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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 Rendering/chunk loading issue.
    I've never had this issue before Minecraft 1.6 released. I don't have any texture packs or any mods, no matter what view distance I play with, this still happens.

    The chunks load very slowly, and they never load to the max. I'm not sure if the same thing happens on single player because I never play single player. But it happened on this server. If anyone knows what's causing this issue, help would be greatly appreciated.
    Note: Before 1.6 I was always able to play Minecraft on the highest graphic settings without ever having a problem.
    Posted in: Unmodified Minecraft Client Support
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    posted a message on [16x][1.5.1] Forgotten Lands (version 1.11) - Customisable biomes!
    I think you may have missed a texture. When I cast my fishing rod out, the rod dissapears, but I can still see the line. Just thought I'd post that here incase you didn't know. But everything else is amazing. Great pack, and thanks a lot.
    Posted in: Resource Packs
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