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    posted a message on Share your world seeds! [OP Being Organized!]
    Found 2 today:

    The "N" word spawns you in a desert. :/


    And "Chuck Norris" gives you another desert.

    With mountains.
    And exposed stone.
    And a crapload of cacti.
    And a grass oasis.
    And pumpkins.
    And a monster spawner. Right under the first block of grass.

    EDIT: Some pics...

    The pumpkin in the desert:

    The Skeleton Spawner, right next to the pumpkin:

    An epic shot right outside the epic desert:

    ... So yea, do Chuck Norris.
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    posted a message on The Infinite Void - Super Bad SMP Glitch
    It has nothing to do with the launcher, or any kind of mods. Client mods do not take effect in SMP, for obvious reasons.

    What the problem is is your latency to the server you're playing on. If the ping (in ms) is over 1000 (1 second), consider your latency "bad" and stop visiting that server.

    In short, you just have a bad connection to that server.
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    posted a message on deleting meta-inf folder
    I see what you're doing. You're right clicking on the actual .exe file, as opposed to the minecraft.jar hidden within your system.

    To work around this, simply go to C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\.minecraft\bin (or just go to Run -> %appdata%, then click on .minecraft\bin). Now, right-click the minecraft.jar and open it with WinRAR. That should bring you to a crapload of .class files, and some folders... That's where you delete your META-INF folder.

    I suspect you are trying to install mods, in which case you would just drag-and-drop the .class files into the .minecraft archive and delete your META-INF folder.

    Hope it helps!
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): Anaklus
    Where are you from?: United States, Iowa
    Your age?: 16
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Aye.
    Extra notes?: Administer 2 servers actively. I'd love to be a part!
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    posted a message on HD texture fix [Feb22: 1.3 support, fixed compass]
    Quote from MrHell »
    Everything worked fine but not the wool and the dyed wools, they come up tan to me.

    Same thing with me. The dyed wools don't appear, they're just tan.
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    posted a message on Aesthetically Pleasing Homes/Buildings REVAMP
    So here's a cozy little lodge positioned by a pond that I spent about 4 hours making today. I'm proud of the result!

    Here's the outside entrance. Not too impressive, but I'll work on it.

    ... And here is the entryway presented upon walking through the door on the far side of the image.

    ... and if you hang a left, you'll reach the lounge (yes, a fire is burning to the left).

    If you head on up the stairs from the main lobby, you'll reach what I like to call the 'transition' room. It's sort of a link to the main entry, balcony, and rec room.

    And if you continue to follow the transition room, you'll end up in the rec room (with a TV showing Donkey Kong!)

    And if you head out of the rec room, back through the transition room and out the door, you'll reach the balcony.

    Alternate angle on the transition room...

    Alternate angle on the lobby...

    Alternate angle on the lounge (I'm probably going to move the couch back and extend the table)

    Now here's a shot of the whole thing at night...

    And last, but certainly not least (probably my favorite), the house at dawn.
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    posted a message on Lapis Lazuli block at surface?
    So I came across some lava at the surface in its own little cave on the side of a mountain. Thinking "oh cool, let me get my bucket so I can harvest it," something struck my eye. It was a lapis lazuli block, right next to the lava flow. I though to myself "oh, cool!" and immediately mined it, but upon thinking about it, I realized that lapis lazuli blocks do not appear above level 35 in-game.

    Can someone explain this? If lapis lazuli blocks are so rare even at level 35 and below, how the balls did I find one by the surface, next to some lava?
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    posted a message on Renatus - Aurora Reborn | 99.9% Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature |
    IGN : Anaklus Not Anal, mind you.
    Age : 16.5
    Why you should join : I've modded for 2 other servers, been playing MC since March.
    How long have you played Minecraft? : As of March 2010.
    Don't forget to read the rules! ***
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