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    posted a message on On A Stick - Actually adds a bunch of crafting blocks on sticks!

    What does this mod add?
    Reminisce the good old modding days with a Crafting Table on a Stick,
    alongside other utility blocks on sticks!

    Other Information
    You can include this mod in your mod pack as long as you don't claim the mod as your own.
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    posted a message on Hey, anyone remember The Tempest's Box?

    Hey, anyone remember The Tempest's Box? Well, it's back! Not an advertisement, more of an announcement 😛

    For those of you not around back in the good ol' days, TTB was a command block creation that added countless features to the vanilla Minecraft, without needing to install mods, and was made extremely popular by Jragon014. This project is an update of her TTB for 1.16+, and similarly to the classic TTB we want as much involvement from the community as possible with the project! If you'd like to give us ideas, contribute, or just chat about TTB, there's our Discord where you can stay up to date with releases and progress!

    Discord Server Patreon

    Ore Dweller model and texture by Qbert

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