when lost in the Nether?

    Generally when exploring the nether, I carry an ender chest with me. If I get lost and can't find my way back I stash my gear in it and jump off a cliff. :3

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    posted a message on What is your favorite type of minecraft block?

    I use a lot of both wood and stone.

    But I do remember when purpur came out, I was excited to build with it, but for some reason, I couldn't make it look good in my builds.


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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    I'm having a blast with this mod.

    But I do have a slightly annoying question.

    Is the cauldron completely bugged or just certain recipes from it?

    I completely decimated an area on my map trying to make Nitor.

    And another area trying to make a blank lesser focus.

    I don't want to keep ruining areas if it's all bugged at the moment. xD

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    posted a message on Best World Type ?

    I prefer to start with large biomes, myself.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I built a gold farm, and helped a buddy on the realm I play finish off his wither skeleton farm.

    Other than that, I do a lot of fishing. xD

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    posted a message on Idea for raiders

    Hardcore and ultra hardcore not challenging enough for you?


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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Thank you for all your hard work on this mod.

    Been missing playing it recently, and after all the changes since, 1.8.9 feels wrong to me now.

    Glad you're back at it. Keep it up.

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    posted a message on [poll] What render distance do you play at?

    My answer changes by version and map type, but usually 12, so long as I have optifine.

    I drop it to 8 - 10 when playing snapshots or without optifine installed.

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    posted a message on What do you look for when starting a new world?

    I'm kind of picky with my new worlds.

    But I nearly always mark spawn and keep to a fairly small radius around it starting out.

    Sometimes I use amidst to find what I'd like to have accessible.

    But due to amidst not showing elevation, I usually just create world after world until I find what suits me.

    Which is fairly flat, but not completely, in a place with a decent area of grass, access to large bodies of water, and having nearby access to Spruce and/or Dark Oak.

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    posted a message on Basic Useful Redstone Creations

    I'm going to attempt to describe my trash compactor design, as I could find no video tutorials specifically for this design, and I'm too shy and embarrassed to make one.

    Materials needed:

    1 Trapped Chest.

    1 Hopper

    1 Dropper

    1 Comparator

    2 repeaters

    5-ish Redstone dust.

    Place the dropper facing down into the lava, with the hopper feeding into it and the trapped chest on the hopper.

    Take the comparator output of the dropper, run it into a repeater, and dust around back to the comparator on one side, and dust into a repeater into a block on the other side.

    So if your're looking down at it: D= Dropper/ C= Comparator/R=Repeater/U=Redstone dust/B= Any old block





    This is nearly always the first redstone contraption I make in a survival setting. :3

    Followed closely by a trash compactor that uses a dropper to fire things into lava.

    Both designs are small and very useful. :3

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    posted a message on With the custom recipes coming in 1.13, I have been wondering...

    What sort of recipes you all will make, or have already made and played with in the snapshots.

    And how do you balance them to be fair for your survival worlds?

    I only have a couple recipes I use. One is iron nuggets to make chain armor.

    And paper, string, iron ingots and a nether star to craft an elytra, because exploring the end for it scares the hell out of me and usually ends in me losing all my gear anyway. x__x

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    posted a message on Sea Pickles?

    Starts at 6 for one in a space and goes up to 15 for 4 in a space.

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    posted a message on Skeleton Aim

    I often joke on my realms how skeletons have high powered sniper rifles, able to shoot me in the head from 210 blocks away through obstacles. and always seem to have the hidden enchantment of quickdraw, firing in much faster succession than a player can.

    But really, a shield is always handy against them.

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    posted a message on Any ideas for survival

    My personal project for every survival world I play, after setting up the basics, shelter, farms, mines, and whatnot, is to make a 'ruined version' of the main feature of my previous world's base. I've been doing it since 1.8 and it's a fun little tribute to where I came from previous. Got some odd questions on the realm I play on. But most of the people there thought it was a cool idea.

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