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    Just put yourself in the potential shoes of the playerbase of FC that has never played MC. They'd love it, and I'm sure if you'd never heard of Minecraft, you would love it as well.

    Just put yourself in their shoes. Say you were an avid FC player. You eventually stumble upon Minecraft. Wouldn't you be talking **** about Minecraft being a ripoff of FortressCraft? Just reverse it, see what you get. You may be surprised.

    Just ignore it. Its ratings will sink and it will cease to exist within a few months.
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    Off-Topic: REAL WAR SCENARIO: Sitting around washing Hum-Vees, finding out you have to take some coordinates to some base 200 miles away, find out you got wrong coordinates, head back, get right coordinates, go back, deliver correct coordinates, come back, continue washing Hum-Vees. THAT is what the military is actually like. Not everyone gets a good chunk of combat. Hell, more than half the people who enlist never pull a single trigger.

    On-Topic: The scope/aim down sights is a good idea. I don't like the rest, though. A simple zooming feature is in order, I think.
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    posted a message on Where do YOU Like to Build Your House???
    1. Dig three down
    2. Place block above you
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    No, but in all seriousness, I like to build a house into a cliffside. Not only does it save materials, but it also helps you establish a mine in the future.

    After I have kind of a home-base set up, THEN I make it look pretty. I don't really like to make a huge living structure on my first night.
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    Really, I just want the wolves to not hump my leg or anything. Otherwise I'm fine with them.
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    posted a message on [Adv] Forgotten Temple (v1.7 Final)
    25. It was very entertaining!
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    posted a message on What protects your vault?
    One room.

    On both sides of the room lie 13 on/off switches, making a grand total of 26 switches that must be ordered and switched perfectly to open the iron door at the end. The entire room has protection blocks lining it, so there is no need to worry about people destroying the iron door / deleting blocks and viewing the circuitry.

    Anyone care to do the math on how many possible combinations there are with 26 I/O switches? I got something like 35,152. But that's just my crappy math kicking in.
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    I don't think it's beauty or style that matters, it's building something you can be proud of. Something you can look at and say "Wow, I did all that myself!"

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    posted a message on If you buy Minecraft during beta, will...
    Infdev elitism? :biggrin.gif:
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    Nah, I'll pass on this.

    I think the blocky, simple graphics are what makes Minecraft so amazing. You change one thing (improve graphics, make new realistic lighting system) and you throw off the whole atmosphere of the game. That's why it'll probably go nowhere. It'll be great for some quick cash (especially in these times), but not much past that. I think it'll be done with within 2 months after it comes out. Meh.

    Besides, there are sure as hell going to be a lot of pre-teens on Xbox screaming into their mics about how trolls destroyed their **** or, god forbid, trying to make a machinima out of it. No, your 's1ck bl0ck pl4cing sk1llZ' are not "clip-worthy."
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    posted a message on ◄◄Dark Island►► [HARDCORE!] [16+] [TEAM PVP] [AETHER/NETHER]
    IGN: Anaklus

    Age: 16.75

    Team: Spartacus / Prometheus. I don't really mind which. :biggrin.gif:

    What do you expect from us?: I expect a clean, well-maintaned server :smile.gif:. It would also be nice for it to be *somewhat* vanilla, as most of the servers I've been on lately have been masked behind so many mods (economy, towns, etc.) that it hides the whole game, and it isn't even Minecraft anymore. I also expect to be treated well and fair, as almost every server I've joined I've gotten kicked/banned because I didn't know how to work all the damn mods they had installed. Basically, kicked for not knowing how to play a game I've never played before.

    What should we expect from you?: You should expect a constantly positive attitude because I've modded for 2 vanilla servers in the past (both have shut down due to lack of traffic, unfortunately). I'm very skilled as far as administration goes, as well as playing the game by a faint, general set of rules, which is what this server seems to be :smile.gif:. Right now, more than ever though, I'm looking for a server I can have fun on and attach to for a good deal of time, and this seems like the right opportunity. :biggrin.gif:

    What elements of this server would you want changed?: Almost nothing. I love the rarity of gems, I think they're far to common (due to the fact that 10 minutes at Layer 12 gets you 20+ diamonds). I love the idea of teams, but maybe not the idea of TNTing everyone's bases. That just seems counterproductive, IMO. Maybe something a little less destructive but still devastating, like fires/killing other members? Idk. That's my two cents.

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    posted a message on Dont enter this thread if you are going to call me a troll.
    Looks like you joined... today. :/ I hope you're no troll.

    Anyway, he's a myth. Organized by one of these fine fellows here. Supposedly he's a player with the default skin and white eyes who randomly appears in your single-player games, destroys your **** and constructs his own, and stands behind you, waiting for you to scream like a little girl.

    Like I said, it's a hoax. The fellow who organized the whole thing even admitted to it being a prank. Unfortunately, some high-spirited individuals here on the forums still think he exists and have even created the "I Believe" campaign for other people to play Minecraft just that more nervously.

    Idk. I don't really care/"believe", because it's escalating Minecraft to a level past simple mobs. If he existed, hell yeah, I'd be scared half to death, but he doesn't. The existence of such an entity just ruins the game for me, as I don't really like to play a game in a constant state of paranoia like that.
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    posted a message on Project 7896: The Seeded World
    Count me in. :smile.gif:

    Just started the world at about 8 PM yesterday - constructed a humble abode between the East Central Woods and Totem Prairie by about 12 AM. :biggrin.gif: Just got done adding the flowers and cactus farm a few minutes ago. (Damn, there's a LOT of clay in this world!)

    X: 185
    Z: 40

    Planning on upgrading all the standard log walls to brick; found some iron! That is now my priority.
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    posted a message on Since mods are being added...
    For pete's sake,

    Add working books.
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    posted a message on Cant make bed in converted world?
    Quote from sunday »
    Are you using a texture pack?

    Because, that is the problem. You can make beds, they just have no inventory icon and no texture when placed in the world unless your texture pack has been updated.
    ^^^ Yep
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    Wouldn't it be much easier to hide a pressure plate (stone PP on stone?), and redstone it to a block of TNT cased in obsidian so it explodes when the griefer walks over it?

    Idk. That'd make a better alarm, I'd think.
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