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    posted a message on MrARM's first (and hopefully not last) challenge
    You made an add-on that implements the EntityRenderer interface, and registered it with the EntityRendererDispatcher? :D :P
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    posted a message on The Trainers [Ranks] [Server] [Jobs] [Recruiting]

    [size=large]About this group: The trainers, (Based of Pokemon) will be a group Of people, who want to help the community by posting maps, mods, and texture packs for the community.[/size]
    [size=large]CONTEST: [/size]
    [size=large]Skin Contest - Finished. *Winner Groudon383*[/size]

    NEW EVENT!!! - The winner will get the *Special Rank*, you submit maps, the best one wins!. The entry is done at the end of the month.

    [size=large]Server: Private Server[/size]


    [size=large]Trainer Gold (Owner) - [/size][size=large]Anbu[/size]
    [size=large]Trainer Red (Co- Owner) - [/size][size=large]Link, Dr_Creepz [/size]
    [size=large]Legendary (Admin) - MinMine[/size]
    [size=large]Special Rank *Choose you Own Name* (SPECIAL - Win Contest)- [/size][size=large]Groudon383 (Won the Contest)[/size]
    [size=large]Elite Master (Six Projects) - [/size][size=large]Riolu ( Ranked)[/size]
    [size=large]Elite Four (Four projects)[/size][size=large]MCPELover[/size][size=large] (Ranked), [/size]
    [size=large]Gym Leader (Three Projects)- [/size][size=large]iAbstract (Ranked ), [/size]
    [size=large]Pokemon Master (Two Projects) - [/size][size=large]Kivifreak, [/size][size=large]Tommy_Dang[/size],[size=large](Ranked), Darklord987,[/size][size=large]hadi1234w (Ranked)[/size]
    [size=large]Pokemon Trainer (Has Made one Project) - sn0wbreeze[/size][size=large],DraconovaGaming (Ranked Up), Zero, Dmight (Just Ranked Up), TheSpawner (Just Ranked)[/size][size=large], [/size][size=large]DeathFang07 (Just Ranked)[/size]
    [size=large]Begginner (Jus[/size][size=large]t Entered) - [/size][size=large] thesafeone, xeurekadoctorx, Chrisdog3364, szerzenNate, EnderDragon0, Wajahit, NaruYash, mrsmilly, TeddyBearMaster6, costwardpie5,hawwk515, thefallenpig, Toxiiclegend, Dagger42 (ReEntered), CatsAreManly, thatoneguy870, rhedge3108, justin01553, PocketCreeper8,[size=x-large] [/size][/size][size=x-large]Blade00000009[/size]

    [size=large]Jobs: (When You Complete One, I will put the Thread/DL link with your name inside the correct subheading.)[/size]

    [size=x-large]Anbu (Owner):[/size]
    [size=large]Dragon Craft Z (v1.0.0) : [/size]http://www.minecraft...table-with-061/
    [size=large]Pocket Value (v.1.1 ): [/size]http://www.minecraft...0-beta-program/


    [size=large]Map Maker:[/size]

    [size=large]Dangerois Heights:[/size] http://www.minecraft...d-map-re-named/
    [size=large]Cube Block Survival 2.0: [/size]http://www.minecraft..._hl__

    [size=large]Land of OOO V2 (Adventure Time): [/size]http://www.minecraft.../#entry21562675
    [size=large]Budder Land? [/size]: http://www.minecraft.../#entry21897105

    Jetpack Joyride: http://www.minecraft...d-65-downloads/
    Pokemon Kanto: http://www.minecraft...pic-screenshot/

    [size=small]WWW: http//:mediafire.com/?utzmculcou93kom[/size]
    [size=small]the walls: [/size][size=small]http//:mediafire.com/?mdmyk3d3xtvqm2a[/size]

    [size=large]Texture Pack Artist:[/size]
    [size=large]Awesome ice cream textures:[/size]http://www.minecraft...-by-tommy-dang/


    [size=large]Texture (Faithful 64x) :[/size]http://www.minecraft...-download-link/


    [size=large]DraconovaGaming: [/size]
    [size=large]Anbu: [/size][size=medium] [/size]http://www.youtube.c...ThePocketReview

    [size=large]Psuedo Redstone Technicians (Dont be afraid to ask for help...)[/size]

    [size=large]Map: [/size]http://www.minecraft...ll-death-match/

    These arent contest entries, just cool, poke-skins by Riolu.
    PS You've been ranked ;)

    [size=large]Banner: [/size]http://linkisheroic.imgur.com/all/ (Find the one according to your rank)

    “We do have a lot in common.
    The same air, the same Earth, the same sky.
    Maybe if we started looking at
    what's the same instead of
    always looking at what's different,

    ...well, who knows?”

    ― Meowth : Thats Right!

    [size=large]Want to Join? [/size]

    Why you want to Join:
    What you will Contribute:
    Do you Love Pokemon?:

    [size=large]*Total of 36!! Members, Cool :)[/size]
    [size=large]-Aim is 50![/size]

    By - MCPELover
    By DMight!
    By - DeathFang

    DraconovaGaming - (Land of OOO v2)
    " target="" data-ensure-absolute>[size=medium]" frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">
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    posted a message on WHY?
    Sometimes, I go outside and punch dirt to see what I get out of it. Heres a picture:

    Go into the lawn at my house, theres all square wholes, I try to blame it on the creeper infestation at night. :)
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    posted a message on WHY?
    Quote from PAPERCHIPS

    1. destruction is not a good way of getting rid of anger.
    2. there are many other things you can do inside. Like read a book or draw a picture.
    3. i choose to stay inside because im a nerd who hates sport and outside activities.

    Quote: "You can destroy everything in minecraft easily and without people stopping you" ,no one should practice destruction even if its in a game... while its fun you are still doing it. There's story's about kids younger than me playing games like HALO or COD and then take those actions out into the world.....

    im not saying that this will happen with minecraft or anything. all im saying is that no one should think that destruction is okay.

    but I love minecraft PE ;)

    This is mine:
    1. Its true - Destruction is not a good way to release anger, however when your playing a game, its a good way to relieve the stress, and forget about the anger. You not destroying, but simple breaking the blocks.
    2.Yeah, you can read a book, or even draw a picture when your mad... But as you said before, you play MCPE, to drown out things happening in the real world? Yeah Anger is something people drown out.
    3. Don't know how to reply to this one to be honest. Buuuut, hey, Im a nerd too, I dont really like sports, but I still do them. And now suddenly, im more outgoing, as well as one of the popular kids at my school. :)

    People use MCPE to drown the feelings (eg. Anger), from the real world while their playing games, coincidentally, MCPE has TNT, and the destroying/breaking of blocks.
    This is just my opinion...
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    posted a message on [Help]Need Tips For Our Mod !
    Hey forumers, :) Please help us out with tips for our Monster hunter themed mod!
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    posted a message on SurvivalCraft taking away Minecraft: Pocket Edition players?
    Quote from ChickenCreepah

    Mojang should sue Survivalcraft owners for stealing the idea.In other words Its Mojangs property no one should make a game that is stolen by the idea.
    Oh. My. God. This gave me cancer. Lets Sue Minecraft, for stealing infiniminers idea then?
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    posted a message on Learn How to Code Apps**New Chapters Released! + New Poll!
    How does chapter one teach anything? All it says is: Create two folders, and also install a program, But hey, lets not name the program, and how to install it.
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    posted a message on SurvivalCraft taking away Minecraft: Pocket Edition players?
    Im just laughing, I dont know how to reply to these threads, Its funny, reading replies.
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    posted a message on 500 Internal Server Error's Plugins

    Of course! Have fun!
    haha thanks, also, have you tried the other mcpe forums? I suggest make an account, so no one impersonates you.
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    posted a message on Why not Pumpkins?
    Quote from Serperior

    I think it's the name of the new region in X and Y. "Welcome to the Pumkin Region" XD

    Also, Anbu, I don't know if it was a joke, but you spelt grammar wrong... :P
    Shh! It was definitely a joke, yeah.
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