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    Sounds pretty good although it lacks some detail, hence why people might think its fake.
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    My first daimonds were actually the most epic find ive had so far.

    I found a hole in the ground, so i made some ladders to go down as i hated fall damage...

    Basically found a cavern but it didn't lead anywhere, so i made it into my base and made the center a mining shaft. I hit a cave system that was fairly large (took me 3 hours to explore) and when i was done I decided i needed lava for an incinerator. Used a bucket on the source and when the lava fall diminished there was diamond behind it.


    made my love of minecraft even stronger XD
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    Quote from Cornshot »
    1. I strafe back in forth
    2. Wait for them to attack
    3. Rush in
    4. Punch it
    5. Back away

    Best suggestion so far ;D
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    Shame that a few people abuse servers like these. iIm glad that servers like this exist. They improve the minecraft experience 10 fold.
    I've played briefly on this server before the white list and it was great.

    Hope the guy that ruined it all goes to hell.

    Hope to be part of the community soon
    [>>-i>] Andalite
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