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    Quote from Sarkos

    tasmjchoi and maybe_your_kool will not be accepted into the server...

    If it were up to me, maybe_your_kool would never be accepted. :smile.gif:

    I support that. If a 21 year old can't read the front page (which he was meant to do anyway), then why should he be let onto the server xD

    I seriously doubt he's 21. Either that or he doesn't know that 12 is 1 and then 2, and not 2 then 1.
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    Quote from MasterEric

    before asking about stuff on the forums... LOOK IT UP FIRST

    I'm not that ignorant. I've tried googling it and also the wiki. Nothing came up. My last resort is to ask the forums.
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    Would anyone be able to supply me with a utility or a tool that allows me to modify the enchantment on a certain item? I can only find mod's that have a better enchanting system, but I can't find a utility that allows me to modify already existing items D:
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    Quote from iLicKTreeS01

    *Minecraft username: AstonOne
    *Age and location: 12,Canada
    *Previous bans: Nope..
    Referral: Nobody
    *Reason for acceptance: Because i like PVP and im cool :cool.gif:
    *Say what you think the proper uses of fire and TNT are: Fier for burning people you dont like and TNT for blowing up something youre making and you dont like it
    Additional info: I have a minecraft server
    *Have you read the rules?:Nope... [Do i have too? i know not to grief?]
    Add me ASAP please! :biggrin.gif:

    Might want to do another one of these. They won't accept you because "you're cool" and you haven't read the rules.
    Quote from drillanoob

    *Minecraft username: drillanoob
    *Age and location:14, capalaba Australia
    *Previous bans: none
    Referral(how you found out about our server):browsing the minecraft forums
    *Reason for acceptance:i wish to become a regular person on the servert that is well known
    *Say what you think the proper uses of fire and TNT are: breaching homes
    Additional info (some of your achievements in minecraft or just trivial knowledge):
    *Have you read the rules? (Y/N):yes
    *Prove it: {lacing buckets of lava and water around/inside others homes/creations is griefing}

    Might want to submit another application. they won't accept you with what you've written.
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    Just a quick question on how people who use hotkeys, use them?

    I've seen minecrafters I know use hotkeys (1,2,3,4,5 ETC) but when I go to use them, I find myself really challenged. I just don't understand how you could use the keys over a scroll wheel.

    I would use them as they are quicker, but they seem impossible to use.

    Anyone care to elaborate?
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    Quote from Sarkos

    Current base so far:
    - Main Room

    - Other room

    I love the way you took my design, and now use it all the time xD
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    Quote from joe51498

    We don't promote stealing or griefing in servers that don't allow it
    Huge Credit to Sgt_Napalm his ideas influenced me greatly and he Re-Wrote the entire compendium without him this guide would still be shambles. By "Rewrote" I mean Edited and Checked for Grammar a good deal of my work.

    Hello Everyone! My name is joe51498, and I’ve been stealing since I joined my first SMP server. Since then I’ve worked, watched and waited for the right time to write, quite literally, "The book" on thieving. In the following pages I would like not only to articulate the proper way to perform a heist, but also outline what it truly means to be a thief. Now, without further ado, I present to you “A Thief's Compendium.”

    -Note: This thread is going to be expanded on in several sections over the coming days if the community response is good ,so no section will be left to fester and die. I will update it as much as I possibly can, also if you have any ideas or suggestions for the thread, then post them. The Compendium is a living document.

    Section I
    The Code

    The code is a simple set of rules that every thief should follow.
      [*:1f18iscy]Assist your brethren. Always help fellows thieves.
      [*:1f18iscy]If possible, try to refrain from killing during heists. Killing shows lack of skill.
      [*:1f18iscy]Griefing or destruction in pursuit of a heist or for ANY matter is forbidden. A good thief should do as little damage as possible and escape unnoticed.
      [*:1f18iscy]Always carry a sword, preferably steel and up.
      [*:1f18iscy]Have no emotion on the job. Keep your mind clear about what you're going to do, and how to do it.
      [*:1f18iscy]Have nothing you can't dismantle or abandon in less then a minute.
      [*:1f18iscy]If you cause a thief to get caught or harmed, it is your duty to assist him until your assistance is no longer needed.
      [*:1f18iscy]Always plan twice as much as you act.
      [*:1f18iscy]Friendship should never influence you. Your only allegiance is to The Brotherhood.
      [*:1f18iscy]Keep your promises to other thieves.
      [*:1f18iscy]Gambling will be your downfall. It is allowed, although frowned upon.
      [*:1f18iscy]Always have basic items needed for a heist on you at all times. (This will be outlined later.)
      [*:1f18iscy]You either trust someone with everything, or trust them with nothing. There is no in-between.
      [*:1f18iscy]A good thief should be a jack of all trades. A varied skill set is vital.
      [*:1f18iscy]Deception is the language of thieves. Become fluent in it.
      [*:1f18iscy]Of course, don't deceive other thieves.
      [*:1f18iscy]Information is as valuable as diamonds. Be conservative with who you tell what.
      [*:1f18iscy]Never strike someone unless you intend to kill them.
      [*:1f18iscy]Do not hack or cheat. This is strictly forbidden.
      [*:1f18iscy]Attempting to argue with idiots never bodes well for the intelligent.
      [*:1f18iscy]Trap making does not necessarily help with heists, but having a good understanding of redstone and various traps will make them much easier to bypass
      [*:1f18iscy]Lurk in the shadows whenever you can.
      [*:1f18iscy]The murky waters of Minecraft are a thief's best friend. Use water to your advantage.
      [*:1f18iscy]If someone breaks the code, they must be brought before the council and tried.
      [*:1f18iscy]Never work with someone you do not trust.
      [*:1f18iscy]Don't EVER attempt to use TNT unless you know what your doing, or you have a death wish.
      [*:1f18iscy]Try not to break things you can't replace. A good thief should be able to rob someone without anybody knowing they've been robbed until they check their chests.
      [*:1f18iscy]Always look inside furnaces, people leave coal, iron and other valuable things inside them now and again. and they are rarely well hidden or protected.
      [*:1f18iscy]If a Guild thief is hurt on the job ,or by actions taken by The Guild, he is to be compensated.

      [*:1f18iscy]Learn whatever you can whenever you can, no information is useless.
      [*:1f18iscy]Never work with the authorities.
      [*:1f18iscy]Never work with more people then needed.
      [*:1f18iscy]If you Come upon hacked in items you are permitted to steal them if you punish the former owner more-so then just stealing his goods.
    [center]------—To be continued at a later date—------[/center]

    Section II
    Thief Equipment and Outfitting

    In this section i will outline what exactly is proper for a thief to carry and wear during a heist.
    Basic Kit
    A Very Basic kit . This is what all thieves should have on them as often as possible.
      [*:1f18iscy]Sword-At least stone but iron and up preferably
      [*:1f18iscy]Bucket of water- Two, usually only one is required for climbing but keeping a spare is always a good move.
      [*:1f18iscy]Pick-Stone and up preferably for breaking through walls and such
      [*:1f18iscy]Shovel- Always handy to have especially if your tunneling (Stone and up)
      [*:1f18iscy]Ax- Stone and up once again
      [*:1f18iscy]Dirt/Cobble (Dirt is preferred however) a basic material up to a stack should be kept on hand whenever possible
      [*:1f18iscy]Food (Bread is preferred pork is better) Keep at least three units of food on as much as you can.
      [*:1f18iscy]Torches- I personally like to carry about a half stack

    Combat Kit
    Items are listed in the order of where they should appear on your toolbar.
      [*:1f18iscy]Sword-Steel and up
      [*:1f18iscy]Lava/Water bucket- If you prefer to fight dirty.
      [*:1f18iscy]Armor (Iron Preferably but hide if its all you have available)
      [*:1f18iscy]Food-Pork Pork should be the ONLY type of food on your tool bar for quick in-combat healing bread can be used for after combat healing.
      [*:1f18iscy]Bow- I don't personally use them much if its your sort of thing.
      [*:1f18iscy]Torches- At least a half stack
    (You should also try to carry as much of the basic kit as you can)

    Survivalist's kit
      [*:1f18iscy]Sword-Stone and up
      [*:1f18iscy]Bucket of water- At least two
      [*:1f18iscy]Pick-Stone and up
      [*:1f18iscy]Ax-Stone and up
      [*:1f18iscy]Shovel-stone and up
      [*:1f18iscy]Dirt-Up to a stack
      [*:1f18iscy]Bed- Always something you should keep on if you plan on roughing it.
      [*:1f18iscy]Workbench- Not much to say really
      [*:1f18iscy]Cobblestone- Always useful try to keep at least 24 on hand
      [*:1f18iscy]Wood/Sticks/Planks- Preferably keep your wood products in log form as long as you can for easy storage.
      [*:1f18iscy]Torches- Try to keep about a stack on you.

    *Disclaimer* Of course, if a particular scenario needs so and so supplies or tools, then you can modify the kits given. All the kits are here to do is to give you a few guidelines on what you should have ready.

    Section III
    Honor Among Thieves

    In this section, I'm going to discuss how a Thieves' Guild should operate and be structured. First off, lets get down to ranks first. There are no "Jobs" In the thieving community. Every member serves to the best of their ability and does what is asked of them.
      [*:1f18iscy]Recruit- The lowest rank a Guild thief can have. Barely higher then a random robber off the street.
      [*:1f18iscy]Apprentice- This rank is for recruits who have been taken under the wing of a master thief.
      [*:1f18iscy]Journeyman- This rank is awarded once an apprentice graduates. It is the lowest rank that allows a thief to perform heists.
      [*:1f18iscy]Bandit- This rank is for those who have proved their skill, and is for thieves of a medium skill level.
      [*:1f18iscy]Shadowalker- This rank is the next highest up from bandit, and is cleared to operate on his own accord with supervision from a captain.
      [*:1f18iscy]Captain- A captain is allowed to lead heists and help train recruits.
      [*:1f18iscy]Master- This rank shows that you have fully learned what it means to be a thief, and you're allowed to take on an apprentice at this point.
      [*:1f18iscy]Grandmaster- The leader of your sect of the Brotherhood. A truly skilled thief, a grandmaster can also take on several apprentices along with many other things.

    *The Council consists of the highest ranking members of your particular Guild, formed to solve disputes and govern your branch of the Brotherhood of Thieves as a whole.

    Section IV
    Thief Techniques

    This section will deal with various skills and moves that are vital to any thief.
    Water Climbing
    What you will need: Preferably two buckets of water (Although one will do in some cases).

    A Thief's favorite method of scaling a building. The PROPER way to scale a sheer wall (Meaning no over hangs or great turns) with a bucket of water only requires a single bucket of water. (However more advanced Maneuvers will require two). Start at the bottom of what you'd like to climb and dump your bucket of water along a wall of it, preferably as high up as you can. When you're near to the top of your water stream, (Not too close but not that far either) pick up the water source block with your bucket and place it again higher. If you've done this properly you shouldn't fall at all.(Given how slow water travels the water from the LAST time you placed that source block will still be traveling downward, giving you more time while the new water reaches you so you can continue your ascent.) When you're at the top of whatever you chose to scale, climb up on to it, and then remove the water source block you placed. If you want to descend safely, place a water source block then remove it, and jump into the downward cascade of water. You'll take no damage if you do it properly, and the water will safely carry you to the ground.

    Water Climbing (Double-bucket)

    This shares a lot of the same basic tenets with one-bucket climbing but a little bit different. Basically, double-bucket climbing is slower but allows for climbing challenging things. (Getting around corners, overhangs, and all of the especially dangerous stuff) Basically, just like in one bucket climbing, you place a bucket of water and then climb up it, but instead of removing that water and replacing it you, place the other bucket of water and climb up to the top of the water stream. Then, remove your first water block and continue in the fashion described above. Now if you're climbing a building with corners and overhangs, it's VITAL you make sure that your transfer from one water stream to the next is (No pun intended) fluid, so that you don't fall to your death.

    Sword Fighting

    I know this something EVERYONE thinks that they know how to do, but it does require a fair amount of skill. Now I'm not going to go into huge detail but if you're starting off with sword combat, I would like to explain what some of the best tricks are to winning. (This applies to PvP ,of course). First of all, don't hold down the mouse button; click as fast as you can to swing your sword faster. the more hits you deliver the more health the other guy will lose. Whenever possible, try to flank the other player either by circling around back, or hitting his sides. Be cautious, however. Once you're close to someone in Minecraft PvP, it'll be hard to get away unless both players back off mutually. So, if your plan is to charge right, in don't expect to have a lot of time to eat and heal up.

    Swan Dives

    A Swan Dive is a leap from a high up place into some sort of downward momentum stopping area. Water is the method most commonly used. If you land in water that’s at least 2 blocks deep, no matter what your height was, you will receive no damage upon landing. This can prove to be very useful for quick transport and escapes. Also, if you don't fancy water, ladders will do the trick. What you have to do is fill a one wide by at least two deep hole with ladders on the interior sides. When you fall into the pit, the ladders will instantly cancel your downward momentum. HOWEVER if you don't land properly, and land on the lip of the ladder, (The very thin top of the ladder) you will receive fall damage. The ladder method is not recommended. I also believe that boats will save your life from fall damage, (Provided that your in the boat) but I believe it destroys the boat, though I’ve never personally used a boat to avoid fall damage. I'm fairly sure it works however feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Room Sweeping

    If ,for whatever reason ,you DO need to kill someone during a heist, my preferred method is as follows: Sneak up onto the roof top, (Or whatever is directly above them) and mine downwards to drop down onto their head. People rarely look up, and if you do it properly they won't see you until its too late. If you want to get fancy or just kill a lot of people, the best way to clear a room by getting to the roof with with lava, punching a hole in the ceiling, and dumping a lava bucket where that part of the roof used to be. The lava won't burn any chests in the room, so the items are ripe for the taking! now if you ARE going to use this method make, sure to pick up the lava then place a water block its it place. (To turn any of the excess lava into cobble or obsidian so it doesn’t , Y'Know, kill you) You can Also climb that stream of water out of the house or whatever you're breaking into.


    Now if you're going to kill someone, but really want to make a show of it, fire is your best bet. The moment someone gets set on fire, they run around like a chicken with their heads cut off to the nearest source of water, no matter how fast the fire is actually sapping at their health. Fire is a great way to disable minimally trained guards and security personnel and is one of the better ways to kill someone.

    Fall damage and you
    (This section is simply my findings from a series of tests i conducted)

    N=No armor
    The First Number repersents the amount of blocks fallen from
    The Second Number repersents the amount of damage dealt from fall damage
    The Third Number Repersents the damage done to armor quality in tests that use armor.


    Section V
    Espionage and Planning

    Vital to ANY thief’s arsenal is the ability to observe AND to extract as much information as possible. The first part to this section will be mainly how to conceal yourself properly.

    Though this is minor issue, I thought it would be worth mentioning that for long-range surveillance, having some moderate form of camouflage might help conceal yourself. Ff course I'm a practical person, and I realize that if camouflage was to be applied to use in the field, it should only be used at a distance. While I find camouflage an interesting prospective technique, I don't advocate using it in the field until more research has been done.

    Blind Spots

    When surveying a target, the main way they're going to detect you is by seeing your name. Now if you're far enough away you can avoid this, but if you're surveying in close you'll need to find their blind spot. There are three main ways to go about this. The first is to stay above your target, since people rarely look up. The second is to go bellow them, which is a useful a(lbeit inferior) method. The third method is quite "Ballsy". It is to stalk them from the behind which CAN be useful provided you have a proper escape plan if they catch you. I’ve only done the last on a few occasions and no respectable thief should rely on it too much.


    This seems like a no-brainer, but some rookie thieves don't seem to realize how valuable sneaking is. Yes it slows down your movement, but it quiets your footsteps and makes it so your name isn't seen through walls.
    Section V Part II
    This Sub-section is going to deal with once your observing your mark how to extract as much information as possible.
    Identify What the base is used for, and identify its facilities. Knowing what the facility is for is vital. If it's a large wheat farm ,it'll be easy pickings. Usually wheat is stored in unhidden chests in broad daylight, and is fairly valuable in large quantities.

    Identify the area around the base and its surroundings. Understanding the environment around the base can be vital. For example, if there is a rainforest near the base, you could use it to sneak in under the cover of night. A base dug into a hillside which would best be tunneled into.

    Identify WHO's living inside so and so base and knowing who's house it is is an enormous boon. Whatever profession they are they'll outfit there bases in different ways. Just as a thief I always hide my chests behind double locked iron doors and obsidian. A Demolitions expert will make his house harder to blow up. Now I'm making generalizations here, but if your breaking into a Trap experts house I would advise watching for pressure plates extra closely.

    Identify how and what it's built out of. Knowing what the place is built out of and the interior floor plan is vital. For bigger heists, all thieves should try to sketch out rough floor plans of the house to get a better idea of how he/she can most quickly escape while stealing all the valuables inside.

    Track who's entering and leaving the base when and where. For example, does the majority of the base travel to a far away land every couple days, leaving the base mostly Unguarded? Every little detail is important if you want to increase your rate of success on heists and lower casualties.

    Make yourself comfortable. A good stake out should be conducted from a safe house near the mark and take a while. You get what you put in. If you only watch the base for 15 minutes you'll get Sketchy Intel at best. While sitting and waiting it out isn't always the best answer, being patient is key if you want to become a professional at espionage.
    Section V Part III
    This sub-section mainly deals with proper planning and coordination.
    Make a Step by step for each heist you perform. Map out your actions and how long the heist will take. As an example I’ll post a very simple step-by-step guide below.

      [*:1f18iscy]Arrive at jumping off point 20 blocks south of target.
      [*:1f18iscy]Approach building side and water climb up the wall until on the roof.
      [*:1f18iscy]Drill a 1x1 hole in roof and slide down into the storage room via water column.
      [*:1f18iscy]Clean out all chests in room and clear immediate surroundings of threats before continuing.
      [*:1f18iscy]Climb up Water column, fill in gap in roof then, proceed to return to ground level by descending in a column of water.
      [*:1f18iscy]Head 70 Blocks South-West until you reach your safe house. wait for Re-Enforcements to transport the loot back to main base. (I'll be posting more of these examples to give you guys ideas in the future)

    Try to take chance out of your plans as much as humanly possible. Relying on an overly elaborate plan that requires X to be at Y position at the exact right time isn't practical. A good heist should be like a good knife; short and to the point.

    Section VI
    Traps, Countermeasures, and Buildings

    *Note that, this being a compendium, the majority of this section will be videos and guides collected from outside sources. All credit goes to the respective makers of each guide/video, and if you'd prefer it not be in this thread contact me and I will take it down*


    Sand trap (Non-Lethal)

    Arrow Trap


    Self-Repairing wall

    Lava-Wall Trap
    (Note although this isn't really practical i thought it deserved a mention)


    Floating Dock

    (I've built this personally, so please don't tell me that it isn't possible.) The Floating dock idea came to me when I was building a floating house about 20 blocks up over the ocean. Basically how the dock works is this. There is a pillar of water running down from the center of the dock down to sea-level and when your boat drives over the column of water it is sucked up to the dock. (I built my dock with a Ceiling hole so my head didn't smash into the ceiling) From there you can maneuver and drive your boat to a docking station if you wish to leave the dock simply drive off the end and land in the sea.

    Section VII
    Theist Execution and Tips


    When Climbing up a wall with water, be diligent not to wash away any torches. An absence of torches on a wall is a dead give-away.

    Try to avoid making your entry into a house a window or a large glass pane, because glass is not replaceable (Unless you brought glass with you.) It much harder to cover up your initial entry point.

    Whenever using TNT to blast through a wall, do your homework. The TNT resistance of the wall and the things on the interior of the wall are all important factors, I would ONLY recommend using TNT as a breaching round during a heist if you've worked with it Extensively.

    Navigation is key skill that every thief should have. To help find out your direction you can use several things.
      [*:1f18iscy]The clouds- The clouds will ALWAYS move north making them a dependable way on finding your direction.
      [*:1f18iscy]The Sun and the moon- The Sun/moon will ALWAYS rises directly in the east and sets in the west.
      [*:1f18iscy]Cobblestone blocks- I would go into detail, but I doubt I could top this video.

    Nighttime heists

    I've ran several nighttime heists, and most proved successful. Any thief planning a nighttime heist should consider a few things. First off, how far away you have to travel to your mark is something to consider. If you have to walk 500 blocks to get to your target the chance your chance of getting killed by a mob increases.
    The other thing to consider is that at night people are usually in their homes, meaning that your chance of getting caught by the mark is increased significantly. Nighttime raids can be useful if you're planning to raid large establishments. (Cities and large bases where people will move and shift during the night, not staying stationary allows you to move much more easily). If you're planning a more aggressive raid, attacking by sea (Using boats of course) is a very wise move. The dark will help cover your actions and monsters rarely swim out to sea.

    A Thief's Den VIII

    Location-The Most Important factor of any home for a thief is location, now as with anything you sacrifice Security for acessbility, While a town house in a major city might be easier to acess it will usually but much less secure then say an underground compound. However a professional thief should always maintain and update several safehouses.

    BuildingNote for this section im going to list how to build several types of homes

    Townhouse- Now the main benefit of having a townhouse is that it gives you a close base of operations for
    In-Town Heists. However Townhouses are highly visible and usually In-Secure. However by following a few simple tips you can make your townhouse the best it can be.

    Material-Idealy a townhouse should be made out of cobblestone, however if you MUST use wood use wooden-Half steps given that there harder to break and Flame Resistant.

    Escape Route- The Big problem with townhouses is that there usually expanded verticially making it much harder to escape from one, however a properly built townhouse should include exits at the Ground floor,Top floor and basement/Sub-Basement if you have one of course.

    Storage- Now Naturally your going to want to store some things in your town house but it is imperitative that you keep nothing in the easiliy acessed areas of the house. If possible try to hide chests beneath the floor, however chests are best hidden under the ground floor but i would like to make clear that chests should NOT be hidden in the ceiling or walls given how frequently thieves use them as a method of entry. Despite all of this the best place to hide your things is in a hidden basement underneath your house

    Basements- Having a hidden basement under your townhouse can be great asset to any thief If built properly, now idealy the basement should be dug out a good deal under the house. Having a Basement one block under your house will make both your name easiliy visible and would likely be accidently discovered by tunneling thieves. Idealy the house should be dug about 25 blocks down from ground level this will keep branch mines from running into it while still keeping it a good deal underground. Now the entrance to the basement should be a one wide Ladder-filled shaft hidden under your floor. Now as i stated before it is vital that you have an escape route for this area of the house

    Rooftop- The Rooftop is always a tricky thing to deal with personally i like to make small wheat farms, now i of course incase the roof in glass to keep intruders out and if you were paying attention before your proably asking your self "With a glass encased roof what is your escape route?" well my escape route is this i leave the water next to the wheat exposed and one of the water blocks isn't 1x1 like the others but instead a one way water lined shaft down to my basement which from there i then escape.

    Location- If possible build your house near the outskirts of the city as not to be easiliy seen and to help provide quick escape into the wilderness if needed.

    Apperance- Try to make your house stand out as little as possible your town house should be useful not flashy.
    A Thief's Best Friend IX
    With the recent introduction of pet wolves, i found it fitting to write a short and simple section on it. This Section will be seperated into three sections, Aquiring a pet wolf,Taking care of a pet wolf and using a pet wolf.

    Aquiring Your Furry Friend
    The first thing your going to want to do is get yourself about 5-6 bones.Bones drop from skeletons and the most obvious and straight forward aproach would be to kill some skeletons. However i don't recomend this what i do is take a walk after the sun has risen, the monsters burn in the daylight and i can collect there drops without putting myself in harms way. Now once you've aquired around 5-6 bones your going to want a taiga or forest biome for this is where wolfs spawn. You can notice forests by the amount of trees in the area, taigas also have trees but are snowy with mountainous terrain.

    Caring For Your Pet
    The first thing you might notice about wolfs are there tails, when a wolfs tail is high it means that his health is higher the lower his tail the lower his health, to restore a wolfs health you can feed them porkchops (Cooked or uncooked). The next thing your going to want to do is modifiy your current shelter (Or build another one entirely for your wolf) to allow the wolf to pass in and out you can do this by digging a 1x1 hole into your house to get your wolf through this hole all you need to do is stand at one end of it (The end you want the wolf to be) and he should follow you through. Now once you have your newfound pet in whatever structure you choose your going to want to find some place to keep him (I recomend keeping a Semi-Secret Room to hold your wolf(s).
    Also right clicking on a wolf will have him sit where he currently is untill you right click him again or he is killed, you can also tame (and have follow you) as many wolves as you like, although there will likely be a limit in the near future.

    Using Your Pet
    The only real practical use of a wolf is assistance in combat, whatever you attack the wolf(s) will also attack some people use it for hunting but i don't really see the purpose of wolfs in a PVE setting. However having a sizeable pack of wolves with you to help with PVP is highly advantageous in certain situations (Assainations or if your moving contraband). However using wolfs DOES have its risks, first of all wolfs will blindly follow there target even if the path there following will lead them into lava so be mindful of that don't bring a wolf into combat unless your willing to lose him/her.

    Avoiding Capture X.

    This section of the guide will deal with how to perform an operation without getting captured, and how to rebound on the heels of a failed operation.

    Escaping from the Heist. Idealy, When Escaping from a heist you'll want to do it when the owner ISN'T There, However if this cannot be helped and you conduct a heist with the former owner of one's newly found possesions on your heels. It'd be prudent to teriminate the owner before leaving the scene of the crime, Both Disorienting him and giving you time to escape while he prepares himself the needed possesions to chase you.

    Where to Run. Now that you've escaped from the heist without any direct pursuit (( If you are still under pursuit its wise to distance yourself from any major cities, you have two ways of losing a tail. 1. Terminate the person following you, Doable in some circumstances though not always recomended. 2. Do sometihng they can't I:E If you happen to posses the acuracy to fling yourself off a mountain and land in a 1x1x2 pool of water and they can't it'll slow the chase considerably. It'd also be wise to block off portions of the terain behind you, Water and lava aren't recomended due to their slow, speed in begining to flow.)) You'll want to find a place to stash your "Newly Aquired" Goods, Idealy you'll want to hide them somewhere secure, but acessible which is always a challenge, generally the more acessible a hiding place, the less secure it will be, While a chest hidden at bedrock, 1000 Blocks from town is secure it isn't exactly easy to acess. In the event that you have a potential fence (( Buyer.)) For your newly aquired goods its recomended you liquidate anything you've stolen into cash or other equivilent valuables (( Diamonds, Gold, Iron. Etc.)) If people know you've stolen their possesions, It'd be wise to wait a while before attempting to pawn your Ill-Gotten Goods.

    So, You've got your back against the Wall. There isn't anywhere to run, and you MUST Either surrender your stolen possesions, Or Fight for your life. As any good thief knows, Fighting is regarded as a "Last Resort, Something inferior thiefs do to cover their tracks. However if you MUST Fight, Its recomennded you fight dirty. Claim to surrender to the hostiles, or "Just want to talk" Allow them to lower their swords or begin to converse with you before unleashing a flurry of slahes, stabs and arrows. Keep in mind that a Fair Fight, Is a Lost fight, We're not barbarians or armor-Clad Warriors, We're thieves and when we MUST Kill, It is appropriate to do it in the quickest, and least risky way possible.

    Post Script. I haven't updated the Compendium in a Long..... Time However if There's good public response to the new writings I'll begin regular installments.

    Very, very nice. Although it's basic logic, it saves me thinking too hard xD
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    posted a message on Unexplainable Phenomena
    That's a weird phenomena. Wouldn't even know how to explain it D:
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    posted a message on Challenge - The Tree Spirit
    Awesome concept! Can't wait to try it out!
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    posted a message on Lava Diving
    Quote from Spectrumized

    Hmm, I've been needing a good SMP server. Single player is getting boring since I have everything except for these impossibly elusive mushroom biomes and strongholds with Ender portals.

    Can I have the IP too? :biggrin.gif: (I already +1'd in my first post)

    I'll just post it here.

    Server IP is opulentia.us.to

    To get full membership you need to apply at the following forum address:

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    posted a message on I think I just took one of the best pics ever in minecraft 0.0
    That's quite nice. Simple, but nice.
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    posted a message on Lava Diving
    Quote from loganj98

    Do you think you could pm me the server ip? ^^

    Sent :biggrin.gif:

    A +1 rep helps BTW ;D
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    Quote from EvilLordMC

    But what would happen if you drank your last fire resistance potion without realizing it?
    You would have to accidentally carry a brewing stand and the ingredients needed to make fire resistance.
    Or ask someone to let you use their brewing stand and make a potion.
    Or maybe you could have taken the correct equipment to make potions with you so you can always enter your base.That would be a smart idea.

    I have a TP command to go home on the server I play on. If however the server didn't have the command, you could maybe have a second base, or carry the equipment around with you. All in all, it's about concealment.
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    posted a message on Lava Diving
    I don't know about anyone else, but since potions have come out I've found several uses for them.

    Whilst running away from people in multiplayer is fun and beneficial, I find one aspect of potions utterly amazing. This aspect would be the fire resistance. Being able to jump into lava or fire and not get damaged has EXTREME benefits.

    For example, today in my single player survival world I got 15 diamonds in my most explored cave regions, simply by downing a potion and jumping into the hot red stuff. Whilst doing this on single player, I have tried to refine it to an art. The visibility in lava is, to put quite frankly, appalling. To fix this I use a technique that allows you to be able to see under the lava whilst also being in it.

    All I do is find a corner or over hang and put 2 blocks in the space I will be occupying. the lava then leaks into the spot and it leaves a slight air pocket at the top, meaning I can have the same viewing length as above the lava, but whilst also being in it.

    :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :Black:
    :cobblestone: :Black:

    The cobble stone being the alcove, and the black wool being where I put my blocks and then break them.

    Whilst I use this in my SSP world and SMP servers, another aspect that I love about the Fire-resistance potion is under lava bases. For instance in the server that I play on at the moment, I have a base in the nether that is completely covered by lava in the nether, but I can only access it with the correct equipment. I think overall it's pretty cool.

    Just wanted to post it here as food for thought. ;D
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    posted a message on Opulentia - a hardcore server [PVP] [PVE] [50 slots and counting!][no whitelist]
    Because of the fact we keep being told this kind of stuff ETC, I won't be keeping my hopes up
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