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    Hey all. I'm just gonna get it out of my system real quick: Minecraft is kinda losing its effect. On me, at least.

    I started playing MC in around September of last year (so around the time of Alpha 1.1.0) and I LOVED IT. I would explore deep caves with my friends in multiplayer, slay monsters with relatively hard to acquire weapons, build epic castles/bases/outposts, and utilize glitches to make our lives easier. Those were the real days for me. I loved that old Minecraft. :smile.gif:

    Beta rolled around, and I just thought it was amazing, the biomes, the everything, everything looked so much better, and I loved it, all the way up until around 1.6. For me, that's when Minecraft started to become less sandbox based, and start to submit to the more role-playing feel. Whilst I agree that Minecraft needed a bit of incentive, I think it would have been milking it to add any more features after 1.7-ish. 1.8, for me, was when I had decided that Minecraft had lost its effect completely on me.

    For me, Minecraft used to be a sandbox-based adventure game where you could literally do anything. Now, it's a role-playing game. Experience and Hunger? What? That, to me, was the last straw - it was just too much. The abandoned villages/mineshafts/ruins/strongholds were really cool, yeah, but you could literally walk in and say "New base." and have it be complete with housing, forging, and even a complete farm. Even as an avid RPG and MC Survival player, I think 1.8 was pushing it for me. And it's only going to get worse as they continue to milk the game towards the RPG nuts out there, and eventually submit to mainstream gaming. (maybe that's taking it a little far... but that's my honest opinion).

    Anyway, that's my honest opinion. Please don't cuss me out and tell me to downgrade, because I already have. I'm currently playing off Minecraft Alpha v. 1.2.3_01 (the update right before Beta). So let's not shoot my opinion down, I just want to know if there's anyone out there who agrees with me. :smile.gif:

    TL;DR: Minecraft, to me at least, has lost its magic. It's way too RPG-oriented now.
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