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    IP: AnarchyCraft.minecraft.best

    CORE FEATURES ----------------------------------------------+|

    PAYPAL CASH PRIZES for event winners ($10 PayPal for Fishing PvP Tournament winner tonight 6 PM EST)

    Custom God Weapons and Armor with UNIQUE ABILITIES

    Griefing, Raiding and PvP ALLOWED

    Dragon Egg and Nether Star economy

    5 MILLION block world border

    |+-------------------------------------------- SPECIAL FEATURES --------------------------------------------+|

    Ender Dragons BUFFED into ELEMENTAL DRAGONS (Inferno Dragon, Glacial Dragon, Serpent Dragon, Twilight Dragon)

    Create Guilds to win team PvP events

    HUGE Guild PvP events throughout the week

    Wild PvP Crate Drops

    No map resets

    Combat Log

    Silk Touch Spawners



    IP: AnarchyCraft.minecraft.best

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