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    Yes, sometimes people are stupid. I would think it was obvious he has a life like any of us, but some of us need to listen to a broken record for an hour before we can repeat what it said with any degree of accuracy, or at least it feels that way sometimes...

    I understand that the author has a personal life and he not can once engaged modes, but leave a forum that you have a problem and you are engaged in this nemozhesh takes a couple of minutes. I've been waiting 10 months and update not rock the boat, but the news from the author did not come. He could write just one sentence "no time" and I would know that he has not forgotten about the fans, and now only guesses and justification of those same fans. Understand me, I waited 10 months, and did not get anything, even bonalno "no time".
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    if the author is all the same is not going to give up witchcraft, here is the idea of new monsters to 0.25
    1) Manticore
    2) Centaur
    3) Cthulhu
    4) the demon of the mind
    5) scared

    the idea of the rituals
    1) changing the size
    a) Giant
    B) small
    c) Normal
    2) revive the scarecrow
    3) call the demon of the mind
    4) the transfer of things in the spirit world (again)
    5) omnibus with the demon of the mind (you get his strength and weakness)

    idea symbol branch Ent
    1) exchange of health
    2) reset effect
    3) invalidate (vampire, werewolf, demon of the mind) for a certain time

    ideas for new items
    1) points (see ghosts and invisible players)
    2) more contracts with imp
    3) greater Dreamcatcher

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